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Planning to break into the largest market in the world? Wise choice! Then quality simplified Chinese translation services are all you need. Wordspath provides you with immediate access to thousands of qualified Mandarin Chinese translators with sufficient subject-area specialties. We are experts in document translation, subtitle translations, or over-the-phone interpreting. No other Chinese translation agency offers better Chinese translation services than Wordspath does.

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Why You Need Accurate Mandarin Chinese Translation?

As its name suggests, simplified Chinese is simplified from the traditional Chinese. It is designed to reduce the number of strokes and the size of character forms. Simplified Chinese is a spoken language with the most used population and the official language in China.

As China’s economy continues to thrive and grow, increasing business owners start to see their opportunity to make a profit in the booming country. To gain a foothold in the Chinese market, you need professional and accurate simplified Chinese translation concerning your brand, marketing collateral, and product promotion, etc.

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The Chinese-speaking market is growing around the world. If you want to expand your business to South and East Asia, readable and easily understandable content is the primer thing you want to make sure it meets the standard.

Simplified Chinese is one of the two Chinese varieties consisting of standard writing character sets of the contemporary Chinese written language, widely used in mainland China, Malaysia, and Singapore.

If your business is not targeting audiences in mainland China, we also work with qualified translators based in other Chinese-speaking countries/regions. Due to different reading habits, simplified Chinese word choice and sentence structure vary from target countries or regions. So each translator may have their style of translation to Chinese simplified, depending on their whereabouts.

As an undisputed industry pioneer in Mandarin translation service, we always connect you with local translators who speak your intended Chinese dialect.

What Makes Us Different?

Look no further than Wordspath if you are on the hunt for a premium human Mandarin translation service. With a massive pool of 30,000+ native and professional translators, editors, and proofreaders who are well-versed in English to Mandarin translation and vise versa, we have the knowledge and expertise that only a seasoned Chinese translation agency can offer.

The most common language pair is Mandarin to English translation. Besides that, Wordspath provides more than 3000+ language pairs for customers with Mandarin Chinese translation needs.

Our proficient linguistic specialists put their efforts into giving you the go-beyond-standard Chinese translation services. We promise our final delivery can fulfill your high-end Mandarin translation need to perfectly integrate the business and products into the local Chinese market.

qualified linguists
Qualified linguists

Our experienced linguists guarantee our creditable simplified Chinese translation services with expertise in various industries and our exacting vetting system operated by veteran proofreaders and editors, giving you access to professional, precise, and native-sounding Mandarin language translation.

affordable rates
Affordable rates

We value the work of our linguists and your expectation in your project. With years of experience in the language industry, we've reached an ideal state in which linguists are fairly paid for the services our customers deserve. Wordspath provides multifarious linguistic solutions at a competitive and cost-effective price.

Rigorous Quality Assurance
Quality assurance

As one of the world's Top 50 Language Service Provider, Wordspath is a certified member of the ATA(American Translator Association), ISO 9001, and Certificate ECM. Our high-standard and seamless quality control system has earned customer confidence in our service, with many regularly giving us repeat businesses.

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Time Efficiency

We understand that time is money for all businesses. That's why we make punctuality and responsibility our ethos. Our experienced linguists and well-trained project managers can always meet your tight deadlines without compromising quality.

Mandarin Translation Service For Business

As the new superpower, China has outpaced other countries in pretty much every field and industry. In the past three decades, China has had a GDP growth of nearly 10%. China is the home to the largest middle class in the entire world, with over a billion potential customers for all kinds of services and products, making it the ideal hub for startups and corporations seeking revenue growth.

Your strategy might work in one country, but it doesn’t mean it will take effect in another. That’s why you need tailored simplified Chinese translation services that culturally adapt your content to Mandarin-speaking regions.

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At Wordspath, we only handpicked professional and native Mandarin Chinese translators with deep subject matter expertise in your field to tackle your Mandarin translation projects.

To ensure top-rated quality and content consistency, our experienced editors and proofreaders strictly follow ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards to edit and review Mandarin language translation, so that your message will get across to the audience in your specific Chinese culture as you intend.

Thousands of clients have reaped benefits from our premium simplified Chinese translation services. Our dedicated team works around the clock to fit your linguistic needs no matter what industry you are part of. From advertising documents to marketing plans, we are skilled at translating all kinds of business documents:

Financial Chinese Translation Services

Financial Chinese Translation Services

Pinpoint accuracy is highly pivotal to the financial industry. Any mistake or misused terminology in the financial document will lead to capital losses or even liability. But not to worry. Our well-trained standard Mandarin translators have amassed vast experience translating various subject matters from accounting, auditing, insurance to banking, economics, and stock markets, etc.

We are experts in translating the following document types:

Technical Mandarin Translation

The Chinese economy is growing at an unrivaled rate thanks to the advancements made by the Chinese tech giants such as Huawei, WeChat, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, and many others. Whether you are a technology startup or a business striving to enter the Chinese market, it’s vital to use a Chinese translation agency you can count on.

At Wordspath, our technical Mandarin translation team consists of qualified translators, editors, proofreaders, and managers who thoroughly understand the technical terms in various sectors. More importantly, they can skillfully handle any context that may result in confusion, misunderstanding, or loss of face.

Wordspath offers professional Chinese translation in both simplified and traditional Chinese. We cover various technical Mandarin translation documents, including:

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Industries We Best Serve

Organizations of all types and sizes from different industries have counted on Wordspath’s first-rate simplified Chinese translation services to break into the booming Chinese market. We are best at serving the following industries:

FAQs About Simplified Chinese

Organizations of all types and sizes from different industries have counted on Wordspath’s first-rate simplified Chinese translation services to break into the booming Chinese market. We are best at serving the following industries:

Yes. The official writing language of mainland China is simplified Chinese; in other words, 1.7 billion people use simplified Chinese in their daily lives. Not to mention the number of citizens in Singapore and Malaysia who mostly use simplified Chinese as their official writing language.

Chinese fonts such as Songti, Heiti and Kaiti are most widely used in typing and publishing in simplified Chinese countries and regions.

  • Songti (宋体)
  • Heiti (黑体)
  • Kaiti (楷体)

Pinyin is the official Romanization system for Standard Mandarin Chinese in mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore.

This system includes four diacritics denoting tones, designed to teach simplified Chinese efficiently. Usually, Chinese type on their cellphone or computer without typing the diacritics denoting tones, instead, they only use the pinyin with no tone marks.

This is a frequently asked question for many people who are not familiar with Chinese, which is normal.

In general, the written system of simplified and traditional Chinese is pretty similar. Both languages can be presented verbally in Mandarin and Cantonese. Yet, the word choices and reading habits may vary from different Chinese-speaking regions, especially for Cantonese-speaking and Mandarin-speaking regions.

However, each Mandarin Chinese translator may adopt a different writing system depending on their Mandarin-speaking region. In some cases, standard Mandarin translators from mainland China and Malaysia will use different Chinese phrases or characters when conveying the same meaning. So don’t get perplexed if your account manager asks you which country’s Mandarin Chinese translator you want to go for when you need Chinese translator services next time.

It very much depends on which countries or regions you want to expand your business in.
Simplified Chinese is the official language in mainland China, Malaysia, and Singapore. There is a large population speaking Mandarin as their first language among these countries. However, most people speak Cantonese as their mother tongue in southern China, such as Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hainan.

We always work with native Cantonese translators who are equally fluent in Mandarin, making us an expert in Mandarin to Cantonese translation and vise versa. We have continuously powered quality English to Mandarin translation and Mandarin to English translation to dozens and dozens of businesses over the past few years. It has been our privileged that our clients have chosen us as their first stop in the globalization journey.

Contact us if you require a trustworthy and professional Chinese translation or simply request a free quote for a translation to Mandarin Chinese project.

If your target region is Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan, it’s best to choose traditional Chinese for your translating or localized project.

But please keep in mind that even these regions are using traditional Chinese as their official writing language, it does not mean they share the same writing and reading system.

For instance, Taiwanese speaks Mandarin but their traditional Chinese usage is compliant with the Mandarin expression rules in Mainland China rather than the other two regions.

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