Why You Need Data Classification Services?​

Unstructured data is growing at a rate faster than ever, making it difficult for organizations and companies to keep pace with the time. To manage data effectively, having it classified is critical. By data classification, any unstructured data can be organized based on relevant categories, enabling easier location, storage, and analysis of data.

Some companies use data classification services for effective data management to improve data security or business intelligence to discover new insights and business opportunities. Meanwhile, other companies are leveraging automated AI and machine learning algorithms to help classify data at scale. To develop such algorithms, one needs to build applicable data sets to train the machines to make better decisions. Regardless of the goal, you will always find our data classification services handy now or later.

Reasons for using data classification include:

  • Compliance needs
  • Ease of access
  • Legal requirements
  • Other business goals
  • Training AI and machine learning algorithms
data classification and cleaning

Data Classification Solution We Offer

Artificial intelligence and machine learning models feed on high volumes of classified data sets. Wordspath offers customized data classification services to help train automated classifiers. Or, if you can’t afford to spend hours classifying your personal/organizational data, we’re happy to help.

text classification

Text Classification

Text classification/text categorization is the process of labeling natural language texts within the predefined sets of relevant categories. Text data classification is commonly used to train machine learning for natural language processing or sentiment analysis. Wordspath’s text classification service is implemented by a highly trained team of data annotators and classification specialists, ensuring all words are classified into the right accurate categories.

image classification

Image/Document Classification

Sorting and organizing your repository of images or documents can be a long and frustrating process. But you can devote your time and energy on your forte by delegating the tedious part to us. Our professional team can easily organize the disorganized images/documents and correctly tag them, making your digital library easily accessible and well-organized.

feature classification

Feature Classification

Wordspath’s skilled professionals deliver superior quality feature tagging or classification service that correctly tags or classifies bulks of data into distinct category sets. We enable easier object detection by extracting particular features from the texts or images while helping remove non-informative or redundant predictors from the feature classification model.

Application of Data Classification

Why Our Data Classification Services?

improved organizational effeciency
Improved Organizational Efficiency

Your internal staff can concentrate their energy on more important tasks when delegating time-consuming data sorting, organizing, and classifying to trusted data classification companies like Wordspath.

cost-effective data sorting
Cost-effective Data Sorting

Using data classification services provided by Wordspath significantly reduces your overheads. There’s no need for you to recruit a dedicated team to classify your specific data with a specialized data classification solution vendor by your side.

higher quality data classification
Higher-quality Data Classification

Combining highly skilled experts, a quality-driven workflow, and rigorous data validation, our data classification services guarantee the highest quality throughout the process. We ensure all data is accurately classified as per your requirements.

substantial classification experts
Substantial Classification Experts

When you work with Wordspath, you have access to considerable data classification experts with in-depth experience and expertise in accurately classifying data of all sorts and delivering best-in-class quality.

Multilingual Data Classification Services

Looking to have your multilingual data classified? Just leave it to us. Wordspath’s experts are fluent in your required languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Ukrainian, and other languages. Their mother-tongue competence adds another layer of accuracy to all data classified.

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