ge healthcare 1

GE Healthcare

Multilingual E-commerce Localization Services
GE Healthcare is the world’s leading medical technology, diagnostics and digital solutions innovator. They were looking for professional translators to help them with their multilingual translation project. Regardless of the tight...
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defined crowd 1


Multilingual Translation and AI Data Solutions
DefinedCrowd is among the top 100 AI companies specializing in better human-machine interaction – working towards a smarter future. We are glad to assist DefinedCrowd to grow their AI business as their loyal, long-term partner...
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mixed realms

Mixed Realm

Gaming Localization Services
Mixed Realms chose us as their partner to localize their virtual reality game into simplified and traditional Chinese. They aimed to offer the best game experience to players, and they did! They made their first attempt to go global...
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Multilingual Translation and Localization Services
Although DiDi Chuxing Technology Co. is the world’s leading car rental company with over 550 million users and tens of millions of drivers, its ultimate mission is to globalize. In 2018, the thriving company reached out...
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