Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting services are ideal for two or more parties in remote locations, or in the same room with one another. All it takes is to secure a professional interpreter on the phone and then add other parties on the line, or simply put the phone on speaker so that every participant in the room can be part of the conversation. You never know who will reach out to you, or when. So we are standing by 24/7 to provide professional over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services that allow you to quickly bridge the gap in communication between parties who don’t understand one another. With the employment of geo-position-enabled mobile devices, we can identify the most qualified interpreters based closest to your service location, ensuring improved language quality and local knowledge. Learn More 

Video Remote Interpretation

Whether it’s a video/voice conference or a group collaboration session, Wordspath’s technology-powered video interpretation services allow for easy and efficient conversations between client representatives, non-English-speaking stakeholders or customers, and qualified language interpreters.

Video interpretation can be conducted virtually anywhere with quality web access over various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptop and desktop computers. The customers seeing the interpreter face to face also provide a live demonstration of the subject matter, enabling increased language clarity and better service experience. Learn More 

Conference Interpreting

As one of our most requested face-to-face interpretation services, conference interpreting empowers international attendees to understand each other at large conferences and events. Wordspath’s conference interpreting comes in two forms: Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. We have covered everything you need for a successful remote or in-person meeting, including: 1.On-site and on-demand interpretation services 2.American Sign Language interpretation 3.Conference materials translation (presentations and attendee communications, etc.) 4.Localization for the conference website, mobile apps, and social feeds Learn More 

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation, sometimes called UN-style interpretation, is commonly used for large meetings and conferences where mixed language requirements are needed. Simultaneous interpreters will sit in a soundproof booth alone with the source-language speaker in sight and listen to the speaker through a headset. Then they will paraphrase what’s being said into a microphone linked to the audiences’ headsets. Simultaneous interpretation is critical to a global conference’s success. That’s why we only pair you up with the most experienced and well-trained interpreters to deliver the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy so that you accomplish all objectives from flawless and successful events. Learn More 

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpretation is generally used for roundtables, B2B meetings, business negotiations, and other one-on-one or small group meetings with two or more language requirements. The source-language speaker will pause at certain intervals so that the consecutive interpreter can orally translate what has been said into the target language of the other party. After the response, the interpreter will translate the response back to the original speaker. In consecutive interpreting, the conversation/speech is divided into manageable sections, with one small part interpreted at a time.

Powered by an extensive network of qualified linguists worldwide, Wordspath can schedule remote and in-person consecutive interpreters within seconds, conveying your intended meaning professionally and efficiently. With in-country linguists in your industry, you can count on Wordspath to deliver quality work.
Learn More 

Whispered Interpreting

In whispered interpreting(or chuchotage in French), the interpreter stands or sits next to the target-language listener while whispering a simultaneous interpretation of the matter being said in a lowered voice. Normally, this method doesn’t require any equipment, but it can also be done via a microphone and headphones by request. Whispered interpreting is best suited for court proceedings, prosecutions, smaller seminars, and meetings with a small target audience. Wordspath connects you with the best-in-class whispered interpreters with the highest linguistic, technical and cultural competence and sophisticated social and interpersonal skills. They are well-versed in balancing sensitive discussions and remaining discreetly in delicate situations. Learn More 

Travel/Escort Interpretation

In business and travel, there are times when having an interpreter physically by your side becomes necessary. To meet your specific needs, we also developed our travel/escort interpretation services to facilitate dialogues between parties that speak different languages. Escort interpretation is often provided to an individual or a small group of people, making cultures and destinations accessible to anyone.

Interpretation Services – The What & Why

Although translation and interpretation are two closely related linguistic disciplines, they are hardly performed by the same group of linguists. The difference between translation and interpretation services is that the translator interprets written text while an interpreter paraphrases orally. By definition, interpretation services refer to the spoken or signed language communication provided by a professional interpreter to relay a message from the source language of the original speaker into the target language of the listener. Many organizations and individuals are in immediate need of multilingual interpretation services as the global economy opens up more opportunities to businesses worldwide. With companies working with international clients and partners and countries welcoming multilingual companies and visitors, professional interpretation services have become more important than ever. And that’s where a professional translation and interpretation agency like Wordspath steps in.

The Wordspath Advantage

qualified interpreters

Qualified Interpreters

The industry-specific interpreters we schedule for all projects possess extensive vocabulary in the desired language pairs and intimate familiarity with both cultures. Each of them has vast experience working as a simultaneous/consecutive interpreter.


Language Expertise

As a leading translation and interpretation agency with two decades of experience in 230+ languages, we promise the most accurate, highest quality interpretation services, ensuring effective communication.

premium quality

Premium Quality

We are an ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our quality policy is 100% compliant with the ISO standards. We have a powerful team to make sure all work we deliver aligns with our ISO accreditation.

Language Interpretation Across Industries

We can always match you to the most qualified interpreters and get your message across in any language, no matter what industry you are part of. Major players worldwide select us for our expertise, reliability, and speed. Organizations and industries that have found our multilingual interpretation services helpful include:

banking finance business

Banking, Finance & Business

Training Videos
Conference Calls



Parent-teacher Communication



Press Releases
Magic Shows
Theater Plays



Public Meetings
Private Meetings
Press Statements



Legal Proceedings
Law Enforcement

event production

Event Production

Large-scale meetings
International Conferences



Form Filling



Disease Description
Medical Diagnosis
Medical Treatment

training consulting

Training & Consulting

Training Seminars
Consulting sessions

Expert In A Wide Range Of Topics

Our expert interpreters have come from 50+ business verticals. Brands and organizations worldwide count on Wordspath to nail their global communication.



video game

Video games/Gaming







mobile application

Mobile applications













Multilingual Interpretation Services

spanish interpretation services

Spanish interpretation services

korean translation services

Korean interpretation services

arabic interpretation services

Arabic interpretation services

german translation services

German interpretation services

thai interpretation services

Thai interpretation services

czech translation services

Czech interpretation services

dutch interpretation services

Dutch interpretation services

polish interpretation services

Polish interpretation services

chinese translation services

Chinese interpretation services

cantonese interpretation services

Cantonese interpretation services

english interpretation services

English interpretation services

italian translation services

Italian interpretation services

french interpretation services

French interpretation services

japanese translation services

Japanese interpretation services

russian translation services

Russian interpretation services

portuguese translation services

Portuguese interpretation services

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