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English to Vietnamese Translation Service

With rapid economic growth, Vietnam, a rising star in Southeast Asia, is poised to grow into a major player in manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and service industries in the global market. Winning the Vietnamese customers over can be a good start for compnaies trying to flex their muscles in Southease Asia. 

Before making your content available to 87 million Vietnamese speakers worldwide, it’s crucial to ensure that the Vietnamese English translations seamlessly convey your intended messages in ways that resonates with your Vietnamese audience. To propel your success in the Vietnamese world,  use professional linguists who translate your English marketing collateral, product descriptions, and other business documents to Vietnamese language with pinpoint accuracy at the linguistic and technical level.  

Despite English and Vietnamese writing systems are both based on the Latin alphabet, translating from English to Vietnamese is not as easy as it appears to be. While Vietnamese is a tonal language, English is not. Besides, the two languages vary wildly in grammatical structure, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, cultural references, and colloquialisms. sentence structure, and vocabulary, making it a must to use native English to Vietnamese translators to translate document from English to Vietnamese. With Wordspath’s locale-specific English to Vietnamese translation service, your translated message will get across to all Vietnamese audience from the bustling street of Hanoi to the serene landscape of Ha Long Bay

Working with an Asia-based Vietnamese translation agency like Wordspath can give you an edge in ensuring cultural appropriateness of your English to Vietnamese translation. At Wordspath, we only select native certified Vietnamese translators who have an eagle-eye for detail and can capture and handle even nuances in vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, idiomatic expressions, and writing systems between the two languages.  Embrace the power of effective cross-cultural communication in Vietnam using our unrivalled English to Vietnamese translation service and jump start your busines in Southeast Asia. 

Vietnamese to English Translation Service

If you’re looking to translate Vietnamese to English without fail, select translation services provided by native translators from Vietnam. Wordspath is home to a plethora of qualified Vietnamese to English translators with in-depth expertise and vast experience translating the Vietnam language to English. We also implement an ISO-certified quality assurance process to ensure the Vietnamese English translations are always on point. Whether you need to translate document from Vietnamese to English for contexts like business, education, entertainment, immigration, comprehending Vietnamese culture and history, or incorporating Vietnamese practices into Western industries, you can count on Wordspath to deliver exceptional results.

However, due to the disparity between the two languages that lies in their linguistic structure, grammar, tenses, vocabulary, sentence length, cultural nuances, etc., it is challenging to translate from Vietnamese to English. Accurate Vietnamese English text translation requires a certified translator who boasts expertise in the text’s subject area and the ability to precisely translate from Vietnamese to English while maintaining the original text’s intended message. Additionally, they always utilize the correct technical terms and switch between Vietnamese and English writing systems. More importantly, only a skilled translator well-versed in processing the language-specific expressions and cultural nuances between both languages can ensure 100% accuracy of their translations from Vietnamese to English. 

As a leading Vietnamese translation agency, Wordspath is committed to providing premium Vietnamese to English translation services, facilitating effective communication for Vietnamese businesses aspiring to expand beyond its borders. Trust Wordspath to unlock your business’ potential on the global stage and prepare for endless possibilities.

Professional Translation from English to Vietnamese Online

Wordspath is dedicated to delighting global customers with its top-notch expertise and professionalism in delivering fully accurate Vietnamese to English translation service and vice versa across various fields. Our expert team of translators is well-trained to efficiently handle English Vietnamese translation of a wide range of document types across industries. With a professional team like ours, high customer satisfaction rate is guaranteed and all your English to Vietnamese translation will accurately convey your intended meaning as expected, no matter what the use case is.

Why Choose Us?

Local Vietnamese Translators

Based in East Asia, Wordspath is home to extensive network of certified Vietnamese translators skilled in translation between Vietnam languages and English. This gives us a distinct advantage in translating from English to Vietnamese and Vietnamese to English accurately and appropriately in the linguistic and cultural aspects. With an innate understanding of the nuances of the Vietnamese language and culture, our native Vietnamese translators can confidently deliver quality translations that resonate with your target audience, between English and Vietnamese. 

ISO 9001 & 17100 Certified​

Wordspath is a reliable Vietnamese translation agency certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards. With a rigorous and standardized quality management process, our team ensures that customers receive superior results that hit the mark every time. By working with an ISO-certified Vietnamese translation services with a commitment to excellence and ongoing improvement, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you will always get reliable, accurate, and top-quality Vietnamese English translations for text and other documents.

Fluent in 150+ Langauges​

Our company is home to 30,000+ native translators with deep expertise under their belts to translate field-specific content from and into 150+ languages. Using translations entirely completed by native translators ensure that the results are not only accurate but culturally sensitive to avoid any potential misinterpretations or offenses. 

Opting for a translation company that provides comprehensive language services can simplify project coordination and streamline management efficiency. By eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple vendors handling different language pairs, customers can focus on their core business goals and leave the translation process in the hands of experts who can handle all languages. 

Expertise in 14+ Industries

At Wordspath, our team has substantial hands-on experience and deep industry-specific expertise in handling translation projects for 14+ industries. With a thorough understanding and specialized knowledge of a specific field, they are equipped to accurately convert the technical terms, unique jargon, and writing style of each industry between languages and handle their nuances. Our Vietnamese translation services cater to all industries and needs.

Using an amateur translator to translate highly technical field-specific content can have severe and far-reaching consequences. In the best-case scenario, it could lead to financial losses, and in the worst-case scenario, it could result in legal complications and even reputational damage. Given the high stakes involved, it’s essential for businesses to partner with a professional Vietnamese translation company with industry experience to ensure accurate and reliable translations that are tailored to your needs.

Quality Assurance

Wordspath puts in place a stringent quality assurance system and a streamlined TEP process to guarantee that our work consistently achieves the highest accuracy and industry standards. Before allocating a project, we rigorously vet all our translators in the network who are proficient in that given language pair and verify their qualifications and experience in translating the relevant subject matter in the project. 

Only the most qualified candidate will be assigned to the job to ensure top-quality work from the translator’s end. The completed translations must undergo a stringent editing process conducted by our experienced editors who check for accuracy, consistency, style, and many other things to ensure the intended message is accurately conveyed to the audience. We also provide another layer of final review of the edited content by our established proofreaders as per the customer’s requirement. Before delivery, the finalized document must go through rigorous cross-checking to eliminate errors, omissions, formatting and layout issues, etc.

Fast Delivery & Rush Services​

With attentive 24/7 customer service, we are accessible to our customers at all times. Our time-conscious team of professionals understands that time is of the essence in any industry. So we provide fast delivery and rush services, including same-day or next-day deliveries, to meet tight deadlines. Our team excels at project management and knows when to prioritize urgent projects without compromising the quality or the process of other ongoing projects. 

If you intend to receive your accurate translations as fast as possible to save time and avoid delays in your business operations, working with an LSP that has a commitment to fast delivery and rush services like Wordspath will give you a head start and make your business more competitive in the market.

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Industry-specific Expertise

Ever since its establishment, Wordspath has built a good reputation in its project experience translating specialized content across industries including IT, gaming, advertising & marketing, medical & healthcare, etc. Discover our supported industries and know more. 

As a thriving hub for technology, Vietnam has experienced rapid growth in the cutting-edge manufacturers of smartphones, software development, and the accompanied increase in tech-savvy consumers. To confidently showcase your innovative products/services in the Vietnamese market, you will require technically fluent and accurate translation of all technology-based content implemented by native Vietnamese translators with meticulous attention to detail. Utilize Wordspath’s stellar English to Vietnamese translation services to upscale your business in the rising market in Southeast Asia.


Emphasizing on improved healthcare access and quality for its people, Vietnam has one of the world’s fastest-growing medical and healthcare industries where more investment in healthcare infrastructure and positive measures have been in place to support this sector. To effectively navigate this promising market, global companies must precisely translate medical documents covering research papers, patient education materials, and clinical trial, etc. Our medical Vietnamese translators specialize in medical terms and local regulations, enabling effective communication with Vietnamese partners, stakeholders, and patients.

With a projected revenue likely to top $676 million this year, the gaming market in Vietnam remains profitable with a large and ever-increasing player base. To effectively engage with local players, game developers and publishers must ensure the Vietnamese translation of the English game content captures the essence and cultural nuances without violating local regulations and cultural preferences. Wordspath adopts native Vietnamese game translators adept at localizing all genres of games with cultural intricacies in mind. Amaze your Vietnamese gamers with an immersive and authentic gaming experience with your next game.

Driven by a growing economy, an expanding consumer market and increasing Internet penetration, Vietnam’s marketing industry is expected to keep booming. Companies looking to market and compete in Vietnam must ensure all Vietnamese English translations precisely convey the original message in ways the locals find appropriate, both linguistically and culturally. At Wordspath, a professional team of Vietnamese translators experienced in adapting marketing content and maximizing its impact is ready to help effectively get your brand’s message across to Vietnamese customers. From website copy to social media post, we’ve got you covered.

We’re also equipped with filed-specific expertise in these industries:

Documents Types We Support

Looking to translate English to Vietnamese?

We have vast experience delivering accurate Vietnamese English translations for all file types and mainstream industries.

Meet Our Expert Team

As an Asia-based translation company, English to Vietnamese translation service is one of the specialized services that we provide. For every project, we assemble an elite team of account managers, project manager,  technical specialists, resource manager, linguists,  DTP experts, and LQA engineer to deliver the best results as you expect. These cross-functional teams work closely and cooperatively to ensure that translations meet the highest standard each time. The professionals are native translators who can convey accurate translation from English to Vietnamese or from Vietnamese to English while speaking your industry’s language. 

According to our translation workflow, the project will be sequentially handled by the following teams: 

Multimedia Transcription Service

Apart from English to Vietnamese translation services, multimedia transcription services are also our specialty. Our team of professional transcribers specializes in transcribing various content, such as podcasts, webinars, videos, conferences, interviews, etc., in various languages, including English and Vietnamese. They are well-versed in capturing every spoken word and identifying different speakers to ensure clarity and accuracy.

How to Plan a Transaltion Project?​

Before kick-starting an English Vietnamese translation project, it is important to note that effective planning and preparation can make all the difference. Follow these steps to plan your next translation project. 

By following these steps and working closely with the translation provider, you can ensure the success of your translation project by effectively communicating your intended message to the target audience in their native language.

Define the extent of your project and the document/content types that will need to be translated. This can include marketing collateral, website content, technical manuals, legal documents, and more.

Consider the audience you’re targeting and their native language. This will help you decide on the correct target language to translate your content into.

Establish the desired completion date for the project and clearly communicate this deadline to the translation provider. This will help them prioritize your project and ensure prompt delivery.

Research Vietnamese translation services providers and select one with experience in your industry offering languages you need. Make sure they have a quality assurance process in place and can provide samples or references.

Clearly communicate your specific expectations and requirements to the translation service provider. Provide any reference materials, style guides, glossaries, terminologies, or translation memory (if any) that will facilitate consistent and accurate translations.

Upon the completion of the initial translations, carefully review the translated content for accuracy and quality. Mark any changes or revisions that need to be made and communicate all these revisions to the translation provider for final adjustments.

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Take your business to new heights with Wordspath’s reliable and timely English to Vietnamese translation services. Contact us now for a free quote and let us help you break down language barriers.

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Our Popular Language Pairs for Translation

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Frequently Used Phrases: English to Vietnamese Translation

The following are the basic Vietnamese phrases frequently used in different scenarios. 





Xin chào.


Thank you!

Cảm ơn!


Sorry, I’m late.

Xin lỗi tôi tới trễ.


It’s okay.

Không sao đâu.


Excuse me, is there a restroom here?

Xin lỗi, ở đây có nhà vệ sinh không?


Excuse me, may I ask ?

Xin lỗi, tôi có thể hỏi được không?



Tạm biệt!


No problem.

Không có gì.



Thật sự?


I don’t understand ,please explain again.

Mình không hiểu, vui lòng giải thích lại.


Please give me a glass of water.

Xin vui lòng cho tôi một ly nước.


Wait a moment!

Đợi một chút!


Please help me.

Làm ơn giúp tôi.


It’s okay, I can do it myself.

Không sao đâu, tôi có thể tự làm được.


Good luck to you!

Chúc bạn may mắn!


Please be quiet.

Xin hãy im lặng.


Please have a seat.

Xin mời ngồi.


You’re welcome.

Không có gì.


Please say it again.

Xin nói lại lần nữa.


Please follow me.

Làm ơn đi theo tôi.


May you be prosperous!

Chúc bạn thịnh vượng!


Take care!

Bảo trọng!


Please wait a moment.

Xin vui lòng chờ trong giây lát.


Please be quiet!

Xin hãy im lặng!


Please give me a pen.

Xin vui lòng cho tôi một cây bút.


No problem.

Không có gì.


It doesn’t matter.

Nó không quan trọng.


Please pay attention!

Làm ơn chú ý!


May I ask?

Tôi xin hỏi?


Can you do me a favor?

Bạn có thể làm cho tôi một việc?


Please answer.

Làm ơn hãy trả lời.


Please speak slower.

Xin hãy nói chậm lại.


It’s not important.

Điều đó không quan trọng.


Excuse me, is there a restroom here?

Xin lỗi, ở đây có nhà vệ sinh không?


Please give me a piece of paper.

Xin vui lòng cho tôi một mảnh giấy.


Please say it again.

Xin nói lại lần nữa.


Excuse me, is there a restaurant here?

Xin lỗi, ở đây có nhà hàng không?


Please sit down.

Vui lòng ngồi xuống.


Can you speak English?

Bạn có thể nói tiếng Anh không?


Excuse me, is there a hospital here?

Xin lỗi, ở đây có bệnh viện không?


Please give me a cup of coffee.

Xin vui lòng cho tôi một tách cà phê.


Excuse me, is there a supermarket here?

Xin lỗi, ở đây có siêu thị không?


Excuse me, is there a bank here?

Xin lỗi, ở đây có ngân hàng không?


Excuse me, is there a park here?

Xin lỗi, ở đây có công viên không?


Please give me a book.

Xin vui lòng cho tôi một cuốn sách.


Excuse me, is there a cinema here?

Xin lỗi, ở đây có rạp chiếu phim không?


Excuse me, is there a hotel here?

Xin lỗi, ở đây có khách sạn không?


Please tell me how to get there.

Xin vui lòng cho tôi biết làm thế nào để đạt được điều đó.


Excuse me, what is this ?

Xin lỗi, đây là cái gì vậy?


Please give me a map.

Xin vui lòng cho tôi một bản đồ.


Excuse me, is there a train station here ?

Xin lỗi, ở đây có ga xe lửa không?


Excuse me, is there an airport here ?

Xin lỗi, ở đây có sân bay không?






hình xăm





ice cream



Happy New Year




Tiếng Anh


Good morning!

Chào buổi sáng!












mát xa


I love you

Anh Yêu Em


Language Facts About Vietnamese

Vietnamese, the official language of Vietnam, is a tonal Austroasiatic language spoken by around 87.1 million people as their native language worldwide. Besides Vietnam, it is the minority language spoken by Vietnamese communities in Laos, Cambodia, France, Australia, Canada, and the United States. 

Languages in Vietnam

Historically named Annamese, Vietnamese is an Austroasiatic language that shares a similar root with the Khmer of Cambodia. Although Vietnamese is the Vietnam official language and is spoken by 86% of its population, it is not the only language used within the country. The major minority languages spoken in Vietnam include Tày, Mường, Cham, Khmer, Chinese, Nùng, and H’Mông.

Like other tonal languages, the pronunciation of Vietnamese could alter the word’s meaning as the tone changes. There are six distinct Vietnamese tones each marked with its own pitch contour; they are respectively “ngang” (level), “huyền” (falling), “sắc” (rising), “hỏi” (falling-rising), “ngã” (breaking), and “nặng” (heavy). 

Therefore, when translating between English and Vietnamese, it’s crucially important to use a native Vietnamese voice translator who can master different tones and capture even the slightest variation in the intended message’s meaning. 

translate from engish to vietnamese

Evolution of the Vietnamese Writing System

vietnamese translation services

Ever wonder why Vietnam, a Southeast-Asian country, adopts the Latin alphabet as its national and official writing script? This phenonmenon is brought by the interinfluence of a range of historical events. 

The earliest form of Vietnamese script is called chữ Nôm. It is believed to have first appeared in the 8th century when people adapted chữ Hán (Chinese characters) to create unique Vietnamese characters to transcribe the Vietnamese spoken language based on the approximate   pronunciations of Middle Chinese. For a long period of time, chữ Nôm never took the place of chữ Hán to become the primary writing script in Vietnam due to linguistic inefficieencies and social reasons.

However, the modern Vietnamese script is Quốc Ngữ, a writing system created by Portuguese Catholic missionaries in the 17th century for increased accessibility and readability of the Vietnamese language. Quốc Ngữ combines the Latin alphabet for pronunciation and diacritical marks for tonal representation. 

Later in the French colonial period, Quốc Ngữ continued to evolve as French people introduced additional diacritical marks to indicate nasal sounds, adding accuracy and richness to Vietnamese pronunciation.

English and Vietnamese Both Use the Latin Alphabet, How Do They Differ?

Despite both English and Vietnamese use the Latin alphabet as the writing script, there are ways in which the two languages differ in the use of the same alphabet.

First, the diacritical marks. Due to its tonal nature, the Vietnamese language adopts a system of tone markers to represent tones and other phonetic features. Different pronunciation of the same words could affect its meaning. While in English, diacritical marks are rarely seen and more likely to be found in loanwords or to separate homonyms. 

Second, the additional letters. Unlike English that only uses 26 basic letters in the Latin alphabet, Vietnamese additionally incorporates “đ” (điếc) and “ơ” (ơi) to represent specific sounds in Vietnamese.

Another aspect is the pronunciation of letters. Despite the letters look identical in both languages, they might not be pronounced the same either way. For instance, the Vietnamese letter “d” sounds more like a “z” rather than “d” in English.


english to vietnamese translation

FAQs about English to Vietnamese Translation Services

A1: Your business can benefit from English to Vietnamese translation services in multiple ways. Generally, you can expand your market presence and increase your brand’s visibility exponentially by reaching Vietnamese-speaking audience around the world. With the assistance of an experienced Vietnamese translation agency, you can communicate effectively with Vietnamese customers, clients, and partners, building better relationships and creating international business opportunities in the Vietnamese world. 

A2: Wordspath is the very Vietnamese translation agency that only works with the best certified Vietnamese translators who fully understand how Vietnamese is different from English. At Wordspath, we take pride in being the top choice for English to Vietnamese translation service and vice versa. Our team consistently delivers exceptional quality in every project. Based in Asia, we guarantee the timely completion of any translation tasks into Vietnamese at affordable prices, consistently delivering the highest accuracy and exceeding our customers’ expectations. You can count on Wordspath to translate your carefully crafted English or Spanish content to Vietnamese within your required time frame. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us now!  

A3: Yes, we provide the best translator to translate field-specific content from English to Vietnamese and from Vietnamese to English. Our linguistic team consists of professional native translators with expertise in areas such as IT, gaming, medical, legal, finance, marketing, advertising, and more. We ensure that your Vietnamese English translation project is assigned to a qualified translator equipped with the technical know-how to translate from Vietnamese to English or vice versa in your industry’s language.

A4: If you don’t speak Vietnamese or don’t know how to translate pdf document from english to vietnamese online, it’s best to work with a reputable and reliable Vietnamese translation company to ensure the quality of the Vietnamese translation. Order Vietnamese English translations from an agency with a rigorous quality assurance process, including multiple rounds of review and proofreading by northern or southern Vietnamese dialect translator native to your target language. Additionally, providing your style guides, reference materials, or specific instructions also helps the translator understand your requirements accurately. 

A5: The costs for our English to Vietnamese translation services could vary with different documents. We charge customers that need to translate between English and Vietnamese based on factors such as the source document’s word count/page, the complexity of the content, the required turnaround time, and other additional services required, such as editing or proofreading. Please fill in the form and contact our expert for a detailed quote tailored to your specific project.

A6: The turnaround time for the project depends on various factors, such as the length and complexity of the text, the subject matter, and the translator’s workload and schedule. Generally, smaller projects can be completed within a few days, while larger projects may take weeks or longer. With thousands of experienced translators, we can effortlessly handle a million-word project with quality and efficiency. Please upload your document for translation so that we can analyze it and provide you with an estimated timeline based on your specific project. 

A7: Yes, our English Vietnamese translation and interpreter services are available even on weekends and holidays. We understand that some translation projects may contain time-sensitive content or have urgent deadlines. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering high-quality translations and accommodating your project’s specific timeline, even during non-business hours.

A8: When you need to get a general idea of a foreign text/passage and accuracy doesn’t matter to you, translation APPs can be an ideal tool. Some of the best APPs for Vietnamese English translations include Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and iTranslate. These apps come with amazing features such as text translation, voice translation, and dictionary lookup. However, the accuracy is questionable and could vary with different subject matters. It’s recommended to try different apps and choose the one that best suits your specific translation needs. But think twice before using such APPs to translate important/highly technical documents.

A9: While Google Translate can generate translation from English to Vietnamese instantly and provide a basic understanding, you need to bear in mind that the results may not always be accurate or contextually appropriate. Google Translate, or any machine translation tool in the matter, is ideal for translating simple phrases or getting a general idea. But when aiming for professional and accurate translations, it’s best to avoid using these machine-powered tools and work with experienced human translators who can understand the linguistic and cultural nuances between both languages and provide high-quality translations with a tailored personal touch.