What Is Game Localization?

Video game translation is just the beginning when introducing a game to a new region. Game localization refers to adapting video game content to meet a new region’s local language, cultural and legal requirements, and manual and hardware stipulations. When you seek game translation services, your underlying need tends to be game localization, meaning transposing in-game texts and dialogues is far from enough.

Game localization services produce an equivalent experience for gamers from different locations and cultural backgrounds. When nicely done, the players will feel that the game was initially made for them. Consequently, they are more willing to spend time and money on the game.

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Why Video Game Localization Services?

With the number of digital gamers worldwide hitting 2.96 billion in 2021, the gaming market continues to expand at an unprecedented rate and is set to surpass 3 billion this year. Technological advancements have turned game development into art, making the game translation more complex in the technical and narrative aspects. As a result, increasing gaming companies recognize they need game localization instead of translation to reach an international customer base.

When it comes to adapting idioms, cultural references, and other details to a specific region’s requirements, no one fills a better role than a professional video game translation company like Wordspath. Our accomplished video game localization experts retain your game’s core to impact the new audience while not confusing, offending them, or spoiling their gaming experience.

Trusted Game Localization Company

Wordspath has built its reputation as one of the most trusted video game localization companies with 20 years of linguistic expertise and specialty in the gaming field. As a technology-based cross-cultural communication enabler, we help extend the global reach of your successful game to help attract a bigger audience and reap more benefits from all over the world.

Working with Wordspath means you will get:

human translator

100% Human Translation

Our game translation services are entirely performed by experienced human translators who fully understand the storyline and in-game play to guarantee the most accurate translations. They work fast to ensure rush turnarounds always to meet your update deadline.

cultural accuracy

Cultural Accuracy

Our gaming localization team consists of in-country experts with mother-tongue competence in the source and target languages. They are skilled at adjusting idioms, cultural nuances and references, and other details to find common ground with different gamer communities

customer service

24/7 Customer Support

From start to finish, our team works closely with you throughout the entire game localization project to address any of your requirements. With a global network of expert linguists, we can attend to different game localization needs quickly and on budget.

language assets management

Language Asset Management

Working with professional companies for video game translation services means your translation memory and gaming terminology are properly saved and maintained. We can load existing TM and glossary on our proprietary CAT tool to significantly reduce your costs with faster turnaround times for future projects.

all platforms

Support for All Platforms & Types

We have rich experience localizing multiple types of games across various platforms. From arcade game localization to mobile RPG game localization, we systematically match you with the right expert. We accept all document formats, including doc, txt, xls, json, string.xml, etc.

absolute confidentiality

Utmost Care & Security

We safeguard your game's data through our robust security classification system. Based on your specific requirement for confidentiality, your project will be classified as low secrecy, general secret, high security, or top secret, with each granting the staff members a different level of document access. Additionally, everyone who participates in the project must work under an NDA, protecting sensitive information at all times.

What We Adapt

Wordspath’s game localization solution helps adapt all components in video games. Our team of localization specialists is familiar with localizing the following features:

Video Game Localization Process

At Wordspath, all localization specialists strictly follow our quality-driven workflow to address the linguistic and cultural challenges inherent with gaming localization. The process encompasses:

step 1

Analyzing the source game

Extract all items/entities needed adaptation and decide the level of localization based on the target region’s demographics.

step 2

Testing the game

The translation and localization experts acquaint themselves with the game’s written concepts and design assets.

step 3

Implementing localization

The team conducts game translations to replace all in-game texts, adds subtitles and voiceovers, and even changes the in-game soundtrack to accommodate different music/language preferences.

4 1

Adapting technical elements

Localize game packaging and hardware, design-based elements, and game boxes to comply with the target market’s needs.

5 1


Develop and implement all changes necessary to guarantee a seamless in-game experience.

6 1

Localization quality assurance(LQA)

The QA team conducts linguistic testing and reviews all adapted text and interface by running functional and compliance tests.

7 2

Project Delivery

All completed files will be delivered and are ready for immediate use, and you are prepared to take over the world.

Gaming Localization Services for Any Genre

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Multilingual Game Localization Services

Game localization services are best left to tech-savvy, native experts who maintain the original tone of your game for new gamers across the world. Wordspath has a proven track record of creating successfully localized duplicates by delivering faithful video game translation from and into Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and many other languages. If you want to see how your game works in Spanish translation or require Turkish or Japanese game localization services, please use the top menu or the live chat to drop us a line. Our team will get back to you soon.

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