Why You Need Data Extraction Service?

Data is now everywhere, but most is unstructured raw data not ready for use. While Data extraction is the process of locating and identifying relevant data from one or more online or internal sources, including images, documents, websites, and databases.

Whether using AI data extraction or manual data mining, organizations can gain more insights and benefit their businesses from analyzing highly accurate data extracted from reliable sources and making better decisions.

From the demographic characteristics of buyers to consumer behavior, our efficient data extraction service paves the way for your successful research. Extracted data is commonly used for plenty of purposes, including:

  • Boosting sales
  • Reducing expenses
  • Studying customer behavior
  • Improving employee productivity
  • Enhancing organizational efficiency
  • Getting insights
  • Providing difficult-to-derive answers to easy questions
  • And more
ai data extraction service

Why Our Data Extraction Service?

improved organizational effeciency

Enhanced Organizational Efficiency

You no longer need to delegate manual database searches, data entry and sorting to in-house employees and free up their time to focus on more critical tasks, enhancing efficiency within the organization.

cost-effective data sorting

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing data extraction service to Wordspath means decreased overheads. You don't have to develop data extraction software for internal use or recruit a dedicated and all-around team to extract your required data.

higher accuracy

Higher Data Accuracy

Combining well-trained experts, a quality-driven process, and rigorous data validation, the accuracy of extracted data provided by a professional vendor like Wordspath is naturally high. We ensure all extracted data are entirely error-free, delivering your expected values.

multiple sources

Multiple Sources to Extract Data

When you choose to extract data yourself, your data extraction source is limited to a few options. We are a professional data extraction company equipped with extensive experience and deep expertise in pulling out accurate data of any type across multiple database sources.

On-demand Data Extraction Service

Wordspath provides customized data extraction services catered to all business models’ needs. Our dedicated team is devoted to capturing highly relevant data while expediting data processing times and enhancing data accuracy.

other documents

Extract Data from PDF & Other Documents

Our accomplished data specialists utilize state-of-the-art tools and technologies to sort through Excel sheets, PDFs, other digital and physical documents to power error-free data in any require format. We ensure all filtered data is delivered with the expected level of accuracy and ready for immediate use for your business.

extract data from website

Extract Data from Web

The team at Wordspath can easily use coded, automated, and rule based data extraction processes to pull out any type of web data from the world wide web, quickly and at scale. To remove the hassle from the tedious process of data transforming, we help apply the accurately extracted data into the client’s custom spreadsheet or database.

database extraction service

Database Extraction Service

Data extracting from large databases is a long process without the correct methodologies. Our database extraction experts utilize scripts to sort through databases, tables, fields, indexes, etc. to filter pertinent data and integrate the metadata, indexes, analytics, or tables needed for your business.

multiple sources for extraction

Extract Data from Multiple Sources

Wordspath’s team leverages cutting-edge licensed software and automated technologies to extract carefully sifted and useful data from various sources, including web images, Excel, SQL, HTML, XML, PDFs, and databases, based on our client’s specific criterion. We consistently deliver premium data extraction service with the highest level of data accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Get Knowledgeable from Data Extracting

Data Types

Data Types

Data Types

Use Cases

Data Extraction Across Industries


Finance & Accounting

Accounts payable
Accounts receivable
Bookkeeping & accounting
Invoice processing


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Medical claims processing
Medical coding and billing
Insurance applications
Test requisition form processing

supply chain

Logistics & Supply Chain

Bill of lading
Freight bill
Order fulfillment



Bill of materials processing
Large format conversion
Material safety data sheets
Order management



Data enrichment
Order fulfillment
Rebate data entry
Sales order processing


Utilities & Energy

Sustainability reporting
Utility bill management
Utility bill payment
Utility bill processing

How Data Extraction Works?

Wordspath’s software localization workflow is purposely designed to ensure your multilingual application is bug-free and accurately adapted to each target market. Regardless of the programming language or platform, we strictly follow the steps below to guarantee all work we deliver is up to the standard.

step 1

Data Mining

Wordspath uses data mining to comb through disorganized data to produce useful business intelligence, including industry research, market trends, consumer intelligence, competitor analysis, etc. This kind of data extraction encompasses text mining, database mining, web content mining, and website mining.

step 2

Data Processing

After our data experts have sorted through a disheveled data source and constructed a specific pattern, they will integrate other data, including tables, indexes, metadata, and analytics.

step 3

Data Transformation

Once data is carefully filtered and processed, Wordspath’s specialists will use state-of-the-art tools to transform the original, unstructured information into an all-new, functioning medium leveraging mathematical coding and data-mapping technologies.

4 1

Data Loading

With the transformation completed, we will convert the highly accurate and organized data into the final required format, and the extracted data is ready to be uploaded into existing systems.

Data Extraction Service Across World Languages

Looking to extract information from English and non-English data sources? No problem! Our data extraction service is powered by our global pool of 30,000+ established linguistic talents and data specialists. We have mother-tongue competence in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Ukrainian, and other languages, facilitating better intelligence for your business.

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