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If your company aspires to expand into Netherlands, Belgium, or Suriname, using linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate Dutch translation for your content is the best bet for reaching your goal. Wordspath’s Dutch translation services leverage decades of linguistic and field-specific expertise to help multinational companies across 14+ industries build strong business relationships with partners in Dutch-speaking communities. With deep subject matter expertise under their belts, our native Dutch translators deliver quality translations between Dutch and 150 other languages, one document at a time.

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English to Dutch Translation Services

Ranking 15th worldwide in terms of GDP, the Netherlands has one of the strongest economies in Europe and is home to multiple big-name firms like Phillips, Unilever, Shell, and Heineken. 

Due to its open business climate, highly educated workforce, strategic location, and excellent transportation infrastructures, the country has attracted diverse foreign investment, especially in high-tech, renewable energy, agriculture, life sciences, and health sectors.  

With the shared Germanic roots, English and Dutch are similar in many ways. For example, both languages adopt an SVO (subject-verb-object) word order in declarative sentences. They both use the Latin alphabet in their writing systems, have many cognates, and share some colloquialisms and idiomatic expressions.

However, translating between English and Dutch doesn’t look as easy as it seems. Dutch and English can vary significantly in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

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This is why you need a native Dutch translator who resides in the Netherlands, Belgium, or other Dutch-speaking countries and is fluent in both languages to handle your content’s linguistic and cultural intricacies. If you are establishing business operations in Dutch-speaking regions, choosing a Dutch translation agency that uses such linguists like Wordspath as your language partner will give you a head start.

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Dutch Language Translation for Any Document

Accuracy matters at every turn when translating different types of documents into Dutch or any other language. Even a tiny mistake or inaccuracy in the translated document could lead to costly consequences, especially for medical, legal, or technical document translations. 

To ensure localization success in the Dutch world, collaborating with a professional and reliable Dutch translation agency that guarantees quality will help you achieve your business goal faster. 

At Wordspath, our Dutch translation services only employ the best-qualified Dutch translators handpicked from our global network of 30,000 linguists. They boast vast experience handling various documents, from websites and video games to e-learning courses and marketing collateral. Whether you need to translate Dutch to English pdf or Word document and even images and videos, we can connect you with the right expert in no time. 

Not sure about your document type? Upload your document for more linguistic support.

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As a reputable Dutch translation company, Wordspath takes pride in its industry-leading quality management systems and its services’ core processes, which are 100% certified with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards. Prior to the start of every project, our team rigorously vets the best candidate for the task and double-proofreads the final work before delivery, ensuring it meets the highest standard every time. With Wordspath, you can enjoy the peace of mind that no misunderstanding, error, or potential legal issues will occur due to inaccurate translations. 

Certified Netherlands Language Translation

When translating to Dutch for legal or official purposes, certified translation may be required, particularly in situations like pursuing an academic qualification in the Netherlands, immigrating to the country, or conducting business activities with Hollanders. No matter what purpose, you will need a fully certified Dutch translation service to guarantee your Dutch translations’ quality, accuracy, and legal validity. 

Catering to diverse linguistic needs, Wordspath provides top-rated certified translation services and certificates translation services for businesses and individuals aiming to gain a foothold in the Netherlands and other Dutch-speaking markets.

Dutch Certified Translation

Dutch Notarized Translation

Dutch Apostille Translations

Dutch Sworn Translation

Academic documents

Banking documents

Corporate documents

Marriage documents

Immigration documents

And more

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Dutch Language Facts

Although Dutch is not among the world’s most spoken languages, there are 25 million native Dutch speakers, mostly living in the Low Countries like Netherlands and Belgium, and 5 million non-native Dutch speakers worldwide. Dutch is also the third largest spoken Germanic language after English and German in Europe, in which the Netherlands ranks 6th in terms of economic power. 

Apart from Holland, several other countries also use Dutch as an official language. Dutch is one of the three official languages, together with French and German, and the native language spoken by the large population in Suriname, a South American country and a former Dutch colony. 

Other countries where Dutch holds an official status include the Caribbean island countries of Sint Maarten, Aruba, and Curaçao. Besides, over half a million native Dutch speakers live in the US, Australia, and Canada. 

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Understanding is one thing; translating it right is another story. You can’t expect an Afrikaans translator to properly localize your content in Standard Dutch used in the Netherlands, to name a few – the cultural intricacies, technical terms, regulatory compliances, etc., can be entirely different in both countries. 

Powered by our global talent pool, we can sign your Dutch language translation to the most qualified Dutch translator or interpreter who resides right in your target region, ensuring your message hits the mark and gets across every time. 

Accurate Translation by Native Dutch Translators

The geographic distribution of Dutch speakers has resulted in multiple Dutch dialects and regional variants. Despite their pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary vary wildly from one another, these variants remain mutually intelligible. For instance, Afrikaans, a language spoken by over 16 million people in Namibia and South Africa, has derived from the Cape Dutch dialects. 

Despite Afrikaans being now considered a separate language from Dutch, around 90 to 95% of Afrikaans’ words are similar to the Dutch vocabulary, even if Afrikaans also combines German and several other African languages. As a result, Dutch people in the Netherlands and Afrikaans people residing in South Africa have no trouble reading the other language. 

The official language of the Netherlands and Belgium.

A variant of Dutch spoken in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium.

Spoken in the Dutch provinces of North Brabant and South Brabant, as well as in parts of Belgium and Northern France.

Spoken in the Dutch province of Limburg, as well as in parts of Belgium and Germany.

Spoken in the eastern parts of Flanders.

Spoken in the western parts of Flanders and along the French-Belgian border.

Spoken in parts of the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark, including the provinces of Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland, and Twente.

A minority language spoken mainly in the northern province of Friesland.

A language derived from Dutch and spoken in South Africa, Namibia, and parts of Botswana and Zimbabwe.

A variant of Dutch spoken in Suriname, a former Dutch colony in South America.

Dutch Interpreter Services

Due to a strong economy, a highly skilled workforce, and strategic location, the Netherlands is a perfect place for startups and established companies to do business. For foreign companies looking to establish business operations there, the first and foremost challenge presented to them is the language barrier. 

If you want to communicate your message clearly and accurately in the Dutch world, it’s paramount to seek help from a native Dutch interpreter who fully understands the unique business culture and regulatory environment in the country. Wordspath stringently vets the qualification of each Dutch interpreter worldwide and verifies their interpreting experience in trade shows and conferences, international business meetings, legal proceedings, employee training, etc. Whatever the situation, we provide on-demand interpretation services and bring you the right professionals to achieve your communication goal. 

Trusted Dutch Translation Services for All Industries

Each industry has its own technical terms, which could challenge non-experts to translate accurately. Technical translators are subject matter experts to a large extent.

Industry-specific or any other type of translation is more than just transposing text. The translators must also take technical vocabulary, cultural context, regulatory requirements, etc., into account. Therefore, industry expertise is also one of the cornerstones of a successful language service provider. 

If you need accurate and high-quality Dutch translation services to achieve your intended purposes, working with a trusted Dutch translation company like Wordspath is a great start to meet those needs. With over 20 years of experience translating field-specific content into 150+ languages for clients worldwide, we can certainly help boost your international success in one way or another. 

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