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Chinese Writing Translations: Simplified or Traditional?

China’s immense geographical diversity has resulted in an assortment of spoken languages and dialects. To place your footsteps in the Chinese market, it’s vital to plan a culturally correct translation strategy. “Chinese translation services” sound rather ambiguous from the standpoint of a Chinese translation agency.

In fact, as a macrolanguage, Chinese includes a lot of different languages and dialects for over thousands. But concerning the writing population, the Chinese language falls into two distinct forms – simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. And traditional Chinese also differ from the written and spoken form in different regions, like Hong Kong, Marco, Taiwan and outside China. 

That’s Why whether you need to translate English to Chinese traditional characters or require a basic Cantonese translation, it very much depends on which region your target audience locates.

chinese traditional translation

To avoid selecting inappropriate Traditional Chinese translation services, you must have a general understanding of what traditional Chinese really is and its relationship with Cantonese.

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Simplified Chinese Vs. Traditional Chinese

Unlike the Romance languages, which use the Latin alphabet to form an entire vocabulary, the Chinese language consists of 106,230 characters. There are over 20,000 characters commonly used in modern-day China.

In a word, Simplified Chinese, i.e., Mandarin, is the simplified version of Traditional Chinese.

Traditional Chinese, appearing 2000 years ago, has a much longer history and underwent revisions over time. To increase the literacy rate, in the 1950s, the Chinese government published simplified Chinese as the official standard language. But in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and many Chinese communities overseas, people still use traditional Chinese mainly as of today.

While most Mainland Chinese identify traditional Chinese characters, only a few can write them. Although simplified Chinese can be easily converted into traditional Chinese by pressing the conversion button on Microsoft Office or the like, it takes a native traditional Chinese translator to modify the expressions naturally. Sometimes, it’s more than just the conversion between simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, but rather a Mandarin to Cantonese translation.

Traditional Chinese Is More Than Cantonese

There are differences of Traditional Chinese in distinct regions, both in writing and speaking.

Although people in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan coequally use traditional characters as their official written language, some expressions and characters for the same thing also have their features.

Spoken language is different too. People in Hong Kong and Macao speak Cantonese, while in Taiwan, people speak Mandarin. Interestingly enough, Cantonese also has a unique written form different from simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

Target Region Written Form Spoken Form
Hong Kong/Macao Traditional Cantonese
Mainland China Simplified Mandarin
Guangdong Province (Mainland China) Simplified Cantonese
Taiwan Traditional Mandarin
Malaysia & Singapore Simplified Mandarin
United States & Canada Simplified or Traditional Mandarin or Cantonese

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So Which Traditional Chinese Translation Services Do You Need?

If you are still unsure which traditional Chinese you want to translate, contact us right now and tell us more details. We are ready to help.

The Traditional Chinese Translation Company You Can Count on

Are you looking for a professional Chinese translation agency that provides accurate, fast, and high-quality certified Chinese translation services at competitive prices for your business? Then you can end your huntings.

Established in 2000, Wordspath offers premium traditional Chinese language translation or Cantonese translation services. We are a leading translation company of English to Traditional Chinese translation services.

Backed by over 30,000 linguistic talents well-versed in Cantonese to English translation and vise versa, we promise translation from English to Chinese traditional or the other way around has never been easier. Our thorough knowledge and deep expertise allow us the produce only the best Cantonese translation services, which only a veteran Chinese translation company can offer.

Although Cantonese and traditional Chinese are among the popular target languages in our translation requests, other 3000+ language pairs are also available at Wordspath. Our in-house translation team strictly tackles your projects following each step in the translation workflow on our built-in quality assurance system, to bring your content to perfection and facilitate international success.

qualified linguists
Qualified linguists

Our creditable Cantonese translation services are guaranteed by our experienced linguists with expertise in various industries and our exacting vetting system operated by veteran proofreaders and editors, giving you access to professional, precise, and native-sounding traditional Chinese language translation.

affordable rates
Affordable rates

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Rigorous Quality Assurance
Quality assurance

As one of the world's Top 50 Language Service Provider, Wordspath is a certified member of the ATA(American Translator Association), ISO 9001, and Certificate ECM. Our high-standard and seamless quality control system has earned customer confidence in our service, with many regularly giving us repeat businesses.

time efficiency
Time Efficiency

We understand that time is money for all businesses. That's why we make punctuality and responsibility our ethos. Our experienced linguists and well-trained project managers can always meet your tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

Professional Traditional Chinese Translators for Your Business

If you intend to double or even triple your business, exporting your products or services to the world’s fastest-growing consumer market will get you there. As the largest trading nation globally, China has provided tens of thousands of opportunities for companies hoping to level up their international success.

If you want to sell something in China, it’s always best to get started in the most economically vibrant region in the country – the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, where Cantonese is the predominant spoken language. To get your points across to a particular audience, you need professional Cantonese translation services or traditional Chinese translation services provided by 

Professional Traditional Chinese Translators for Your Business

local linguists, depending on your specific target region. For example, if you want to break into the Hong Kong market, the significant financial center and commercial port, you will need Chinese translation services for Hong Kong that fit your needs.

Here at Wordspath, we take pride in our professional team of native linguists and qualified subject matter experts who can translate traditional Chinese from and into 230+ world languages. We have immense experience adapting content of any type to the local audience’s needs with accuracy and value delivered.

As the holder of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015, our Chinese translation services are always up to the mark with attentive 24/7 customer support. High customer satisfaction has helped us grow a larger loyal customer base worldwide. Over the years, hundreds of clients have successfully entered the vast potential Chinese markets and increased their market share using our Chinese translator services.

Our online Chinese translation services for business include but are not limited to the following documents:

Technical English to Cantonese Translation Services

Technical English to Cantonese Translation Services

As the emerging technological superpower, China has experienced an unprecedentedly fast economic expansion over the last three decades with remarkable advancements in infrastructure, high-tech manufacturing, patents, academic publishing, etc. China’s up-and-coming tech giants like Huawei, WeChat, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, and more have made themselves known to the world with their cutting-edge technologies and impressive products.

Whether you need to translate English web page to Traditional Chinese or look for other technical Chinese translation services for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Asian market, you can count on Wordspath to achieve your international success. Our linguists are 

with a technical background in your field to ensure the highest-quality Cantonese translation services/traditional Chinese translation services. On top of that, our native staff fully understands the intricate and subtle Chinese culture, which will eliminate any chance of “face-losing” (humiliating) misinterpretation.

Wordspath promises the most accurate translation from English to Chinese traditional in the entire industry. Whether it’s Mandarin to Cantonese translation or English to Cantonese translation, or whatever language pair you may have in mind, we have got you covered. Our clients regularly use our top-quality technical Cantonese translation/traditional Chinese translation services for the following documents:

Certified Chinese Translations for Legal Settings

Despite its geographical proximity to Mainland China, Hong Kong has a legal system different from the legal regime of China due to historical reasons. That’s why you can’t entrust your legal Chinese language translation to a Mainland Chinese translator who is neither familiar with the Law of Hong Kong nor the official traditional Chinese expressions.

Accuracy, completeness, and timeline are of utmost importance to Chinese traditional Cantonese translation in the legal field. But not to worry, Wordspath has an experienced team of linguistically fluent certified Chinese translators with profound knowledge of the Law and the regulations of a specific region to meet your legal translation needs.

Certified Chinese Translations for Legal Settings 1

Whether you need to translate traditional Chinese legal documents from or into English or look for certified Chinese translation services for official purposes, our native experts are ready to help you any time of the day, any day of the year. We are good at handling legal traditional Chinese translation documents, including:

Cantonese Translation Services for Marketing and Advertising

Cantonese Translation Services for Marketing and Advertising

As Asia’s marketing services capital, Hong Kong and Guangdong Province in Southern China have a highly developed marketing and advertising industry with a full array of services provided there. To effectively engage Cantonese-speaking audiences, you need native Cantonese translations that sound natural and relatable. Translation for marketing and advertising requires a skillful linguist to promote the brand without changing the original tone of voice and brand image.

Wordspath regularly renders Cantonese translation services for real estate, education, healthcare, etc. Our stringent quality assurance system guarantees that your message comes across with your exact meaning well delivered.

Chinese Traditional Translation Services for Game and Entertainment

Boasting a world-famous dynamic film-entertainment industry globally, Hong Kong has exported thousands of film and television content to a lot of countries and regions, especially Mainland China. The local films in Hong Kong are in Cantonese with traditional Chinese and English subtitles. If you are planning to sell your movies or games to obove mentioned areas, you need first-rate translation from English to Chinese Traditional and Cantonese translation for subtitles conducted by local voice-over artists that speak your audience’s mother tongue.
China is considered to be one of the largest markets for video 

Chinese Traditional Translation Services for Game and Entertainment 1

games, with more than half a billion population playing video games regularly. With the Greater Bay Area located in the richest region in southern China, multinational companies always consider this region their gateway to the mainland Chinese market. So game developers should make sure their games are available in traditional Chinese and many other languages.

As an industry-leading Cantonese translation services provider, we make sure your projects are in good hands at all times. Whether you need business Chinese document translation services or immigration document translation services in Chinese traditional, you can trust Wordspath.

Industries We Best Serve

Organizations of all types and sizes from different industries have counted on Wordspath’s first-rate traditional Chinese translation services to break into the extensive traditional Chinese market. We are best at serving the following industries:

FAQs About Traditional Chinese

Organizations of all types and sizes from different industries have counted on Wordspath’s first-rate simplified Chinese translation services to break into the booming Chinese market. We are best at serving the following industries:

In a word, traditional Chinese is not Mandarin, but either equal to Cantonese.
People who intend to translate traditional Chinese to English tend to find two variants of Chinese confusing. Traditional Chinese is a writing script used both in Mandarin and Cantonese. Its usage relies on one’s reading and writing behaviors and their first speaking language. Taiwanese use traditional Chinese as the official script while speaking Mandarin, whereas people from Hong Kong and Macao also use traditional Chinese as the official script but mostly speak Cantonese instead of Mandarin.

Of course, you can! However, for official and commercial uses, a verbatim translation carried out by machine from simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese will only do a disservice to your purpose. Due to different grammar rules, vocabulary, and idioms, what makes sense in simplified Chinese may look ridiculous in traditional Chinese. If you want something critical, you should avoid machine translation and employ expert traditional Chinese language translation to English or other languages.

In short, most people agree that Simplified Chinese is easier to write.

Though both writing scripts have a lot in common, simplified Chinese characters comprise fewer strokes and are easier and faster to write, but you can still identify the resemblance between the two.

For first-time traditional Chinese learners, they may feel overwhelmed by each character’s considerable amount of strokes. That’s why mainland China simplified traditional Chinese in the 1950s to enhance the literacy rate, and it did. And later, owing to the large population of Chinese descendants, Singapore and Malaysia also incorporated simplified Chinese as one of their official languages.

So to translate Chinese traditional from and to other languages, delve into your intended audience first if you don’t want your plans to fall flat in those regions. Nevertheless, traditional Chinese characters are hieroglyphic and can represent ancient Chinese culture better. For instance, people still prefer to practice Chinese calligraphy with traditional Chinese, whether as a hobby or exhibition.

This is a frequently asked question for people unfamiliar with Chinese, which is normal.

In general, the written script of simplified and traditional Chinese is pretty similar. Yet, due to cultural discrepancies between different Chinese-speaking regions, the lexicon and grammar vary significantly.

Though Mandarin is spoken by mainland Chinese and Malaysian, sometimes they don’t share the same idioms and sayings and may find each other’s speech baffling. Misunderstanding and confusion is the last thing we want in global communication. Luckily, Wordspath works with veteran translators worldwide to eliminate this conundrum.

Choosing specific Chinese translation services depends on which countries or regions you target to expand your business.

Simplified Chinese is the official language in mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore, where a large population speaks Mandarin as their native language.

In some regions, however, people in the southern provinces of China predominantly speak Cantonese, yet they use Chinese simplified as the official script. Suppose your target region is Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, you traditional Chinese translator for your translation or localization project. Although they all use traditional Chinese as their official script, be conscious of these regions’ specific lexicon and grammar.

Mandarin is spoken in Taiwan among these regions, meaning their traditional Chinese usage largely conforms with the Mandarin expression rules rather than that of the other two regions. Ready to translate Chinese traditional? Get started today.

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