GE Healthcare - Benefits from Our Medical Translation Localization

We help GE Healthcare, a leading global medical company, in medical translation and localization services to reach their target markets and clients successfully.

Who is our client?

GE Healthcare is a leading global medical technology, diagnostics and digital solutions innovator, with 100+ years of healthcare industry experience, owning 5,000+ employees all over the world. GEHC is a great multinational company that can receive more than one billion in research and development funding annually. Wordspath sent our regardful congratulation to GEHC who has reached its revenue of 18+ billion in last year.

What is our challenge?

GEHC was looking for a professional LSP to help with their multilingual e-commerce localization project. The given deadline for this project is one week. Wordsapth is challenged, in a rush turnaround time, to finish 32 languages localization of GEHC technical manual.

Besides, this project required us to develop a new MadCap Flare custom solution with specific engineering-related tasks. Since the localized contents involve considerable industry knowledge, Wordspath’s professional translators need to draw support from the external cutting-edge software to help translate and edit the technical user manuals.

After that, our translation teams and engineering teams work together to integrate the customized solution within the MadCap Flare to translate into 640+ HTML entries, plus finishing file conversion to provide two forms of output, HTML and PDF, to our client.

Moreover, considering the potential target customer group of GEHC, our linguistic specialists shall localize the technical manual contents into 32 languages alongside a user-friendly reading style that is inclined to the product instruction and user manual kind.

What is our intelligent solution?

Wordspath’s account manager formulated the seamless project proposal to our client GEHC according to their specific situation to minimize our turnaround time.

We assigned three native SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) professionals for each language and required them to go through our rigorous TEP translation process (including translation, editing and proofreading), stage by stage. Our SMEs have more than a decade of relevant experience as all-around professional consultants to assist our linguists in employing MadCap Flare to enhance our final translation output fully.