What is Medical Translation?

Medical translation refers to converting texts related to pharmaceutical products, medical devices, healthcare, patient history, clinical drug information, technical and regulatory documents, etc., from one language into another, helping healthcare providers seamlessly engage with patients and stakeholders.

Medical translation services are best left to certified translators native to the target language who thoroughly understand the medical terminology. If you're searching for the most reliable medical translation services online, you've come to the right place. Wordspath brings together technically qualified translators to provide word-class translation services for healthcare professionals and organizations.

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Medical Document Translation Services

For over 20 years, Wordspath has faithfully delivered exceptional medical and healthcare translation services to pharmaceutical firms, clinical research organizations, healthcare providers, caregivers, and even patients, regardless of their linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

With quality being our top priority, we only contract with native-speaking and in-country linguists with specialist working knowledge and experience in the medical and healthcare field. They are not only skilled in translating medical documents in various forms and across a range of subjects from and into their first language, but also perfectly understand the local medical regulatory laws. So your medical products or services are legally compliant in the targeted regions.

We have intensive experience for over 20 years to translate medical document, including but not limited to:

Medical Interpretation Services

Imagine a patient is in the clinic or hospital waiting to see a doctor or get medical treatment. Do you think he will have peace of mind if the physician and nurses discuss his condition and the specific intervention he will undergo in a foreign language? Not likely! Patients with no medical background already have trouble understanding the intricate and obscure technical terms in their native language. How do they receive information and ask questions about the recommended treatments with a communication gap in front of them? That's where a well-trained medical interpreter steps in.

Working with a technically qualified interpreter fluent in both languages means the patient fully understands his physical condition and the necessary procedures to undergo before he makes a well-considered decision. Using a certified medical interpreter is also beneficial to healthcare providers. Having a linguistically fluent interpreter by the patient's side, hospitals can ensure the patient is fully informed and agree to the terms in the informed consent to medical treatment, avoiding certain liabilities.

As one of the world's most trusted medical interpreter agencies, Wordspath strives to enable clear communication between healthcare providers and multilingual patients at critical times of need. Whether a certified medical translation by one call or a medical interpreter phone service, we quickly connect you with the right medical expert in your preferred language.

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Medical Subject We Specialize in

Medical Terminology Translation

Terminology accuracy is paramount to medical translation in all aspects of the healthcare field. Mistranslating medical terms and words relevant to the physical conditions and disease names will result in incorrect diagnoses and disastrous medical accidents, putting the patient’s health and life at risk.

At Wordspath, all medical translation projects are processed online on our proprietary translation management platform on which we manage and store the terminology. Before getting started, we will upload the existing glossary to our system so that all medical translations remain technically accurate and consistent, reducing turnaround time and costs for our customers.

Trusted Medical Translation Agency

For the past two decades, Wordspath has continuously helped medical and healthcare institutions keep communicating with patients and stakeholders. We managed to maintain our reputation as one of the industry’s most reliable medical translation and interpreter companies by delivering the highest-quality medical translations.

Partnering with Wordspath provides you with:

professional native translators

Human translators

We understand that medical and healthcare translation services are technically demanding. So at Wordspath, all medical translations are performed by native professional medical translators to ensure linguistic and technical accuracy.

quality assurance

Quality assurance

Wordspath's medical translation service is a reputable medical translation company whose quality policy is 100% compliant with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

rapid delivery

Fast turnaround

Our veteran linguists possess substantial experience handling medical translation projects of all sizes. To increase efficiency, we combine CAT tools and our 3-step process to finalize and deliver the projects within a short time frame.

academic expertise

Medical expertise

Wordspath only entrusts medical translation to experts with a proven educational/working experience in the medical industry. They're skilled at all medical levels and in all medical subjects to deliver technical preciseness.


Confidentiality compliance

Medical translation commonly incorporates sensitive information such as trade secrets and patients' private information. So we rigorously adhere to security protocols to ensure the complete confidentiality of all project documents.

247 customer service

Around-the-clock support

A global network of native and industry-specific linguists ensures to meet all your medical translation requirements, regardless of urgency and scope. Our intent customer service is ready to help whenever and wherever you need it.

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Healthcare Language Translation Services

Being home to 30,000+ linguistically and academically qualified linguists worldwide, Wordspath can provide excellent translation services for medical offices or other medical organizations. We support healthcare and medical translation services between major Asian, European, Middle Eastern, and other less common languages.

Need medical translation between a specific language pair? Get a free quote from our expert today.

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