Data Labelling and Annotation Services

Data annotation is the process of categorizing, labeling, or identifying unstructured information and data for training machine learning models.

As technology advances, the Internet is deluged with plenty of raw data in various forms such as text, audio, images, and video. How do smart companies get the most out of these data? Our economical and comprehensive data labeling services that seamlessly combine cutting-edge tools and human-powered skills may be the answer.

Wordspath manages a global network of 30,000+ dedicated data entry specialists and data annotators working 24/7 to deliver properly labeled and high-quality data that efficiently helps AI and machine learning models identify objects, understand sentiment, and perform functions.

data labelling and annotation services

Data Annotation Services We Offer

Wordspath’s data labeling services are 100% performed by a highly-qualified team of data experts skilled at annotating everything from text and speech to objects like trees, vehicles, humans, and animals on various platforms per the client’s needs. With the reputation of one of the best data annotation companies, we dedicate ourselves to making images and videos effortlessly recognizable for computer vision or machines.

text data annotation service

Text Data Annotation

Organizing and processing unstructured text in large files could be a daunting task. But not for our experts! Our team specializes in a broad range of text annotation services, including keyword tagging, sentiment analysis, intent analysis, named-entity recognition (NER), relationship extraction, and text categorization.

speech recognition service

Speech Recognition

Wordspath labels audio data into text formats that help computers and machines can understand. With our dedicated team of audio transcription, developing, training and enhancing conversational AI models, speech recognition engines, and chatbots are made easy. We facilitate better document dictation, function control of voice-enabled devices and more.

image annoation service

Image Annotation Service

Wordspath’s established image annotation specialists provide services including 2D/ 3D bounding box, polygons annotation, polylines annotation, semantic segmentation, image data labeling, key point annotation, 3D cuboid annotation, landmark annotation, and image classification, guaranteeing the annotations in every given image achieve pixel-perfect accuracy.

video annotation service

Video Annotation Service

Our highly-qualified video annotators utilize state-of-the-art annotation tools to label each footage frame by frame, empowering computer vision models to detect objects fast. They are well-versed in semantic segmentation, bounding boxes annotation, key point annotation, polygon annotation, polylines annotation, enabling steadier and more accurate object tracking for autonomous cars, robotics, drones, and much more.

Why Outsourcing Data Annotation?

dedicated team
Dedicated Team

Instead of spending 80% of the time on data cleaning and preparation, teams that outsource data labeling services can concentrate on more important tasks like analyzing data and developing robust algorithms.

improved quality
Improved Quality

Unlike your internal team, which only works and multitasks during local business hours, our global team of dedicated data annotators can take on annotation tasks day and night to ensure better quality at faster turnarounds.

scalable annotation
Scalable Annotation

AI and machine learning models feed on large chunks of appropriately labeled datasets. Partnering with a reputable data annotation service provider gives you access to substantial targeted resources to scale your AI as your business expands.

removed bias
Remove Bias

Cognitive bias is inevitable for teams working on data annotation, leading to inaccurate results and AI model failure. When outsourcing data labeling and annotation, accuracy is improved because the vendor eliminates biases and assumptions.

World-class Data Annotation Company

Being a professional language service company expert in image annotation, video annotation, and more, Wordspath maintains its good reputation by empowering its clients to deploy their successful AI globally. Smart companies prefer to collaborate with us because we have everything a world-class annotation service vendor can offer.

quality assurance
Quality Assurance

As an ISO-certified company, our industry-leading annotation workflow management techniques and quality control metrics guarantee we implement each data labeling project with the highest level of accuracy.

project scalabilities
Project Scalability

Working with 30,000+ data annotators worldwide means we can easily set you up with the data resources best match your particular demand, whatever the scale of your AI project, small or large.

competitive pricing
Competitive Pricing

We provide an array of cost-effective data labeling services that meet various budgets. We’ve streamlined our proven and time-tested workflow to make our pricing more competitive without sacrificing superior quality.

speedy delivery
Speedy Delivery

Time is money. It is especially true for technology companies. With our extensive pool of data experts specializing in data annotation and labeling, you can quickly procure accurately annotated datasets, staying ahead of the competition.

cross-industry capabilities
Cross-industry Capabilities

We draw our data specialists from multiple industries and sectors and keep including talented professionals in our data annotations team. They possess the technical expertise and industry-specific knowledge to meet any AI data training needs.

top security
Top Security

Our data annotation service is fully GDPR compliant, and all team members must sign a non-disclosure agreement from the outset of each project. We maintain the highest level of data security throughout the process, ensuring your data’s top security from start to finish.

Multi-language AI Data Annotation Service

You need to go global to take your AI business to the next level. That’s the reason why many of our clients reached out to us. Your international customers expect your AI-based models to support their mother tongues. Our professional team of data annotators speaks fluent English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Ukrainian, and other languages, helping your machine understand and communicate like a native.

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