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Wordspath is a leading global Korean translation services provider with a proven track record in powering professional Korean translation to companies large or small worldwide.

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Why Choose Us As Your Best Korean Translation Company?

Wordspath values and collaborates with over 30,000 in-house and home-based linguistic talents from all walks of life worldwide. Instead of seeing language as an obstacle to overcome, we embrace culture and language diversity.

Following an uncompromising vetting and quality assurance process, we give you easy access to reliable and ready-to-use Korean translation services and many more, meeting your tight deadlines in formats you prefer. Whether you want Chinese to Korean translation, Japanese to Korean translation, or other language pairs, we have got your back.

best price
Best Price

Wordspath offers competitive rates for all language services. Supported by a large pool of 30,000+ translators and subject matter experts, we can quickly match your project to the right talent best-fit for your specific needs as per your budget. Thousands of startups and small businesses have benefited from our unbeatable pricing policy. And we'd love to help our clients save some extra money by finding an efficient and economical solution to their translation needs.

TEP Process
TEP Process

The translation, editing, and proofreading three-stage (TEP) examination process is the world-class rigid standard for professional LSPs, like Wordspath. Wordspath assembles qualified translators with specialist expertise in your industry as per the size of the project and appoints experienced editors and proofreaders to supervise the accuracy and consistency throughout your translation, so your translation is ready to use upon delivery.

fast turnaround
Fast Turnaround

We are best at fulfilling customers' needs for quality translation in rush turnaround. Wordspath's global network of linguistic talents can handle projects of any size and subject matter within a given time, with accuracy and completeness guaranteed. Our experienced and skillful Korean translators can translate up to 400 words per hour with satisfying results.

qualified linguists
Qualified linguists

Our experienced linguists guarantee our creditable Korean translation services with expertise in various industries. Upholding the highest quality standards, our expert proofreaders and editors review and double-check your project to ensure the most accurate Korean translation.

Rigorous Quality Assurance
Quality assurance

As one of the world's Top 50 Language Service Provider, Wordspath is a certified member of the ATA(American Translator Association), ISO 9001, and Certificate ECM. Our high-standard and seamless quality control system has earned customer confidence in our service, with many regularly giving us repeat businesses.

time efficiency
Time Efficiency

We understand that time is money for all businesses. That's why we make punctuality and responsibility our ethos. Our experienced linguists and well-trained project managers can always meet your tight deadlines without compromising quality.

Accurate Korean Translation for All Needs new

Accurate Korean Translation for All Needs

Visiting South or North Korea or establishing business contacts in both countries can be a real challenge when you don’t speak the language. But no worries, Wordspath’s best-in-class Korean translation services are designed to simplify things for you.

Numerous translation agencies work with the Korean language. However, only a few can guarantee accurate language usage and cultural understanding of the English Korean translation. Here at Wordspath, we only use qualified in-country Korean translators who have been pre-tested for their level of English competence and their expertise in your required field. Whether it’s for businesses or individuals, Wordspath can always connect you with the right talent.

For Business Use:

For Individual Use:

Remember to stay away from English to Korean translation services performed by computers for professional and advanced uses. The machine always produces unnatural and incomprehensible results when translating from and into East Asian languages.

That’s where we come into play, as a leading Korean translation services provider with promises to the most accurate Korean translation in the industry.

Korean English Translation Services for Fashion Industry

South Korea is heralded as one of the best fashion markets globally, with K-pop and K-dramas getting increasingly prevalent worldwide. If you have a fashion-related business and intend to expand your global reach there, you will need highly fashion-conscious Korean translators with a good mastery of your source language alongside a thorough understanding of the latest emerging trends.

Whether you are a cosmetic brand or a textiles and apparel exporter, our Korean English translation service is dedicated to delivering the best Korean translation you can ever get in the market.

Korean English Translation Services for Fashion Industry

Fashion businesses that have found our professional Korean translation services helpful include:

Automobile English Korean Translation Services 1

Automobile English Korean Translation Services

South Korea is the world’s fifth-largest automobile-producing country and the sixth-largest automobile exporter as of today. The skyrocketing popularity of South Korean car brands has demonstrated the country’s remarkable capabilities in design, performance, and technology in the automotive industry, such as Hyundai and Kia, etc. 

Suppose you want to compete against or establish business contacts with the local world-famous car brands. In that case, it’s best to have an expert Korean language translator with specialist expertise in the automotive industry on your side.

Wordspath has focused on rounding up the most experienced English Korean translators and the state-of-the-art technology to ensure our clients can enjoy the most accurate Korean translation at rates unmatched in the market. Whether you need to translate documents from Korean to English or hire an on-site Korean English interpreter for an important meeting, we always strike the right balance between quality, speed, and cost.

We have helped top automobile brands translate different types of automotive documents, including:

We have provided top-rated English Korean translation for automotive documents, including:

Legal Korean Translation Services

As the fourth-largest economy in Asia, South Korea is home to about 12,000 lawyers in over 600 law firms. Since the legal services market in South Korea has limited room for new lawyers, up to 4.4% of trainee lawyers remained unemployed last year after they completed the mandatory training program.

Legal English to Korean translation service is highly critical and demands pinpoint accuracy. Luckily, our linguists have come from a solid legal background, with many working as attorneys or trainee lawyers in law firms. Our legal translation team pays close attention to details on each Korean translation project, ensuring your translation is faithful to the source copy.

We help companies and individuals translate legal documents such as:

Legal Korean Translation Services 1
Korean English Translation Service for Video Games 1

Korean English Translation Service for Video Games

Due to the strong gaming culture in South Korea, the country has a massive gaming infrastructure and has become one of the largest gaming markets in the world. South Korean gamers are best-known for their dominance in e-sports across various games. However, most South Korean gamers are not fluent English speakers. Consequently, native Korean translators for game localization are a must for anyone with game-related translation needs from and into Korean.

Some world-renowned game brands have entrusted their English Korean translation to Wordspath multiple times. As the holder of two ISO certificates, our team makes sure your content will be 

linguistically and technically accurate while properly adapted into the Korean gaming market. We only use native-speaking Korean translators who know the Korean game terminology and skillfully avoid content that would be considered offensive to Korean gamers.

Obtain an instant quote for the first-class Korean translation services today. We have abundant experience translating the following content:

Why does Korean English Translation Service Matters?

As K-pop, Kdrama alongside other Korean waves prevail globally, the surging needs for high-quality Korean translation services and Korean interpreter services follow. Not just this, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development just recently upgraded South Korea from a developing country to a developed country with a GDP ranking 10th in 2020.

As the key player in automobiles, electronics, telecommunications, shipbuilding, chemicals, etc., South Korea has become a magnet for foreign businesses. The Korean language is spoken by approximately 77 million people, mainly in the Korean Penisula, parts of North-eastern China, Sakhalin, Russia, and Central Asia.

Why does Korean English Translation Service Matters 1

To reach a larger Korean audience or trade with chaebols in Korea, you need expert Korean translation services to gear up your globalization. Modern Korean uses Hangul as their written script, containing 24 basic letters and 27 complex letters. Though it’s as easy as pie to translate the Korean alphabet, translating complicated honorifics could be a pain in the neck if you are not a professional Korean translator with considerable cultural background.

When you translate Korean to Spanish or into other languages, honorific changes depending on the speaker’s age and the age, occupation, and social status of the person they speak with. Moreover, the Korean usages between North and South Korea vary due to the distinctive social contexts. Only a native Korean translator can fully understand the nuances between different dialects and tackle these aspects in the most sensible fashion.

Industries We Best Serve

Organizations of all types and sizes from different industries have counted on Wordspath’s high-quality Korean translation services to break into the vibrant Korean market. We are best at serving the following industries:

FAQs About Korean

Korean is the official and national language of South and North Korea. In addition to these two countries, people from Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture and Changbai Korean Autonomous County of Jilin Province China also speak Korean as their minority language. Also, groups of people speak the language in parts of Sakhalin, Russia, and Central Asia. More than 77 million people worldwide speak Korean.

Influenced by the US, many loanwords are developed and used in daily communication by South Korean people. With pronunciations close to English, these loanwords derived from English are popularly used by the younger generation in today’s South Korean’s society. In contrast, there are fewer loanwords used in North Korea, for it is a comparably isolated country, which to some extent, differentiates between the language spoken in these two countries.

Korean also is an Asian language that is developed from a part of the Chinese characters. The Korean writing system is mixed with Hangul (Korean script) and Hanja (Chinese characters). But, in the contemporary day, Korean mostly use Hangul for their daily writing and reading instead of Hanja. Hanja is used for occasions that are formal and traditional only. Hangul is an alphabetic featural writing system developed in the 15th century, which is easier to read and understand than Hanja.

There are nine different Korean dialects in the world, while North Korean people speak a different Korean dialect than those in South Korea due to geographical and political reasons.

The standard dialect in South Korea is Seoul’s dialect. North Korean speak Seoul’s dialect mixed with Pyeongyang’s region’s dialect in general. Jeju is another well-known Korean dialect among those dialects, which is distinct from standard Korean in South Korea. Russia has a massive impact on the North Korean language, while the South Korean language has developed under the United States’ influence for years. Language itself is constantly changing, Korean or any other language in the world.

The Korean language has a distinctive grammatical structure, which postposition is challenging to understand and use following its special rules. Additionally, there are seven different levels of formality applied to the Korean language’s speaking and writing.

Based on which person is speaking and writing, different levels of formality will be used. Each level of formality requires different verb endings. Hence, a linguist must be wary of using the appropriate middle range when translating suitable user-friendly content. However intricate or complex your project is, our expertly qualified translators and linguistic engineers will take care of it. Start and translate the Korean language now by contacting us.

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