How to Find the Best Chinese Translation Agencies? (+Reviewed List)

The Chinese language is the fastest-growing language due to the Chinese booming economy. Every big cooperation eyes China as a profitable market; consequently, there’s a high demand for Chinese translation agencies in the West. 

However, Choosing a Chinese translation agency is not a simple task. There are some key factors you need to pay attention to. We’ve compiled a list of the top Chinese agencies for you to compare and choose.

Key Factors to Consider When Hiring Chinese Translation Services 

It’s essential to take into account all the factors that will help in your understanding of the Chinese language to choose the most suitable Chinese Translation agency for your project’s requirements. 

Language Proficiency of Chinese Translators

Chinese language, because of its old roots, is thought of as a complex language to pick up and translate from modern 21st-century languages. 

Hence, the most important characteristic is Proficiency in understanding the Chinese language style and grammar structure. A good Chinese Translator should be able to translate between the two languages with exceptional clarity and expertise. 

1. Sentence Structure Understanding

Working on sentence structure is the most crucial aspect of accurate Chinese translations. Chinese sentences consist of multiple short sentences combined to form a complex and intricate sentence structure.

That said, for your translation to be nativelike, you need to have extensive experience in Chinese phrase structures to convey clear meaning. 

2. Grammar Structure Knowledge

Translating into Chinese language is no simple task, it requires a great level of understanding of Chinese grammar. For instance, Chinese language nouns don’t have singular and plural versions as they do in English. 

Therefore, How well you manage the grammatical nuances of the Chinese language directly impacts the fluency of your translations

3. Chinese Idioms

Just like any other language, the Chinese language has idioms that are infused with the local culture, tradition, and Chinese history. If you want the best Translation services, there should be Professional knowledge of the usage of idioms with their contexts. 

Most professional Chinese translators use idioms that native Chinese speakers frequently use to ensure authenticity and fluency in their translations.

Cultural Competence 

If you’re a business owner, You would want to respect Chinese sensibilities and cultural values. When you are translating the text into the Chinese language, you should be aware of their cultural background. The translated text should be adjusted for its Chinese audience and their preferences.

Moreover, taking note of everything and revising the translated text with native Chinese speakers can help you avoid cultural errors. 

Ability To Deal With Technology and Tools

There are many Chinese Translation Agencies out there, However, the ones with the more advanced technology and CAT Tools always have the upper hand. The following are CAT programs that you should look for in a translation company:

  • Software for translation memory: This CAT uses paired passages of text and translation memory software to help Automate a portion of text. 
  • Software for language search engines: This program works exactly like a search engine, it inspects the already translated material to locate passages that correspond to a source document. 
  • Software for managing terminology: This software keeps databases that translators can use when translating any text.

More Tips on How to Find the Best Chinese Translation Companies

To make sure that you find the most suitable Chinese Translation company, it’s crucial to consider some of the tips that will help you find the best Chinese Translation company. 

Make Sure They Hire Professional Chinese Translators

If you want quality translations from a translation agency, the only way you will get them is through a professional native Chinese Translator. However, every agency will claim that they have the best professional translators, the question is how do you verify their translation services? 

If you are unable to find any relevant information on their website about their translators, then you should request them to share the credentials of their translators. 

Find Out What They Specialize In

Translations are needed for every industry that is localizing their product. Most translation agencies work in specific industries to focus on providing great translations. 

Therefore, When opting for a Translation company, you should look for one that primarily focuses on your domain and has worked on similar projects as yours. Additionally, you can reach out to other clients or colleagues for recommendations or ask for testimonials. 

Consider the Company’s Translation and Revision Process

A good quality assurance process adds a great finishing touch to any translation project. And because Chinese is a complex language, extra due diligence and revision processes are required when translating the text into Chinese. 

Whether a company makes use of human translators or AI tools, there needs to be a careful revision process to ensure the quality of translations. 

8 Best Chinese Translation Services

There are many Chinese Translation Services available in the market, but how do you know which one is the best Chinese Translator agency? Many don’t deliver as promised, and others lack quality. For that reason, we have listed the 8 Best Chinese Translation Services. 

1. Wordspath

wordspath reputation

Wordspath is our top Chinese Translation agency that stands apart from others in the translation market. The agency places a strong emphasis on quality and pinpoints accuracy, which enables it to serve a variety of industries. Whether you want to translate your content from English to modern Chinese, Wordspath has professional native Chinese translators who deliver accurate and culturally driven translations. 

Not to mention, their operators are full of great cooperation and enthusiasm, which makes smooth and swift project operation, they can give valuable insights, advice, and quick project inquiries when needed. Also, their prices are comparatively lower than others, making it a great choice for all clients. All these factors, allow us to put Wordspath in first place on the list. 

Meanwhile, Wordspath is out stand of other language agencies for more translation support of Chinese dialects. If you are thinking about translating Simplified Chinese, Mandarin, Traditional Chinese in Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and many more, Wordspath will be your best choice.

Wordspath has a local Chinese translation team with over five-years experience in China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even southeast Asian from Singapore, Malaysia, etc.


  • Remarkable quality translations
  • Thoughtful and friendly support team 
  • Diverse industry expertise
  • Quick and timely service 


  • Premium pricing for premium quality 

2. Translate Hub

Translate Hub is one of the most popular Chinese Translator agencies when it comes to providing accurate error-free Chinese Translations. The Chinese translation company incorporates native Chinese speakers and has a professional team of translators that analyze every project. 

Their services are top-notch, and the support team is always online, round-the-clock. Not to mention, along with their excellent translation quality, their service charges are lower than other Chinese translation services, making them a cost-effective choice.


  • 24/7 customer service 
  • Low prices 
  • Great service quality 


  • Poor website navigation

3. The Word Point

The Word Point offers great quality Chinese Translation Services, the company translation, transcription, and localization in 50 languages, with Chinese being their main concern. It puts lots of emphasis on customer service, the words point has great team members that provide complete details of how the company operates and give insights into your project. 

Chinese Translator’s services are on time before the deadline and with great quality of output which makes them a reliable choice. 


  • Friendly and helpful operators 
  • Prime quality translations 
  • Cost friendly services 


  • Has a low range of services 

4. Day Translations

If you are in need of a wide range of Chinese translation services to choose from, Day Translations is the ideal option for you. Established in 2007, Day Translations has the experience and portfolio to deliver great quality Chinese Translations, it covers many industries and there are loads of services that you can choose from. 

They offer expert-level translation services and quick turnovers, users of the Chinese translation agency can expect excellent translations.


  • Many Chinese services to choose from 
  • Great quality level 
  • Attentive and knowledgeable operators 


  • Pricey translation services

5. Straker Translations

Straker Translations offers translation services in over 120 countries with numerous services such as interpreting, video, or audio transcriptions, it does it all. Straker Translations uses technical support for Chinese translations, producing accurate, great-quality Chinese Translations.

In addition, With a track record of more than 20 years in translations, the translation company excels at producing remarkable content, and with its helpful operators, tasks become a lot easier to carry out. 


  • Amazing translation quality 
  • Cooperative support team 
  • Highly experienced translation company 


  • High-priced services

6. Stepes

Steps are known for producing high-quality documents translation, one of the big Pros of the Chinese Translation company is its ability to serve clients in real-time, which allows clients to get their translated project word by word as it’s being translated. The translation has more than 100+ freelance translators and works in various industries from technical to business. 

However, the professional Chinese Translator service might not be the ideal choice if you are low on budget, as their services are too costly, not to mention, the level of cooperation among the operators at the translation company is not satisfactory up to the mark. 


  • Accurate Chinese Translations
  • Innovative company 


  • Overpriced services 
  • Poor support team 

7. TransPerfect

Among all the Chinese Translation Agencies we have mentioned in the article, TransPerfect is the oldest of all. The translation company has international recognition for great quality translating. 

The firm offers loads of translation services, languages, and contracts. Also, with TransPerfect, you can enter a one-time project or a long-term contract where their operators will guide you through translation on a daily basis. 

The translation company provides both higher-priced and affordable pricing options, but regardless of the price you pay, you can expect excellent quality in their translations.


  • Great value for money 
  • High-level experience 


  • Expensive translations 

8. Gengo

The Chinese Translation agency, Gengo, works on a crowd-sourced basis which helped it grow into one of the largest translations thanks to its innovative thought process. Its uncommon strategy helped the business succeed, but it also limits the range of services it can offer. Its main area of focus is translation, and its linguists have industries-specific specialties.  

Gengo’s pricing falls within the mid-range, making it a viable option for many clients. It meets all of the requirements, but there are some areas that could be improved further.


  • Excellent transitions
  • A modern approach to solving all tasks 


  • Limited services offered 
  • Unhelpful operators 


In conclusion, there are loads of Translation agencies but choosing the Chinese translation agency as per your requirements can be challenging. When opting for a Chinese Translation agency, You should consider factors such as accuracy, industries they work with, speed of project delivery, cost, and also, the reputation of the translation agency. 

Also, to ensure that you make the right choice for your project, go through the company’s testimonials on their website, you can contact one of the companies in their portfolio to know about their experience.

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