Revolutionize Your AI With Accurate Data Collection

Collecting data at scale can be a hard nut to crack when you are not getting help from data collection companies. Hence, working with a professional data collection service partner is essential. And that’s where we step in.

Wordspath harnesses its global team of experienced AI data specialists and leverages diverse collection methodologies to build your specific datasets for AI training. We specialize in:

  • AI data collection
  • Data enrichment
  • Data entry
  • Data summarization
  • Data processing & formatting
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importance of data collection

Importance of Data Collection

Instead of being a jack-of-all-trades that knows everything, AI is still at the beginning stage of its development. You can’t just develop a program then cram the entire human evolution into it and expect it to learn by itself. 

To train your machines into human-like bots, you must feed them an enormous amount of structured and labeled data to learn and recognize the patterns. And this is where collecting data becomes extremely important.

What We Offer​

Wordspath is on the move to offering the highest-quality data collection services. We help you develop your software, application, and technology that can understand humans in various ways. Regardless of your use cases, we always deliver up-to-the-mark data to make your AI project a huge success.

text collection for ai

Text Data Collection

Our AI experts collect text or text-like data across various fields, including abbreviations and acronyms, artist names, business listings, computing, food, geographical locations, music titles, and transportation. We also deliver a wide array of natural language text data specific to locale and domain.

text summarization

Text Summarization

Machine learning algorithms entail a good understanding of the text and its gist to perform accurate text summarization. Our vast community of AI crowd workers is skilled at building such datasets through abstractive/extractive text summarization across various world languages. Whatever your use case is, we can customize any goal-oriented workflow you need.

image data collection

Image Data Collection

Our photo data collection experts excel in scaling your computer vision solutions, machine learning models, and pattern recognition technology by creating humongous quantities of the most comprehensive image datasets to train your algorithm efficiently.

data enrichment

Data Entry and Data Enrichment

Our highly experienced data specialists are well-versed in transcribing any type of data/datasets into your desired format for machine learning. Before conducting the data entry and enrichment process, our team employs industry-standard data processing and data cleansing techniques to ensure that your raw data is accurate, consistent, and complete.

intent variations

Intent Classification & Intent Recognition

When processing natural language, a machine learning model is required to understand the user’s question and the intent behind it, no matter how the user verbalizes it. Our intent variation services are designed to collect and classify the same intent variation datasets expressed by users from different age groups and diverse backgrounds.

video data collection

Video Data Collection

We understand what quality video datasets mean to technology that needs to recognize images in motion, so we will appoint the most qualified data specialists to obtain video data or any use cases. As a result, using our tailored video data collection services to develop your algorithms becomes very necessary.

Speech Data Collection

We collect natural language utterances and deliver high volumes of human-annotated speech data via smartphone apps and on-site recordings, in various acoustic environments, across 150+ languages and dialects. Our team is well-versed in helping your systems recognize the nuances and intent of human speech and produce the most appropriate and accurate solutions for diverse situations in various acoustic environments.

Our speech data collection services cover various types from embedded devices, prompt variation, single/multi-speaker, to speech modality, telephony, and many more. Whether you need to conduct detailed linguistic and cultural research or lexicon entries that match database content, we make the development of your automatic speech recognition(ASR) system a breeze.

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Why Wordspath?

Wordspath has years of expertise to power best-in-class language solutions and AI training data solutions to various individual and organization clients on time and at scale. 

Our global network of experienced AI contributors delivers pitch-perfect data for every field, from marketing, social media data collection to the internet, survey data collection. 

We take your budget and timeline into account, providing cost-effective linguistic services of exceptionally high quality.

Our Global Team of Data Collection

our global team of ai specialists

Multilingual Data Collection Services

Here at Wordspath, we offer data collection services across all major languages and dialects. We only work with native contributors locally and remotely to ensure top-rated quality. The most popular languages for our data collection services include:

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spanish interpretation services


dutch interpretation services


italian translation services


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