Why Does Legal Translation Matter?

Globalization comes with challenges. Legal translation is one of them. Making your venture succeed overseas requires accurate translation of the legal documents compliant with the local laws of the target country. If the translation team you work with are unfamiliar with the legalese and the legal practices of the country, you are prone to tarnish your company’s credibility through the inaccurate legal jargon translation, misspellings, and unintelligible text passages, etc. in the legal documents.

Using the services provided by cost-conscious legal translation agencies could lead to costly consequences:

  • Be ordered by the judge to provide a better translation of your legal document translation because the opposing party question it;
  • Faces fines and penalties by court or agency;
  • Additional costs resulting from rework;
  • Lose possible opportunities during the delays;
  • Damage your professional image among partners, agencies, and courts;
  • Inaccurate contract translation in your disfavor.

At Wordspath, we only assign legal translation projects to legally trained native translators who fully understand the legal implications of the content they are translating. We ensure the legal document translation is accurate and remains faithful to the original, eliminating possible legal consequences caused by misunderstanding.

Our dedicated team of legal translators have supported various international ventures in their cross-border activities:

  • Starting a business
  • Partnering with foreign companies
  • Drafting contracts of sale and purchase of services and products
  • Managing employee relocation overseas
  • Filing or responding to lawsuits in overseas courts
  • Collecting evidence for cases
  • Negotiating international business deals
  • Applying for overseas licenses

Legal Translation Solutions

Wordspath understands that legal translation needs may come in a variety of forms. So we tailored service-oriented solutions to connect you with the right legal translation experts and meet your specific goals.

Quality Assurance

As an ISO-certified company, our industry-leading annotation workflow management techniques and quality control metrics guarantee we implement each data labeling project with the highest level of accuracy.

legal content localization
Legal Content Localization

For lawyers or law firms looking to get multilingual clients, it's necessary to localize the content on their CVs, portfolios, pitches, websites, etc., preserving the original intent behind every line.

legal interpretation
Legal Interpretation

Legal jargons present challenges for law translation and interpretation. That's why it's vital to have a poised interpreter with specialist legal background by your side in law firms and courthouses.

certified legal translation
Certified Legal Translation

Legal document translation is usually used for formal procedures. Our certified legal translation services are performed by legally expert translators to ensure translation accuracy and legitimacy.

legal transcription
Legal Transcription

Whether video or audio recordings, our skilled team can accurately transcribe everything said in the files and provide a high-quality and properly-formatted document for various legal uses.

legal machine translation
Legal Machine Translation

When translating volumes of similar texts or updating existing translations, machine translation services for legal documents can simplify the translation process by tracking and replacing changes.

Legal Document Translation Services

When doing business across borders, you naturally need to translate piles of documents like agreements and contracts, etc., from the language of your home country to that of the destination country. How to ensure the legal validity of these documents in both countries?

Working with a reliable legal translation service provider that delivers a high level of meticulousness and accuracy is the key! Wordspath’s legal translation team has profound knowledge of the law and is skilled at translating the following documents:

We can pair you with professionals skilled in various law specialties, including:

Reliable Legal Translation Company

The success of international ventures relies on the skill and expertise delivered by experienced native-speaking translators adept in legal translation. As one of the leading legal translation companies, we hand-select linguistically and technically qualified experts to work on relevant legal document translation projects.

Whether legal document translation from English to Spanish or Arabic to English, Wordspath provides language support in legal interpretation and translation at critical moments of need.

Professional Legal Translation

Our legal translation services are 100% performed by in-country experts native to the target language. We work closely with you to deliver the linguistic and technical accuracy of the finished legal translation.

quality assurance

Quality Guaranteed

We're committed to delivering a five-star customer experience. To ensure the legal translations achieve ISO-certified quality assurance standards, we only contract with professional linguists with hands-on experience in legal document translation.

247 customer service

Language Support 24/7

No matter what time zone your international venture locates in or what language you need to translate the legal documents into, our intent customer service works around the clock to help with your legal translation project.

academic expertise

Legal expertise

Technical precision is of paramount importance in legal document translation services. Wordspath's legal linguists have profound knowledge of legal terminology translation, some of which used to work in law firms or as attorneys.

rapid delivery

Speedy Delivery

Lawsuits need to be filed before deadlines. So we take care to meet clients' timelines without sacrificing quality. We usually deliver the final deliverables within 1-2 days. For urgent orders, we can offer rush legal translation services.


Confidentiality compliance

Confidentiality is paramount when sensitive legal documents are involved. Before taking on every project, our team must sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement provided by either the client or us.

What Is Legal Translation?

Legal translation transposes the written texts in the legal documents and materials from one language to another without changing the original meaning.

The translation of legal documents is complex not only because laws are interdisciplinary, but the judiciary systems vary from country. Consequently, when deciding whether a translator is competent to translate legal documents, it’s critical to consider if his/her legal background indicates thorough knowledge and practical experience in both countries’ legal systems.

Legal matters are highly technical and already complicated enough in the source language, let alone putting them in a multilingual context. That’s why only a native experienced translator knowledgeable of legal concepts and terminology in both countries can deliver accurate legal translation into the target language.

With over 20 years of experience in legal document translation services, Wordspath is globally trusted by leading law firms and legal teams of multinational corporations to provide solutions for consistently high-quality legal document translation into 150+ languages.

what is legal translation

Industries We Best Serve

Legal Language Translation into 150+ Languages

Thanks to our global network of 30,000+ industry-specific linguists native to over 150 languages, Wordspath’s legal document translation services can quickly fulfill linguistic needs for any official use anywhere within budget and at scale. When it comes to premium legal translation services in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, etc., we are the go-to option for those who care about quality. If you have a project in mind, please contact us for more professional help.

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