Translation Services for Educational Success

As of 2020, an estimated 4.9 million English-learner students in US public schools spoke their first language at home with their limited-English proficient parents or guardians. The need for accurate education translation services has surged to bridge the communication gap between educational institutions and non-English speaking parents who want to engage in their children’s learning process.

Providing language access for limited English proficient(LEP) parents enables them to interact with teachers about their children’s academic achievement, the curriculum requirements, school calendar, important applications, etc. So they can do the needful to set their children up for educational success.

If you are seeking an education translation partner specializing in serving translation services for schools, LEP students, and parents, look no further than Wordspath! We have an extensive record of success in providing accurate educational translation for elementary, secondary, and higher education regarding a complete spectrum of materials. Whether to translate syllabus or conduct educational interpreting, our devoted linguists work closely with you to reach your educational goal.

translation services for educational success

Translation of educational documents:

Professional Academic Translation Services

When it comes to scientific and academic research, standard translation is usually not sufficient for professional use. Academic research comprises the knowledge and work of academics and undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is critical for developing sustainable solutions to advance society, humanity, and the world. Therefore, it’s vital to work with an experienced native academic translator familiar with academic literature’s rules, style, and idiosyncrasies on a specific topic and can reference them correctly.

Wordspath’s academic translation services have helped develop academic fields by making a whole lot of research work available to researchers from non-English speaking countries through the linguistically and technically accurate academic translation we delivered.

professional academic translation service

Academic document we translate:

Academic discipline we specialize in:

Why Wordspath?

Wordspath is a reliable and leading company providing high-quality language translation services for university and other academic institutions associated with foreign education translation service.

For over two decades, we have focused on bridging language and cultural barriers worldwide by powering language solutions to global customers with unparalleled quality in the market. Choosing Wordspath means you will have:

professional native translators

Professional native translators

Unlike other language service providers that use machine translators to reduce costs, Wordspath pairs you with native human translators who understand the nuance between languages and mirror the intention and tone behind every sentence in the target language.

quality assurance

Premium translation quality

As an ISO-certified company, Wordspath takes quality as the top priority. Our team strictly follows a zero-error QA process to ensure all translations are inspected and proofread by the most qualified professionals, ensuring all work delivered is a guaranteed success.

academic expertise

Academic expertise

With an extensive global network of linguists with specialist knowledge in various disciplines, Wordspath brings together the academic expertise and linguistic fluency you need to deliver the education and academic translation services that matter to you.

rapid delivery

Rush turnaround time

Wordspath contracts with 30,000+ professional linguists worldwide who are accomplished subject matter experts in their specific domains. They work around the clock to accommodate to the tight deadlines and unique needs of your project, large and small.

247 customer service

Responsive customer support

Our customer service is available day and night to provide helpful advice on your urgent linguistic needs or connect you to our manager. In those times of need, you can rely on Wordspath to support you in a professional and timely manner.


Confidentiality compliance

All the experts working on your project are legally bound to non-disclosure agreements, which means that your project information, sensitive or not, will be in safe hands from start to finish. Plus, we only transfer your document in a secure and encrypted network.

Industries We Best Serve

Educational and Academic Translation Services into 150+ Languages

Wordspath’s linguistic team consists of expert educational interpreters and translators living and working in 100+ countries. We can provide education translation services from Arabic to English, or between any language combinations, with quality and speed.

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