Why Use Our IT Translation Services?

Industry Expertise

IT translation has been Wordspath’s core language service ever since our establishment. Backed by 30,000+ translators in 230+ languages across all industry sectors and technology branches, you can count on Wordspath to deliver best-in-class results on time and within budget.

Project Management
Project Management

If your technical documents undergo updates on a regular basis, it’s best to use an expert project management service to maintain your tone and voice throughout your project. Here at Wordspath, we always store your translation versions in our systems so that you can retrieve them later as per your needs. Moreover, our dedicated project managers will keep all your translated content protected in your translation memory. As a result, working with Wordspath can save you a great deal of time and money if there are many repeated phrases and concepts in your regular updates.

Terminology Management
Terminology Management

If you haven’t compiled a glossary of industry-specific technical terms for your IT translations, the chances are that your work might not have a consistent rendering throughout your projects and your content might not get across to your audience as you intend. But not to worry, our team draws upon advanced terminology mining technology and extracts terms as per your specific needs. Our specialists will build up your own terminology bank for future technical translation projects with your approval.

Professional Technical Translation Guarantees Effective Communication

Accurate and effective communication is of utmost importance to IT businesses where people rapidly create, process, store, retrieve, and exchange electronic data and information via computers and other mobile devices. Therefore, you need agile yet accurate technical translation for your content.

There’s no room for error in information and technology translation in the ever-evolving and expanding IT industry. No one offers better access to the adequate linguistic engineers that speak your industry jargon than an expert technical translation service provider.

And only linguistically fluent and technically accurate information translation can help your brand stay on top of your global game. That’s why technology translations are best left to a professional technical translation agency like Wordspath.

Understanding the importance of technical translation, we always assemble only the best native IT translation team with your specific subject matter expertise. Wordspath is a reliable technical translation company with a demonstrated track record in offering premium IT translation services across 230+ world languages. Whether it’s technical document translation or assembly instructions translation, we can help reach your international audiences, getting your content across with the highest level of accuracy and standards.

Professional Technical Translation
What Is Technical Translation

What Is Technical Translation?

Technical translation involves the rendering of highly technical or scientific texts. It includes but is not limited to installation instructions, medical device instructions, technical specifications, user interface descriptions, and more.

This means not just any translator is qualified to render a technical translation. In cases like translating product specifications for electric appliances, you don’t necessarily need a degree in industrial design, but a proven knowledge of relevant terminology used in a specific field is a must.

However, only professional linguists who understand technical and scientific terminologies in both languages with graduate training in relevant domains will be considered for translations regarding highly technical and scientific subject matters.

Competitive Technical Translation Rates

Due to different levels of technical content, the turnaround time of IT translation varies from one project to another. More importantly, different subject domains, content types, and the numbers of translators needed for each project will lead to varying costs of the translations.

Professional technical translators in the target language are not as available as general translators in most cases. Consequently, it takes more time and cost to match a technical translation project to the proper technical resource. And hence, language service providers usually charge higher technical translation rates than general translation.

Despite all that, we manage to offer competitive technical translation rates while guaranteeing quicker turnaround times, thanks to our large pool of more than 30,000 linguistic talents with in-depth subject matter expertise.

Expedited projects and budget-friendly solutions don’t equal any compromise on quality. In fact, our quality assurance system rigorously complies with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards. Accurate translations, timely delivery, and economical solutions are our ethos.

Competitive Technical Translation Rates
Experienced Technology Translators

Experienced Technology Translators

Clarity and accuracy are all that matter to technology translations. We’ve all been in a frustrating situation when we have a hard time understanding faulty translations on a website or a user manual. These poorly translated texts are probably done by general translators or even machine translators.

Although you can cut costs using either of the translators above, it comes with a risk of damaging your customer experience. Therefore, any visionary entrepreneur will select a professional technical translation specialist in preference to an all-around general translator or a machine translator who may not have a command of the terminology of the product or software.

At Wordspath, we see to it that standards are met throughout your project. It is our task to bring all project deliverables to perfection. That’s why we assign not just any translator but a technology specialist with specific subject matter expertise to render your technical translation.

If going global is part of your marketing plan, look no further than Wordspath. Our technical translation team has years of linguistic experience under their belts and enormous technical expertise at their command. With Wordspath, opening up your products/devices to an international base of customers is easy as a breeze.

Should You Use Machine Translators For Technology Translation?

Despite human technical translation being highly recommended for the highest level of accuracy, there are times when machine translation becomes helpful. Here are the pros and cons of using machine translation in IT translation projects.



If you have a large technology translation project yet a limited budget and timeline, machine translation would be a big help when it comes to speed and efficiency. Machine translators can save a huge amount of time and money by utilizing cutting-edge translation software technology.

If you have an existing terminology bank or translation memory, you can even get more accurate and consistent results if there is recycled content in your document.



Be that as it may, there are some drawbacks to using machine translators. However advanced computers appear to be, they will never have a full grasp of the context and accurately match the technical texts to the correct terminology in the target language like a human. Misinterpretation is inevitable with machine translators. Since IT translation contains a considerable amount of high-stakes information, human touch from a post-editor is a must for machine translation results. Wordspath only uses post-editors who have sufficient knowledge of industry terminology and high proficiency in the target language, ensuring the highest level of accuracy possible.

Although post-edited machine translation is more expensive than machine translation, it’s still a more budget-friendly choice than human translation.

As a reliable technical translation agency, Wordspath always highly recommends our clients use human-powered technical translation services. However, we also tailor combined solutions of human and machine translation to the needs of budget-conscious customers. Get in touch and tell us about your project.

Quick And Accurate Technology Translations For IT Industry

Educate your foreign audiences or market your products in 230+ languages with our linguistically professional and tech-savvy experts.

Hardware Translation Services

Hardware Translation Services

We have satisfied businesses aiming to sell computers, phones, tablets, and other devices overseas with our bespoke technical translation services. We are experts in localizing all content, from product specifications to installation guidelines.

Software Translation Services 4

Software Translation Services

Our team consists of native skillful linguists with thorough knowledge of software terminology and a good understanding of how software strings are interpreted. They can expertly translate and localize software strings for your program’s interfaces while overseeing the quality throughout the projects, ensuring the most accurate software terminology in your intended languages.

We are experts in translating the following documents:

√ User manuals
√ Service manuals
√ Product information & specifications
√ Operating guidelines
√ Assembly instructions
√ Parts lists
√ Product catalogs
√ Technical specifications.
√ Product guides
√ Technical training manuals
√ Technology patents
√ Installation instructions
√ Maintenance documents
√ Software strings
√ Software helps
√ Technical documents
√ iPhone APPs
√ Mobile device
√ Websites