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About Us

Wordspath is a well-established language and information service company boasting vast experience providing our clients with an array of top-quality and economical linguistic solutions across a wide range of sectors. Stringent quality assurance together with best-in-class results has helped us win our customers' trust and confidence, prompting a good reputation as a first-class language service provider. 

We're dedicated translators, editors, proofreaders, localizers, desktop publishers, AI data specialists, transcriptionists, subtitlers, voiceover artists, interpreters, and more. We help you overcome linguistic obstacles.

Since 2002


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What Will You Get Working With Wordspath?

what do you get working with wordspath

We provide quick access to a massive network of 30,000+ expert translators, editors, reviewers, desktop publishers, voiceover artists, subtitlers, data specialists, and much more across the globe.

what do you get working with wordspath

Wordspath powers professional and cost-effective translation and localization services to corporate and individual clients meeting diverse language needs across 150+ languages.

what do you get working with wordspath

Besides conventional translation, we render industry-standard machine translation services including NMT, MTPE, light post-editing, and full post-editing, saving your budget and time to market.

what do you get working with wordspath

On top of all that, we provide a full suite of top-quality AI data training solutions for technology companies training their machine learning models.

what do you get working with wordspath

Wordspath keeps adding experts from all industries to our global talent pool. No matter your sector, we always match your project to the right industry specialist who speaks your audience's native tongue.

what do you get working with wordspath

We offer high-quality on-demand interpretation services such as telephone interpreting, conference interpreting, simultaneous/consecutive interpreting, etc., for clients with instant/face-to-face communication needs.

what do you get working with wordspath

In addition to translation and interpreting services, we also deliver world-class multimedia solutions such as voiceover translation, subtitling, video localization, transcription, and much more.

what do you get working with wordspath

Wordspath ensures your project's strict confidentiality, and all information you provide us will not be divulged to a third party.

Why Choose Wordspath?

ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certified company: recognized translation quality

High level of confidentiality and security: all linguists are bound to a non-disclosure agreement.

Stringent in-house quality control processes: translation quality assured

Experienced interpreters with domain expertise for your conferences and overseas calls

Language services in 230+ languages across all sectors, provided by a vast network of 30,000+ linguists specialized in their fields.

All formats and platforms supported

A wide array of language solutions to expand your global reach

Industry-leading translation management technology to expedite the process and maximize profitability

Customized translation packages at economical rates and fast turnaround


The Mission of Wordspath

Wordspath is a language agency dedicated to empowering customers to expand their global reach faster and at scale through our streamlined, accurate, and affordable language solutions that resonate. Founded in 2002 in a small office in southern China with only two employees, Wordspath has developed into an undisputed industry pioneer in language service with over 30,000 industry-specific in-house and home-based linguistic engineers worldwide, covering 3,000+ language pairs and dozens of sectors.

Our Vision

We work tirelessly together to do great things for you with the same vision to create a world without obscure languages. 

We never think of language barriers as obstacles to overcome but opportunities to take. That’s why we are always ready to embrace new cultures and challenges.

At Wordspath, we make every language access possible.

our vision

Words from Our Customers

Stellar customer service! Communication is effective, smooth and timely! Your team responded to my email quickly, and the turnaround time was extremely fast. Our internal native Spanish colleague was impressed with the high quality of the translation. I am happy with the results.

Amelia Montgomery DATAMIC

I need a case study quickly translated from German into English. The Wordspath company was a great resource. You all have been really accommodating and professional. The project was delivered fast and accurately. The translations were of high quality as promised.

Shayla New York University

This is by far my best experience with a translation company. Responsive, professional, and patient. Most important of all, the translated copy reads as convincingly as it were initially written in my target language. I would recommend anyone who needs a translation service to work with Wordspath.

Park Gallagher Techanic

Fast and professional account manager support. I also like how you quickly accommodate our urgent needs and help us address the translation memory problem. The translations are impeccable, and our internal localization operations team lead was satisfied with the results.

Donnie Randall MARKETELLS

Consistently exceptional quality! We’ve been working with Wordspath to translate our App interface into multiple languages since 2019. You translators know the ins and outs of our industry. And your quality assurance process also alleviated our internal team’s workload.

Oswald Glenn Gamered

Wordspath offers the most competitive pricing compared to other LSPs we connected with. However, your quality managed to maintain highly accurate and above standard. We’re glad our thoughtful account manager also provided us with other cost-saving alternative options.

Pete Grimes Linguage

The best part of working with a translation company is it provides the reliability and punctuality a freelancer can’t ensure. I enjoyed working with Wordspath. Everything was very quick and exactly what I needed. I would for sure use your service next time.

gustin guon
Corey Jansen Gustinquon

We used Wordspath for the SDS data sheet translation from English to Simplified Chinese. Candy did a great job communicating details about the project. She has gone out of her way to exceed our expectations, even with a pressing deadline.

Kelton Glewwe Roadware Inc

We have had the pleasure of using the services of Wordspath for translations from English to a few less common languages. The quality is excellent and we are delighted to work with you. We will send you in the next time some new work.

Julia Marte Kwopen

I have worked with Wordspath on multiple projects already and my satisfaction is beyond what was expected. Very quick, efficient and accurate. My account manager was friendly and prompt throughout the entire process.

Ekaterina Chekanova iC Wireless

I was impressed that your company returned the translations within just one day. The translated work conveyed our exact intention in the original copy. Great experience all around. Very good work and service. I would highly recommend them.

dohring company
Rick Wong The Dohring Company &
Market Survey

    Our Quality Certificates

    Since we have found in 2000, we have been committed to continuous improvement in providing high-quality work for our clients. Wordspath got recognized by worldwide top translation certification authorities, including ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 Quality Certification.

    ISO 17100: 2015

    What is ISO 17100:2015? Based on the original EN 15038 requirements, ISO 17100:2015 specifies requirements for the core translation processes, minimum qualification requirements, and the availability and management of resources, alongside other aspects necessary for delivering a high-quality translation service. However, this standard is inapplicable to using raw output from MT (Machine Translation) and post-editing as well as interpreting services.
    At Wordspath, all the language services delivered comply with the ISO 17100:2015 requirements. The standard authenticates our quality translation services so that our clients can rest assured that all required steps are taken in the translation process to guarantee the pinpoint accuracy of the document.

    ISO 9001: 2015

    What is ISO 9001:2015? Published by the International Organization for Standards in September 2015, the ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard for building a QMS (Quality Management System). Such a system is indispensable when a company needs to showcase its ability to consistently provide services and products that meet customer and regulatory requirements to enhance customer satisfaction. The ISO 9001 standards can apply to any organization, regardless of its size or type, or the services and products. Wordspath is a certified language service company whose quality management system is fully compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, verifying our principles in customer orientation, service and production workflows, human resources, and planning.


    The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is one of the largest non-profit industry associations for the language sector worldwide. Its mission is to sustain the language industry's development by facilitating global businesses, linguistic professionals, and other industries to grow. We have been an active member of GALA for years, upholding their critical professional standards and exploiting the platforms to materialize localization and globalization best practices.


    As the most well-respected professional association of translators and interpreters in the US, the American Translators Association (ATA) 's founding mission is to enhance the recognition of professional translators and interpreters and to establish standards of competence and ethics for its members. As an eager member of ATA, we uphold the ATA value by providing our translators with professional development opportunities and enabling better communication between multilingual parties.

    British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong

    British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong focuses firmly on helping members operate their businesses on the ground in Guangdong, China. The Chamber aims to share knowledge, advocate for the best possible market access, and bring the community together. These values have been at the core of all the Chamber's offerings since 1981. As a keen member of the Chamber, we help other members strive for tremendous market success in China by powering top-notch linguistic solutions from and into Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.


    The Translators Association of China (TAC) is the national association representing the voice of the translation and interpreting community in China, including 980,000 professional translators and interpreters nationwide working either as individual members or in 1,485 institutions. As an official member of TAC, we actively participate in activities to facilitate communication and boost the development of the translation and interpreting company.