Solutions for Telecommunication​ Translation

telecoms equipment translation service

Telecoms Equipment Translation

Our experienced telecom translators are subject matter experts in the telecoms industry with working knowledge and experience translating technical documents of telecom equipment ranging from 2G/3G/LTE macro hardware to optical fiber equipment.
semiconductor translations

Semiconductor Translations

Chipmakers worldwide highly rely on our telecommunication translation expertise to convert documents regarding memory chips, microprocessors, integrated circuits, and system-on-a-chip components to a wide range of major languages, with quality and at scale.
5G translation and localization

5G Translation and Localization

Wordspath's professional telecommunication translation services accelerate network operators' global deployment of the cutting-edge high speed 5G telecoms networks, ensuring that 5G-enabled hardware devices, solutions, and innovations are accurately translated worldwide.
smartphone translation and localization

Smartphone Translation and Localization

We provide mobile technology translation best practices for telecom operators and cellphone manufacturers worldwide. Our telecommunication translation services cover user localization for user interface strings, hardware devices, software applications, etc.

Telecommunication Documents We Translate

Why Wordspath Stands Out for Your Telecom Translation?

Leading telecom companies highly value our linguistically fluent and technically accurate telecommunication translation services. We help them build their global footprints by providing them with the multilingual capability to meet the new markets’ linguistic, cultural, and regulatory requirements. Choosing Wordspath means you can benefit from our:

human translator

Professional Human Translations

Unlike other language service providers that use machine translation to reduce costs, we hand-selected professional human translators with native level competency in both languages to ensure unmatched translation accuracy.

quality assurance

Quality Assurance

By integrating the industry-standard TEP process and our rigorous quality assurance system with state-of-the-art translation technology, the quality of our work delivered by qualified professionals is naturally high.

telecom expertise

Telecom Expertise

Telecommunication translation is best left to academically qualified and locally-based linguists familiar with the local culture, regulations, and barriers to entry to ensure technical preciseness and legal compliance.

top confidentiality

Top Confidentiality

Telecommunication data security is critical to the telecom industry. We take your document confidentiality just as seriously as you do with your business.

Why Telecommunication Translation Services?

Our ancient ancestors used signals and smoke to communicate across distances. Fast-forward to today. People transmit data such as text, images, videos, sound, or signal between the sender and the recipient via cables or electromagnetic radiation. 

The telecommunication industry has come a long way since the first mechanical communications device – the telegraph, was invented in the 1830s. With the advent of wireless digital technology, instant and cross-border communication is now a reality, and the time of information exchange has shortened from days to hours to seconds.

If you are a wireless network carrier, a telecommunication service provider, a 5G equipment manufacturer, or a broadband operator looking to expand business internationally, make sure you work with a professional telecommunication translation company with sector expertise.

Whether a telecom tower document or a wireless phone manual, Wordspath’s clued-up linguists have all the sector knowledge necessary to convey your message in the right language. So that your products/services are equally successful at home and abroad, meeting the telecommunication sector’s requirements regardless of your target market.

professional telecommunication translation services
translation management and technology

Translation Management and Technology

The telecommunication industry deals with highly technical documents daily, with each sector having specific terms and jargon. If you intend to roll out your global strategy, you will need one or many industry-specific termbase(s) that support multiple languages to make your telecom services and products 100% consistent with your brand’s tone worldwide.

At Wordspath, all translation and localization projects are completed on our proprietary translation management system by experienced in-country linguists with domain expertise in their respective fields. Before getting started, we will upload your existing glossary and/or translation memory to our system so that the expert translators can draw on your preferred terminology to deliver accurate telecommunication translation services while reducing costs and turnaround times.

Industries We Best Serve

Multilingual Telecommunication Translation Services

With over 20 years’ worth of experience in translation and localization, Wordspath is able to provide on-demand language solutions in virtually all world languages. As of today, our massive team of linguists comprises 30,000+ talents worldwide, and we keep inviting linguistically and academically qualified experts to our network. We are fluent in the following languages and others.

portuguese translation services


german translation services


french interpretation services


arabic interpretation services


thai interpretation services


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english interpretation services


spanish interpretation services


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italian translation services


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