What is Simultaneous Interpreting?

People who used to host foreign delegations at an event are no strangers to the simultaneous interpretation definition. Simultaneous interpreting refers to orally translating the spoken messages from one language to another in real-time, ensuring a smooth output for the listeners while not disturbing the natural flow of the speaker.

As one of the most challenging modes of interpretation services, simultaneous interpretation demands native-level competency and cultural awareness of both languages, active listening skills, outstanding memories, and multitasking skills in the interpreters. And these qualities are what characterize Wordspath’s interpreting experts.

what is simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous vs Consecutive Interpretation

simultaneous vs consecutive interpretation

When performing simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter translates the speech in the head and delivers the oral simultaneous translations while listening to the speaker’s next sentence, which will be interpreted next. A simultaneous interpreter needs to synchronously listen, analyze, and paraphrase the speaker’s speech in another language.

While in consecutive interpretation, the interpreter needs to wait for the completion of a long sentence or a concept while memorizing the speaker’s words in shorthand, then interprets the messages in the target language during a break or pause in the speaker’s speech.

Simultaneous interpretation, or UN-style interpretation, is commonly used in large-scale, live events with multiple foreign delegations as an effective way to engage multilingual parties in real-time. Meanwhile, consecutive interpretation best suits small-scale meetings where only two languages are involved.

Whether it’s large presentations, conferences, symposia or one-on-one meetings, medical and legal appointments, and workshops, Wordspath will find a good match for your specific interpretation needs.

How Simultaneous Interpretation Works?

Simultaneous interpreting is a mentally taxing task which requires interpreters to work in pairs. They are seated in a soundproof booth and listen to the speaker via their headphones and carry out oral translation in real-time by speaking into a microphone connected to the personal wireless receivers and the attendees listens through their headsets. Two interpreter take turns to work for 20 to 30 minutes to relieve stress.

Equipment needed for simultaneous interpretation services:

  • A soundproof booth positioned where the speaker is in sight and large enough to fit two interpreters (one booth per language)
  • A set of receivers with headsets for the audience members
  • A transmitter and a microphone, and a set of headphones for each interpreter
  • Base transmitters or portable transmitters
simultaneous interpretation - how it works

Why Wordspath for Conference Interpreting?

quality assurance

ISO Certified Quality

Quality is at the core of all Wordspath's services. Our ISO-certified workflow brings together the best talent and the most stringent QA, ensuring the work delivered is flawless every time.

subject matter expertise

Technical Expertise

Wordspath is a reliable simultaneous interpretation company that only allocates interpreting tasks to qualified interpreters with mother-tongue competency and knowledge of industry terminology.

customer service

24/7 Customer Support

Having a massive network of specialist interpreters empowers us to provide round-the-clock language support for a variety of conferences and events, from business meetings to educational lectures.

language delivery

Language Delivery

With two decades of experience in 150+ languages, you can count on Wordspath to deliver an unsurpassed simultaneous conference interpreting service that will keep all listeners engaged, making your event a huge success.

customized services

Language Delivery

We can tweak our simultaneous interpretation services to meet your specific objectives. From remote simultaneous interpretation to on-site simultaneous interpreting, we connect you to the right expert.

absolute confidentiality


Wordspath's qualified interpreters strictly conform to the code of conduct and confidentiality agreement. The information disclosed to them will not be divulged to any third party.

Subjects We Excel In

Wordspath’s simultaneous interpretation services are used by international organizations, educational institutions, corporations, governments, and NGOs for their multilingual events covering various sectors and industries.

Our Simultaneous Interpreting Cases

Benefits of Our Simultaneous Interpreting

natural flow of speech
Maintaining the natural flow of speech

Enable the natural flow of the speech without interfering with the presenters' speech and the listeners' enjoyment.

increased communication impact
Increasing communication impact

The speaker's gestures and non-verbal cues match the oral translations with a few seconds' delay.

time saving
Saving time while improving accuracy

Interpretation occurs in real-time without pauses, and interpreters don't rely on memory and notes to reproduce the messages.

Simultaneous Interpretation Across Languages

Wordspath’s simultaneous interpretation services support all major language combinations. Whether remote simultaneous interpreting sessions from German to Russian or English – Chinese simultaneous interpretation for lectures online, we always get your points across precisely and smoothly.

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