What Is Desktop Publishing?

Desktop publishing is the process of creating beautifully designed and print-ready documents, using page layout software to adapt the graphics and diagrams to suit the length of the translated copy.

What does desktop publishing do? In a nutshell, desktop publishing is all about transposing the words in the original document to a new language without changing its original visual impact.

Companies that provide Desktop publishing (DTP) services sometimes call the service by the name of DTP translation services.

A Professional DTP Company You Can Trust

Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services offered by Wordspath open up a fair share of opportunities for individuals and organizations of all sizes to speed up globalization.

To improve the quality of the results, our in-house DTP specialists and designers professionally handle the multilingual document on the latest DTP software package and deliver the final document in the same format as the original copy.


Native Experts

Our specialist team of experienced linguists, desktop publishers, project managers, and proofreaders take care of your content with attention to detail, ensuring error-free results with the most natural look and feel for each DTP project.


DTP Expertise

To ensure the best output linguistically and visually, we only contract native-speaking desktop publishers with years of full-time experience creating page layouts for print or electronic publication, including books, brochures, magazines, reports of studies, and more. They act promptly and get their work done at lightning speed so that our clients can reach their goals even faster.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality is an all-important part of the translation business. That is why we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding inaccurate translation and localization. As a result, Wordspath follows a stringent industry-standard quality assurance process on each DTP project we undertake, guaranteeing flawless quality before delivery.

Print ready Standard

Print-ready Standard

Wordspath works with the best professionals who must provide proof of educational background and required translation experience before joining us. Our top priority is to ensure our DTP team meets the highest standard throughout the project because you deserve the best DTP services.

Expedited Timelines

Expedited Timelines

Our global network of desktop publishing engineers, together with a streamlined workflow, enables us to meet the most demanding timelines. We work efficiently to help organizations and companies relay their messages to audiences worldwide without changing the impact of the original files. Upon delivery, all copies are ready to use, bringing their product launch even faster.

Affordable Rates

Affordable Rates

Understanding desktop publishing needs come in various forms, we provide scalable DTP services at cost-effective prices. We are happy to adapt the tiniest bit of graphics or translate the largest documents with agile services bespoke to your needs.

Types of Desktop Publishing Services We Offer

Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services offered by Wordspath open up a fair share of opportunities for individuals and organizations of all sizes to speed up globalization.

To improve the quality of the results, our in-house DTP specialists and designers professionally handle the multilingual document on the latest DTP software package and deliver the final document in the same format as the original copy.

document formatting

Document Formatting

Text formatting and typography
Pagination revision
Custom graphics templates creation

copy editing

Copy Editing


marketing collateral

Marketing Collateral

Print and online catalog

point of sale displays

Point of Sale Displays

Wall displays
3D displays
Promotional materials

layout design

Layout Design


Formats We Work With

Despite the short history of desktop publishing, there is a staggering number of powerful desktop publishing programs whose functions seem endless these days. These are layout and typesetting tools ideal for character and paragraph attribute setting, transparency and vector editing, and multicolumn page setting.

Wordspath’s DTP team comprises well-trained specialists who have an excellent command of most DTP software and use them expertly every day.

We work with all mainstream desktop publishing formats. However, if you have more formats we don’t list here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and check with our experts.

Our Desktop Publishing Process

Wordspath’s ISO-certified DTP process is tailored to meet your company’s multilingual needs. To ensure best-in-class outcomes and complete customer satisfaction, our team strictly follows these steps when handling all DTP projects:

1You send us the source materials, and the project manager touches base with you on your publishing needs.
2The project manager checks all source files and confirms with the client to ensure completeness, such as fonts, links, etc. Then they will specify project requirements and set project goals.
3Desktop publisher conducts DTP formatting within a given timeframe.
4The project manager schedules a relevant translator to conduct the first round of post layout review, ensuring the preliminary version is flawless both linguistically and visually.
5The desktop publisher adjusts edits based on the translator’s review results. We will provide you with the preliminary document for approval.
6DTP operator implements changes based on the client’s feedback(if any) and delivers the final document in the preferred format.

What We Pay Attention To In Desktop Publishing?

For digital publications, we pay close attention to:

Apart from the perspectives mentioned above, we also ensure all marks and bleed options meet your specific needs for printed publications.

Advantages of Desktop Publishing

No other publication device can present your content in a better manner than desktop publishing these days. With the highly developed DTP software packages, just a few clicks are all it takes to change and restyle fonts and graphics.

Here are the three DTP advantages that matter to you.

improved page layout
1.Improved page layouts

If you have promotional information to distribute, you presumably want your audience to purchase your products/services after reading your content. DTP can help you achieve that by rearranging the text and graphics to balance the space, contrast, and color to grab your customers’ attention.

customized document
2.Customized documents for any purpose

ur creditable Cantonese translation services are guaranteed by our experienced linguists with expertise in various industries and our exacting vetting system operated by veteran proofreaders and editors, giving you access to professional, precise, and native-sounding traditional Chinese language translation.

faster time to market
3.Faster time to market with reduced costs

In the highly technological digital age, business agility is key to a company’s success. With the content kept on computers, DTP professionals can make any adjustment or improvement on a particular software any time anywhere. Although the investment in DTP tools is costly, you can minimize your overheads by outsourcing desktop publishing to a professional desktop publishing company.

When Are DTP Services Required?

Consider having your brochure/advertisement translated into a new language. It won’t take long before you realize the need for desktop publishing because the translated text tends to expand or contract by around 20% compared to the original text.

The changes in text length will inevitably make a difference to the visual effect and readability, leaving the whole design out of sync. That’s where DTP comes into play – to ensure the translated design-based content remains the same impact as the original in terms of formatting, layouts, and templates.

Therefore, you will need DTP services whenever technical formatting is concerned in your typical or design-based document. DTP services are popular for:

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