How to Find the Best Marketing Translation Services?

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the best translation services plus the top digital marketing translation services to consider in your next marketing project. 

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It’s never a walk in the park to maintain a brand’s voice when writing marketing materials for a global business. With advertising and marketing taking the greatest percentage of your company’s budget, finding the best marketing translation services is the only sure to ensure every single advertising and marketing material isn’t lost in translation.

To find the best translation services for marketing, go for a marketing translation agency with professional translators, then try contacting the translation services company via email or online chat. Another trick to use when choosing the right translation company to translate your marketing materials is to select an agency with transcreation experts.

How to Choose the Right Marketing Translation Services?

Every marketing translation service has its strengths and weaknesses. But with every company boldly expressing its prowess in translating any marketing material within the stated timelines, finding the best company is a great challenge. 

Here are the factors to consider when finding translation services to translate marketing materials.

#1 Qualified and Professional Human Translators Plus Industry Expertise

Knowing the translators handling your marketing materials are qualified and professional will make you trust in the accuracy of the documents even before they’re delivered. It’s therefore important to go through the qualifications of agency translators. 

To ascertain whether a company has skillful and competent translators, research for a translator who has years of experience in translating marketing materials. And also who have handled a number of marketing translation projects and managed millions of translation words.

As marketing is too technical and specific, choose a company with expert translators, industry knowledge, and attention to detail. Any reliable marketing translation agency always has expert transcreation translators to tackle any marketing-related content.

It’ll be a mismatch to partner with a translation service provider with no experts in translating marketing materials. An agency or company with over 10 years in localization and translation will more likely convey your intended message to the audience.

Marketing translation expertise comes with experience and industry-trained translators. Working with such companies will guarantee you the best translation possible. Most marketing content is technical so it’s advisable to choose a marketing translation company with experts in culturally adapting marketing materials.  

#2 Company Accreditations and Certifications

In translation, there are set standards for quality management systems recognized internationally. If you find a marketing translation agency accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 17100, we recommend you add it to your favorite list. A company that certifies its quality control systems cannot guarantee the best quality.

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. A translation service provider (LSP) awarded with ISO certifications is a proof that the provider is committed to delivering translations that meet the client’s specifications.

Choose ISO-certified marketing translation services because they’re committed to fulfilling customers’ needs, every translation has a process approach and its translation process is always integrated into a management system.

#3 Clear Outlined Quality Assurance Process 

You wouldn’t want your marketing materials to lose their message due to translation errors. A company or agency with a streamlined workflow is the first hint it has an outlined quality assurance process. Again, an agency with project managers for supervising and monitoring every translation project is proof that your translations will have no errors or defects.

After finding the marketing translation agency you want to try, request to see the agency’s quality assurance process. Choose only agencies with strict quality control systems and your fliers, press articles, and sales letters will not lose their meaning.

#4 24/7 Customer Support

If a company has 24/7 customer support service, that company is dedicated to offering the best experience to its customers. This service can be offered through live chat, phone calls, email, and social media. At the top or bottom of any marketing translation company website committed to offering 24/7 customer service, you’ll find social media handles, phone call numbers, and live chat support.

Why is customer service important to you? Whenever you want real-time support, solutions, and answers, you’ll chat or call the customer service staff. It’ll be frustrating to have no one to talk to in case of a delay or when you want changes done to translated content.

#5 Company Reviews, References, and Endorsements

Besides reading reviews from the company’s website, you can look for the contacts of the customer mentioned and seek an honest opinion of the company. Endorsements and testimonials are positive feedback and a sign of the quality of services you’ll likely get. 

Even though some reviews are deceptive, an ethical translation service provider will not only include the name of the client but also the client’s company name. Research for other reviews on specialist review sites and evaluate the company ratings before settling on the company to partner with.

#6 Delivery Schedule Adherence 

Most marketing materials are written to serve a specific purpose within a specified period. It’s therefore critical to choose digital marketing translation services that will deliver assignments within set deadlines. A company dedicated to delivery schedule adherence will ensure your marketing materials are translated and delivered on time.

Select and work with a translation service provider with schedule adherence and your demands will be met promptly and your experience with the company will be the best.

#7 Complementary Services

Translation is a broad and complex industry that covers every other industry. Whether it’s translating advertising and marketing materials for your gaming app, ecommerce business, or digital media, you need a translation service provider with experience in translation complementary services like localization and localization testing. 

Choosing an LSP capable of tackling all your marketing translation needs under one roof will relieve you of the extra burden of researching and building links with other companies. 

To find the best marketing translation services, ensure the agency you choose has the expertise, capacity, and commitment to culturally adapt your marketing materials accurately.

Best Digital Marketing Translation Services

To help you find the right language translation services for marketing and advertising, we’ve got a list of the top-renowned marketing translation agencies below. 

To choose these agencies, we considered each agency’s industry expertise, availability of native professional translators and trained linguists, capacity, ability to handle huge and complex translation projects, and the outlined quality management process.

#1 Wordspath

Having been offering advertising and marketing translation services for 20+ years, Wordspath has the experience to deliver clear and accurately translated marketing content for your global audience. Other reasons to make you partner with Wordspath include a large pool of native professional linguists, in-depth knowledge in marketing translation, and a streamlined quality management system.

A translation agency that offers translation complementary services like Wordspath is hard to find. Among the complementary services offered by this agency to help deliver marketing messages across the globe to specific target audiences are localization services, and interpretation. 

#2 GTS Translation Services

GTS Translation Company is coveted with the current ISO 17100:2015 accreditation. This proves to you that GTS has set a stringent quality management process that will ensure every marketing material is translated accurately and in compliance with the outlined procedures.

Again, they’ve got certified human translators trained in different specific fields and thus your translation materials will be handled by professionals. Even though communication channels aren’t as open as you would expect, the GTS translation work process leaves no room for translation errors.

#3 Gengo

Among the specialized translation services offered by Gengo is the marketing, SEO, and advertising translation. This company prides itself on its certified translators with years of experience in translating marketing materials and culturally adapting the content to convey the correct message. 

Using the company’s social media handles, all your queries will be solved in seconds if not minutes. If quality is your top priority, Gengo has internal quality management systems including quality scorecards to ensure translators always deliver the best.

#4 MARS Translation  

Choose a professional business and marketing translation services provider like Mars Translation company and your marketing content will be translated by professional multilingual translators under the highest-quality standards. Besides having the most affordable translation rates, your advertising and marketing translations will be delivered before the due dates.

For marketing and advertising translation services, Mars Translation has the experts to translate any marketing material without losing the brand’s tone and message. 


Translation services for marketing aren’t challenging to find online. But to get one that will deliver accurate marketing and advertising translation requires deep research and analysis. And that’s why we’ve explained the factors you should consider when choosing the best marketing translation services.

To simplify your search further, we’ve listed the top marketing translation agencies including Wordspath to make your selection simple and fast. 

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