What Ecommerce Materials We Translate?

Wordspath’s quality-first retail translation services and eCommerce localization services are ideally suited for businesses that sell products or services over the Internet to international customers using different devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Our expert team of 30,000+ accomplished translators works day and night to deliver top-quality eCommerce content translations in any language.

We have rich experience handling eCommerce translation projects concerning the following:

product descriptions

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are great tools to educate new customers. A detailed product description in the target market’s language can earn customer trust and lead to a good SEO positioning, increasing website traffic and sales revenue.



Regularly sharing valuable content and relevant promotion of the products/services with the subscribers in their local language provides a personal touch to keep your prospects and customers engaged.

user reviews

User Reviews

Customers often read user reviews before a purchase. So user opinions translation is best left to professional native linguists to preserve the valuable insight and business credibility delivered by real users.

order forms

Order Forms

Order forms are easily overlooked yet equally essential in eCommerce translation. Besides making all field texts clear and understandable to customers, the forms might need to be adjusted to conform to the local style and formatting if necessary.


FAQs/Customer Service

Translating help texts, customer support emails, and FAQs can reduce costs by 50%. Besides the universal questions, adding questions international customers might ask also increase their shopping experience on your site.



Live chatbots can spare the customer support team from answering similar questions repeatedly. Translating commonly-asked customer queries for chatbots to respond in real-time makes shopping more convenient for new visitors to your site.

policy pages

Policy Pages

Customers would appreciate it if they could read policy pages using their native language to navigate helpful information on terms concerned with exchanges, returns, refunds, and delivery times.

improved organizational effeciency

And More

After-sale materials
Assembly and user instructions
Catalogs, coupons, packaging, training materials
Demo videos, E-commerce websites
Global branding

faster response

And More

Graphic design adaptation
In-store displays and signage
Language and culture testing
Language review management
Localized formatting, Multilingual copywriting

reduced cost

And More

Human resources materials
Online, media, and print, Patents
Product and packaging, Product care instructions
Product specification sheets
Product support website

Our Areas of Expertise

To make your e-store truly multilingual, we will staff a professional team of linguists with fluency in your desired language pairs and deep eCommerce expertise. Whether it’s fashion eCommerce translation, eCommerce feed translation, or retail packaging translation services, we will deliver perfectly adapted results to take your domestic products around the globe.

Reliable Retail & Ecommerce Translation Company

Wordspath is a full-service eCommerce website translation agency dedicated to breaking communication barriers for businesses of any size. Our ISO-certified eCommerce translation services connect you to the right talent to help expand your reach to international customers.

With Wordspath, you will get:

human translator

Human-quality Translations

Our ecommerce translation services are entirely implemented by veteran native translators, editors, and proofreaders unless machine-human solutions are required by the client. These experts boast substantial experience and deep expertise in ecommerce to guarantee speedy delivery and first-rate quality.

ecommerce localization expertise

Ecommerce Localization Expertise

Our expertise in ecommerce translation has maintained out reputation as an industry-leading ecommerce translation agency. We have a strict vetting and recruiting system that ensures we only contract skilled linguists with working experience and solid knowledge of your field to use the correct term for your content every time.

cultural accuracy

Cultural Accuracy

Wordspath only selects in-country linguists with thorough understanding of the cultural nuances in the target market to work on the job. They possess knowledge of local preferences and customs to avoid cultural issues in ecommerce translations that will tarnish your brand’s reputation.

language assets management

Translation Technology

Ecommerce businesses need agile translation solution to beat competition. Luckily, we provide on-demand ecommerce translation services combined with cutting-edge NMT algorithms and human linguists to manage your brand’s glossary and translation memories to ensure consistency and accuracy while saving your valuable time and costs.

Ecommerce Localization – Step by Step

What Is Ecommerce Translation?

But what is eCommerce translation? It is the process of adapting all the content of an Ecommerce business’s website or app, such as product descriptions, user reviews, FAQs, communication messages, etc., from one language to another, making the online business more approachable to international customers.

The advent of the Internet has reshaped how retailers and eCommerce companies conduct business transactions. Businesses that once sold locally are now seeking to expand their global reach to increase revenue. As more and more people turn online to shop in lockdown restrictions on and off, eCommerce is booming globally at a rate faster than ever.

However, according to CSA Research, up to 75% of online customers will only buy from platforms that support their native language. With 55.5% of all websites in English and only 25% of global internet users being reached in English, imagine the revenue you can garner from the untapped global market of the other 75%. Employing the right eCommerce localization strategy can help accelerate your globalization process. We can help!

Powered by a massive network of professional linguists worldwide, Wordspath can bring the expertise and experience you need to keep your eCommerce content on the same page globally and deliver a 360-degree premium customer experience in any target language.

professional ecommerce translation

Why Is Ecommerce Localization Important?

why is ecommerce localization important

Market research finds that over 80% of Internet users are more likely to browse and purchase on eCommerce websites in their local language. You must have heard of global brands like IKEA, Adidas, Amazon, Louis Vuitton, and the like, but what do these retail giants have in common? These remarkable brands, without exception, have all followed a successful eCommerce localization strategy to build brand awareness and promote trust.

Ecommerce website translation is more than just converting the business information and communication into another language. The retail translation used on the eCommerce websites should be linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate for the target region. More importantly, the design-related elements such as graphics, images, and website layout should also be carefully adapted to the local preferences. Every business wishes to grow. If you are not content with your eCommerce success at a small scale at home, eCommerce website localization provides a doorway to more opportunities overseas.

Wordspath fully understands the challenges retail companies and eCommerce stores face: to continuously and effectively translate high volumes of product information and brand communication across all devices and channels. So for each eCommerce localization project, we set you up with the best-qualified native linguists with good command of the required language pairs, knowledge of eCommerce terminology, and skills in writing compelling sales pitches.

Human-Machine Solutions for Ecommerce Translation

When you have a large number of similar eCommerce content that needs to be translated into multiple languages on a tight schedule, a human-machine translation solution is your go-to option. Unlike the old-fashion machine translation, our eCommerce-focused algorithm is built and specially trained to understand the eCommerce product descriptions, categories, attributes, and context, achieving 80 – 90% of human linguist quality.

Wordspath’s reliable machine translation and MTPE services are catered to various eCommerce needs. We can also provide state-of-the-art API integration for different platforms, including websites, desktop software, mobile applications, and software, to directly and seamlessly translate eCommerce content without the hassle of file transfer and delay. Our supported languages include PHP, Java, Node, and Rails.

human-machine solutions for ecommerce translation

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Our extensive global talent network brings together 30,000+ native translators, editors, proofreaders, localization engineers, desktop publishers, and more to guarantee the accuracy and efficiency you’ve sought.

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