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Trying to connect with Lusophone customers across five continents? Look no further than Wordspath’s accurate and reliable European or Brazilian Portuguese translation services. We have supplied top-quality Portuguese translation to many businesses, organizations, and individuals in 14+ industries. Our field-specific linguists specialize in translating a wide range of documents, including websites, games, videos, software, application, marketing collateral, and much more, into Portuguese.

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Portuguese Translation Services from or to English

Over 215 million people speak Portuguese as their native language in countries like Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe, East Timor, and Mozambique. The total Portuguese-speaking population worldwide reaches 270 million, including native and non-native Portuguese speakers living in other countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, and China (Macau).

With its presence stretching across the globe, Portuguese, along with other widely spoken European languages, has high growth potential as a global language. This means that localizing your English content to Portuguese will open up infinite opportunities for you to take your international success to a new high.

In our experience, Portuguese translation services from or to English are highly required, especially in the business field.

Companies with clients or operations in Lusophone countries frequently need English to Portuguese translation services to communicate with local audiences. For companies from Portuguese-speaking countries looking to go global, Portuguese to English translation services are essential in their internationalization process.

Portuguese Document Translation Services

Professional and native-sounding Portuguese document translations are much needed for international businesses aiming to gain a foothold in Lusophone countries like Portugal, Brazil, Angola, etc.

As a highly reputable Portuguese translation agency, Wordspath leverages its expertise in the industry to group the most experienced translators, editors, proofreaders, project managers, subject matter experts, and desktop publishers to deliver quality European and Brazilian Portuguese document translation that rings true and natural to the Portuguese-speaking audience. We have offered the linguistic and cultural expertise the multinational corporations need and the specialized translation tools and resources to businesses worldwide, ensuring accurate and effective communication with their target global audience.

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Our team has vast experience handling Portuguese translation projects in a wide range of file formats.  Not sure about your document type? Upload your document for more linguistic support.

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Portuguese Certified Translation

Portuguese Notarized Translation

Portuguese Apostille Translations

Portugese Sworn Translation

Academic documents

Banking documents

Corporate documents

Marriage documents

Immigration documents

And more

Portuguese Certified Translation Services

When seeking certified Portuguese translation services, it’s critical to collaborate with a translation vendor that rigorously vets the qualification of the Portuguese translators for a certified Portuguese translation project. Such a task is best left to certified translators with experience in the specific type of document you need translating. By certifying the Portuguese translation, the translated document’s accuracy and completeness are confirmed with the translator’s certification statements or affidavits. The certified documents are then ready to be used for official purposes.

If you require notarization or apostille translations, you can explore more about certified translation services and certificates translation services, or contact our friendly team immediately for timely support. We have knowledge of these requirements and are more than happy to guide you through the process.

Backed by our specialized team of experienced linguists, project managers, and multilingual desktop publishers with attention to detail, we have established a reputation as one of the leading translation companies in Asia, fluent in Portuguese and 150 other languages.

Portuguese Translator Services

Apart from being spoken as the official language in seven countries, Portuguese is spoken by people living in non-Lusophone countries as the co-official/second language, such as Macau, East Timor, and Equatorial Guinea. The vast geographical distance between these regions has resulted in distinct features and nuances between each Portuguese dialect.

There are six main Portuguese dialects worldwide: European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, African Portuguese, Macanese Portuguese, Azorean Portuguese, and Madeiran Portuguese. Despite these Portuguese variants are mutually intelligible to speakers of another, they may vary significantly in accent, grammar, and vocabulary.

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This is why you must be clear about which Portuguese dialect your target audience speaks before ordering a Portuguese translator service since only local Portuguese translators understand the right word and tone to use while ensuring the technical and cultural accuracy of the Portuguese translation.

Spoken in Portugal and influenced by various dialects from within the country.

Spoken in Brazil and heavily influenced by indigenous, African, and other languages.

Including Angolan, Mozambican, Guinea-Bissauan, Cape Verdean, São Toméan, and Príncipean Portuguese.

Including Goan, Macanese, and Timorese Portuguese.

Spoken in the Azores, a group of islands that form an autonomous region of Portugal.

Spoken in Madeira, another autonomous region of Portugal.


Spoken in some regions of Uruguay, which shares a border with Brazil.

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Accurate Portuguese Translation for Any Industry

Like other languages, the Portuguese translation service doesn’t look as simple as it seems. Particularly when technical terminology and industry jargon are in question, you need to partner with a reliable Portuguese translation company with experience tackling linguistic challenges in various industries. Supported by our extensive network of over 30,000 domain-specific linguists worldwide, we have the language and subject matter expertise to efficiently deliver technical Portuguese translation on time and at scale.