Media Translation – The What & Why

The media industry encompasses businesses and organizations producing, publishing, and distributing media texts. Technological breakthroughs in the digital era have altered how global consumers access media content. So the importance of translation in media speaks volumes for itself.

Media localization refers to adapting the media content on different platforms and channels to suit the requirements in new locations. So if you’re looking to communicate with international audiences regardless of their whereabouts, it’s time to place digital media localization on the agenda.

Wordspath’s media translation services span news article translation, social media translation, subtitling and dubbing for films & televisions, script translation, press release interpretation, etc.

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Entertainment Translation Services

With the fast-changing entertainment landscape, it’s critical to select an agile language partner that can rapidly and seamlessly integrate the most cutting-edge translation technologies with multimedia workflows on various platforms and channels.

Whether you need to translate videos and music videos, films, video games, product/user reviews, etc., Wordspath’s dedicated media translators are equipped with the technical expertise to deliver accurate entertainment document translation that rings true to new audiences.

Social Media Translation Services

There are nearly 3.5 billion active social media users globally, with each person owning 7.6 social media accounts on average. Publishing your social media content in multiple languages can help your brand drum up more leads and prospects across the globe because over 70% of the consumers require information in their native language before buying.

Wordspath’s geo-targeted social media translation gives your business an upper hand by resonating with consumers using social media content with the same look and feel as the original.

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Media News and PR Translation Services

News happens all quickly and travels fast. That’s why when it comes to media news and PR translation services, not just any company can fulfil the task. You will need an LSP that works with proven native translators with extensive experience perfectly expressing solid facts to retain the original tone and opinion of the piece in the target language.

Wordspath is home to a bunch of such experts who deliver intact, accurate, and legally compliant translations for journalism document in 150+ languages. Our rapid translation services for the press release, media and publishing are well-suited for press, media and news stories relevant to a wide range of subjects, including human interest, science, popular culture, economics, politics, etc.

We also work with urgent publications, video subtitling, and interview transcriptions to meet your specific needs.

Localization Solution for Digital Media

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Why Choose Wordspath?

Wordspath is a reputed media translation company that provides high-quality, end-to-end digital media localization services for entertainment, social media, media news, press conferences, and journalism. Leading brands in the industry selected us for our:


Expertise in media & news

Wordspath handpicked professional native-speaking translators knowledgeable of media and entertainment terminology to handle the multilingual translation of media content with care.

rapid delivery

Rapid delivery

We fully understand what speed and accuracy mean to the media business. So our expert team works effectively and concisely to produce quality work so that you can meet the tightest deadline.

247 customer service

24*7 customer service

Noteworthy events are happening 24*7 across all time zones. Our customer support works day and night to address your questions about digital media translation to meet your urgent needs.

quality assurance

Quality assurance

Wordspath’s digital media localization services are accredited by the ISO. Powered by our quality-driven workflow and stringent quality assurance process, we ensure our work is up to the mark every time.

translation technology

Translation Technology

Combining our proprietary translation management tools, advanced terminology and translation memory technology, we deliver fast, accurate and consistent translations while saving you time and costs.



At Wordspath, we take document security seriously. Each linguist must sign a non-disclosure agreement before getting to work to ensure none of the content will be divulged to any third party.

Industries We Best Serve

Digital Media Localization Across Cultures

Wordspath takes pride in its global network of 30,000+ linguists with vast localization experience and working knowledge of the digital media industry and other domains. We excel in translating content of different kinds and forms from and into 150+ languages, covering all major languages and many less common languages.

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