What is Video Remote Interpreting?

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, people can now leverage video remote interpreting(VRI) to facilitate communication between multilingual parties or hearing persons and deaf or hard-of-hearing persons in the same location when live, on-site, in-person interpreting services are not readily available.

So what is VRI? The definition of video remote interpreting is a way of telecommunication that provides sign language or spoken language interpretation services to connect persons with communication barrier, utilizing a computer or a tablet with a webcam under high-speed Internet connection at both locations.

Wordspath’s on-demand video remote interpreting services connect with experienced, professional, and qualified video interpreters fluent in 150+ languages within seconds, at any time of the day when you need it.

what is video remote interpreting
video interpretation services - when to use

When You Need Video Interpretation Services?

Video remote interpreting is the perfect solution for a variety of settings such as business meetings, schools, law firms, financial institutions, physicians’ offices, workplaces and others. Generally speaking, video remote interpreting services are especially useful when:

  • In locations that lack available qualified interpreter, such as in rural area.
  • There is an urgent need for immediate communication with no interpreter available on-site.
  • There are travel restrictions during the pandemic, and it’s inconvenient to meet up with one another.

Why Wordspath for VRI Interpreting?

sign language interpreting

Sign Language Interpretation

Powered by an extensive network of VRI interpreters around the world, our video remote interpreting services guarantee access to sign language interpreters skilled in interpreter services for the deaf/hard-of-hearing.

subject matter expertise

Subject Matter Expertise

As one of the most trustworthy VRI companies in our industry, Wordspath only contracts linguistic and technical qualified and skillful interpreters with profound knowledge of specific fields.

customer service

24/7 Customer Support

Our comprehensive remote video interpretation services provide round-the-clock customer service catering to every need for instant communication via multiple teleconferencing equipment.

11,000+ interpreters

11,000+ Interpreters

We purposely designed a rigorous vetting system to control the qualification of our contracted interpreters. Our extensive talent pool can help match you with the right expert and start the communication in seconds.

fast & stable connection

Fast & Stable Connection

Utilizing state-of-the-art teleconferencing technology tailored for the language industry, we move fast to help connect parties with whom there is a communication barrier while guaranteeing 99.99% uptime.

absolute confidentiality

Absolute Confidentiality

Wordspath’s video remote interpreters are legally and ethically bound to the absolute confidentiality of the interpretation, which means all information disclosed won’t be divulged to a third party hereafter.

Industries Using VRI Services

Hundreds of individuals and businesses across industries have chosen Wordspath as their video remote interpreting partner. Our video remote interpretation services are ideal for the following settings:

How Will You Benefit from Our Video Remote Interpretation

faster response
Faster response

In urgent situations, VRI enables a faster response for both spoken languages and sign languages than getting an in-person interpreter on-site.

no location limits
No location limit

With VRI, parties can fully communicate with their multilingual audience at different locations across all time zones.

reduced cost
Reduced costs

Compared to on-site interpretation, VRI retains the visual support while lowering the overall budget because there are no mileage or travel charges.

Difference Between VRI and VRS

Both VRI (video remote interpreting) and VRS (video relay services) allow the deaf/hearing-impaired individuals to make phone calls or to interact with hearing persons through video interpreters.

In VRI, the hearing and the deaf/hard-of-hearing persons are in the same location while the interpreter is at another location.

However, in VRS, the hearing person, the deaf/hard-of-hearing person, and the interpreter are all in different locations to communicate in real time over video phones.

difference between VRI and VRS

Multilingual Video Remote Interpreting

Sign language varies from one country to another. There is more than one sign language in some countries. As one of the leading video remote interpreting providers, we have built a global network of 11,000+ linguistic talents across five continents who are experienced in providing interpreter services for deaf/hard-of-hearing and hearing persons.

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