What is Telephone Interpreting?

Telephone interpreting connects individuals who don’t speak a common language with a human interpreter over the phone. It is a consecutive form of interpretation in which a native-speaking interpreter converts the message spoken in one language to the target language after the speaker is finished so that the speaker and listener(s) can understand one another.

Due to its convenient and cost-effective nature, telephone interpreting is one of the most widely-used forms of interpretation available to businesses using the telephone as the primary method of communication, allowing for effective multilingual communication within seconds.

Wordspath’s phone interpretation services are fast, convenient, and highly secure to help break language barriers wherever and whenever you or the party you call needs it.

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Take Advantages of Telephone Translation Services

Phone translation service is sought-after because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Interpreter services over the phone are more preferred than interpreting on-site or face to face, especially when:

primarily communicating via phone
Primarily communicating via phone

Translation via phone is naturally the preferred option for individuals and organizations primarily using telephone communication. Translation services by phone are ideal for contact centers dealing with large volumes of multilingual phone calls.

handling emergencies
Handling Emergencies

Telephonic interpretation services are more easily accessible than a professional in-person translator in emergent circumstances when instant access to an interpreter is needed. Anytime, your client who speaks a foreign language may pose an urgent question.

remaining anonymous
Remaining Anonymous

Considering different cultural norms, religious backgrounds, or sensitive topics involved in calls, the individuals may prefer to stay anonymous or not have an in-person interpreter by their sides, eliminating the risks of exposing private information.

facing geographical limitations
Facing geographical limitations

Phone interpreter services are an effective way to go in locations with no access to a qualified interpreter. Multilingual communication can still take place as scheduled with immediate interpretation support via phone.

Why Wordspath for Conference Interpreting?

Wordspath is a globally trusted telephone interpreting company in our industry. The differentiators that separate us apart from our competitors include:

subject matter expertise

20+ Years of Expertise

As a leading company in the language industry since 2002, we have built in-depth expertise in delivering cell phone language translation across various sectors and industries, including technical, insurance, legal, medical, and others.

150+ languages

150+ Languages

With 150+ languages and regional dialects on offer, Wordspath’s trained telephone linguists can help convey important messages to listeners in any country around the globe, with accuracy and efficiency guaranteed.

11,000+ linguists

11,000+ Linguists

We rigorously vetted, tested, and contracted expert interpreters specialized in listening and accurately conveying messages to multilingual parties from our global pool of linguistic talents.

quick connect times

Quick connect times

Our responsive and communicative team of phone interpreters works day and night to ensure the phone interpretation services are available to customers in need anywhere, with fast connecting times.

customer service

24/7 Customer Support

Our phone translation services provide comprehensive customer support covering every interpretation need. From small businesses to government organizations, we facilitate effective communication globally.

absolute confidentiality


Our phone translation services are HIPAA and GDPR compliant, which means all information disclosed during the interpretation process will remain top confidential even after the project is closed.

Benefits of Our Telephone Interpreting

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With our professinal telephone interpreting, our customers won large orders and increasing their sales by efficient multilanguage communication in their negotiation. Why? Because we:

  1. Enhance communications and establish long-lasting relationships with a multilingual customer base across the globe.
  2. Manage international negotiations with confidence and avoid linguistic and cultural misunderstandings.
  3. Expand businesses by reaching out to potential local customers in any country or region.

We are proud of helping our clients and have extensive experience to handle various situations, including but not limit to:

Conference calls
Contact centers
Expert interviews
Financial institutions
Healthcare organizations
Immigration interviews
Insurance organizations
Legal and law enforcement

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Industries We Serve

Wordspath’s telephonic interpretation services are ideal for a broad spectrum of businesses and sectors. The following are the industries we best serve.

Over The Phone Translation Services into 150+ Languages

Thanks to our extensive network of global talents, Wordspath’s over the phone interpretation services can pair you with the best-qualified telephone interpreting linguist you can get in the industry. Whether it’s a cell phone translation in French or Spanish translation services by phone, our experts will ensure all messages are well interpreted and conveyed.

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