Upgrade Your AI With Human-powered Big Data Solutions

A high volume of accurately labeled data is paramount to training your AI models and machine learning programs to make data-driven decisions. The world’s leaders in AI technology rely on Wordspath’s scalable big data solutions to generate quality, reliable training data for their AI programs.

Thanks to our vast network of 30,000+ well-trained annotators and linguists worldwide, we are able to quickly help companies upgrade their smart products, expand speech recognition, produce better search results, improve human-like bot interactions, and a lot more.

What We Offer

data collection

Data Collection

We are an industry-expert language service provider who delivers high-quality and accurate AI training data for all artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, on time and at scale. Our dedicated team of AI crowd workers specializes in collecting text, images, audio videos, and geo-local data across a wide range of fields, meeting your unique AI needs. View More

data annotation

Data Annotation

We help AI technology companies appropriately label high volumes of unstructured raw data and information such as text, images, audio, and video for machine learning. By enriching your original training datasets, your AI models will outperform others to understand the sentiment, identify objects, and perform functions. View More 


Data Extraction

We pride ourselves on our highly experienced data extraction technicians skilled at accurately and quickly sorting through various data sources such as websites, databases, images, etc. Our team spares you from the time-consuming data extraction process by gathering your intended data at scale and in any preferred format so that you can save time and focus your energy on your specialties.
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data classification

Data Cleaning & Classification

We power your NLP model to analyze text and speech data better and do better spam detection, cognitive assistance, sentiment analysis, fake news identification, and real-time language translation. Our native annotators are skilled at extracting useful information from any form of unstructured data while marking grammatical and semantic linguistic elements from them. View More 

Our Supported Data Types

Regardless of whether you need image data annotation and or text data classification, we have the technology and crowd to lay hands on all sorts of raw data, which can meet any of your big data processing needs for AI training analysis.

audio data

Audio Data

image data

Image Data

geo data

Geo Data

text data

Text Data

video data

Video Data

How We Deliver The Highest-quality Data

A successful machine learning model entails high volumes of high-quality AI training data. As the holder of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015, Wordspath goes above and beyond the most stringent data processing guidelines to ensure its turnkey AI data solutions set the bar for expertise and quality.

project management

Pair you with the best-fit AI experts worldwide.

Data loses its value when it’s not accurate and representative. Our powerful AI data talent management system allows us to quickly distribute your projects to best-match AI experts across five continents.

customized workflow

Provide seamless project and crowd management

With over two decades of experience delivering training data for heaps of projects worldwide, we have gained superior project management capabilities and crowd offerings to meet diverse business needs.

top rated quality

Customize workflow for complex data projects.

Our sophisticated project managers divide complicated data projects into smaller and more manageable tasks to better control work designs and talent channels at each step.

Our Global Team of AI Data Specialists

our global team of ai specialists

Better Data For Better AI Needs

quality data in 350 languages and dialects 2

Quality data in 350+ languages and dialects

Our global talent pool of over 30,000 qualified native linguists and data specialists enables us to create multilingual AI training datasets quickly and on a large scale.


AI data expertise

All our data experts are native to the target language of your training model and carry proven track records of professional and accurate data services ranging from data validation to linguistic annotation.

confidentiality 2

Confidentiality and security

We understand that data security is a foremost concern in all organizations. Hence, we guarantee all contributors will strictly adhere to GDPR, and we won’t divulge your data to any third party.

quick turnaround time

Quick turnaround times with quality guaranteed

Thanks to our massive network of AI experts, we can gather a big data processing team to work on high volumes of data rows in any language and file type, speeding up your models’ time to market.

Upscale Your AI
Collaborate with AI data solutions experts to level up your machine learning programs.