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Professional Translation Services from and into All World Languages

Wordspath is an industry leader in translating A to Z world languages. For years, we have powered culturally accurate and technically precise language translation to many customers. Our team makes the best of our vast experience in the translation business to help companies from all industries to achieve international success. We take pride in our capability to translate into all languages.

The following is the list of the primary languages for translation. Contact us if you can’t find your target language on the list. We would be surprised to know there’s any living, new unknown languages we haven’t covered. 

Industries That Use Our Language Translation Services

Wordspath has earned a sterling reputation as a premier international translation services provider since our foundation. Supported by a large pool of linguistically fluent and technically competent translators worldwide, we are able to make all content available in more than 100 countries and facilitate greater global success.

Industries that reaped benefit from our translations in different languages include:

Industrial & Manufacturing Translation

When it comes to language translation, accuracy is everything. A translator’s primary responsibility is to produce a faithful rendering of the original text without changing the intent and tone in the source text. There’s no margin for error in the competitive business world.

Mistranslation looks funny at times, but do you want to risk damaging your brand using unprofessional translators? No. That’s why quality-conscious decision-makers pick Wordspath as the first stop of their globalization journey.

We have a powerful team of linguistic experts and technical specialists alongside a stringent quality assurance system to ensure the work we deliver is exceptionally high quality.

Rigorous Quality Assurance
Rigorous Quality Assurance

Thanks to our exacting TE/TEP translation workflow, we can guarantee that all documents will be accurately localized into your desired languages on time. We take pride in holding two ISO certificates – ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015. We will consistently deliver the highest-quality language translation work at a value unparalleled in the industry.

Professional Translators
Professional Translators

All our skillful translators must pass several industry-specific linguistic tests to prove their competence in translating the subject matter before joining our translation team. They also go through continuous professional training to remain on the cutting edge of the newest developments in the field.

Industry specific
Industry-specific Experience

Working with 30,000+ talented linguists from all walks of life, we can help you reach the world no matter what industry you are in. To ensure linguistic fluency and technical accuracy, we only assign your language translation projects to subject matter experts with over five years of experience in translation.

Facts About World Language Services

It is believed that 2,700 languages with more than 7,000 dialects are spoken by humans today. Among which, Chinese, Spanish, English, and Hindi are the most widely spoken languages.

We may never know the exact count of living languages today because another endangered language is going extinct every fortnight.

According to the 17th edition of the Ethnologue catalog, there were 7,106 living languages in Africa, Europe, Asia, America, and the Pacific as of 2014. Although the number of living languages is staggering, the statistics from 2014 also indicate that 915 languages are in danger of extinction.

The 20th century experienced the highest number of languages lost, with 110 completely extinct languages. It is irresponsible to convince you of a dead language translator resource as a reliable language service provider. However, we do have an extensive network of linguists, including a whole host of less common language translators.

We turn cultural challenges into possibilities.

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