Why Life Sciences Translation Services

Our world is constantly changing, with phenomenal innovations emerging at a dizzying rate. Life sciences matter! Doing it right improves the quality of life for everyone and saves more lives. Doing it wrong impairs health outcomes, or even costs lives in a worst-case scenario. People needing supportive treatment expect patient-centric life sciences organizations to put extreme care and great attention to detail in their R&D work. Likewise, these organizations deserve the same care, meticulousness, and accuracy in their life science translation services.

Wordspath equips industry-leading life sciences organizations with a complete suite of professional life sciences translation solutions covering subjects ranging from biochemistry to neuroscience in 150+ languages. Whether a product or idea, we work closely with you at every stage of the product lifecycle and boost your presence in global markets while ensuring regulatory and cultural compliance.

life sciences translation services

Life Sciences Translation Services We Offer

clinical research translation services

Clinical Research Translations

Clinical research is of the essence because it decides the safety and efficacy of medications, diagnostic products, devices, and treatment regimens intended for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or relieving symptoms of a disease. Our zero-error quality policy ensures all life science translations are legally and culturally compliant in targeted new markets.

regulatory submission translation

Regulatory Submissions Translations

Laws and regulations are critical in all aspects of the drug development process. Our in-country linguists are not only native to your target language but also well-acquainted with knowledge of life sciences disciplines and the regulatory submission processes by different regulatory agencies and health authorities across the globe such as FDA, PMDA, CFDA, EMA, etc.

medical devices translation

Medical Devices Translations

Be it low-risk devices like tongue depressors and disposable gloves or high-risk devices such as ICDs and pacemakers, Wordspath’s professional life science translation service helps medical devices manufacturers get the multilingual proof of safety and effectiveness needed before the regulatory agencies grant the permission to market the product in the country in a specific language.

pharmaceutical translations

Pharmaceutical Translations

Translation services for the high-stakes pharmaceutical industry are technically demanding because mistakes will lead to costly and life-threatening results. Wordspath is fully ISO-certified to the latest standards required by regulators to ensure the highest accuracy and consistency in all life science translations across all languages. From pharmaceutical packaging to R&D documents, we can translate with ease.

Life Science Documents We’ve Translated

Life Science Translation Company You Can Trust

For over 20 years, Wordspath has been globally recognized as a top-rated life sciences translation company for its high-quality healthcare and life sciences translation. We are committed to helping biotech companies, multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical devices firms, and clinical research organizations to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers across the globe. 

Partnering with Wordspath, you will get:

professional native translators

Translations by native experts

Wordspath fully understands the complexity and importance of life-science translation. So we only assign your projects to native-speaking linguists with vast experience localizing from and into the required language pair.

quality assurance

ISO-certified quality

Quality is a necessity and can be a matter of life or death for the life sciences industry. So our translation professionals strictly adhere to the industry-approved TEP process to ensure all documents are accurate and culturally adapted.

rapid delivery

Faster time-to-market

Accelerated globalization has brought more opportunities for the life sciences industry. To reduce the clients’ time-to-market, our professionals work closely with their internal team combining cutting-edge CAT tools and technology.

academic expertise

Expertise in life sciences

Wordspath rigorously vetted and selected linguists with in-depth life sciences knowledge before allocating a life sciences translation project. To join our team, they must provide proof of experience in life science and medical translation.


Confidentiality compliance

Life sciences translation documents are highly confidential when sensitive information like trade secrets and patents are involved. Your technology is in safe hands from start to finish because every professional must work under an NDA.

247 customer service

Language support 24/7

Working with 30,000+ knowledgeable linguists worldwide, we offer responsive end-to-end linguistic solutions for all life sciences translation needs. Whether it’s life sciences conference translation or interpretation, we have it covered.

Industries We Best Serve

Life Sciences Translation into 150+ Languages

With a massive network of 30,000+ talented linguists with specialist knowledge in their respective fields, Wordspath supports life sciences translation services in 150+ languages, from the rarest ones such as Amharic, Swahili, and Assyrian to the major ones like Chinese, Japanese, French, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

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german translation services


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