What Is App Localization?​

App localization is the process of adapting every aspect of a mobile app such as interface and functionality, to meet the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of the target market(s). With the English-speaking population accounts for only 20% of the world population, app localization will surely maximize your opportunity to succeed globally when used correctly.   

App localization pays attention to:

  • Cultural, linguistic, and technical nuances
  • Retaining the initial app’s original intent and functionality
  • Presenting the same immersive looks and functions of the original app

Wordspath’s world-class apps translation services are 100% human-driven and executed by the native experts of the target language market. They are true professionals in various programming languages and across industries. Whether it’s Android app localization or iOS app localization, you can count on our specialists to deliver error-free mobile apps localization work that boosts your app’s revenue globally.

what is app localization

Why You Need App Localization Service?

With the increasingly high smartphone penetration, people worldwide use mobile apps every day for almost everything these days. When scrolling down the Google Play Store or the App Store, what comes into sight is the endless list of attractive and compelling apps across all categories including gaming, education, entertainment, travel, E-commerce, health and fitness, and lifestyle. And each category represents a large global market. If you want your app to go beyond borders, adding app localization to the release cycle is the way to go.

To achieve this goal, it makes sense to acquire app localization services from a skilled and experienced app localization agency that relies on native, certified and industry-specific expertise to deliver nothing but the best quality application localization work. 

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Wordspath is that agency meant for you. Our best-in-class app localization service utilizes true experts in localizing every aspect of your app, including UI, app name, app description, app store metadata, keywords, screenshots, etc., ensuring your great idea obtains global recognition it deserves.

There are 1.85 million apps available for download on the App Store and over 90% of the apps that made it to the leaderboards are localized. It’s a no-brainer that users always prefer to download and use apps in their native languages, which gives them confidence in spending time or money. The list of reasons why an app should be localized seems endless. The top three reasons that stand out and are worth mentioning are:  

great app localization increasing traffic

Maximize overseas accessibility & boost app ratings and downloads

best app localization makes great ux for software

Reach a broader audience & improve UX globally

boost global sales

Increase revenue

people enjoy

Build value and loyalty among app users

Why Wordspath?

native linguists

Native Localization Experts

Localization is much more than translation. We brought together 30,000+ experienced linguists worldwide who fully understand the linguistic, cultural, and technical nuances between languages, helping address any localization challenge you encounter along the way.

localization expertise

Expertise in App Localization

Our native tech experts are well-equipped with in-depth technical knowledge of app development in your specific category. They know what they are doing and work closely with you to deliver nothing but the best possible version of your app in languages of your choice.

translation services for any needs

Highly customized

We provide agile app localization services to accommodate a broad range of needs, budgets, and timelines. Whether you need to localize iOS app or need help with app localization tips, our well-trained experts will always get back to you with a solution that works best for you.

premium quality translation

Premium Quality

As an ISO-certified company in the language industry, we have a proven track record of delivering work with superior quality in diverse services. Our team consistently adheres to the “Zero-error” policy throughout our translation and localization workflow. We always prioritize quality in our day-to-day business and our quality-driven workflow has kept increasing our customer retention rate and bringing in new customers.

secure assurance

Top Confidentiality

Partnering with Wordspath means your craftily developed assets will be in safe hands from start to finish. We only contract experts who consistently comply with codes of ethics and all parties involved in the project won’t have access to your files if not under NDAs. Plus, we only work on an extremely secure cloud base platform and in a highly encrypted network environment. Once the project is delivered, we delete all files and copies from our systems.

24 7 customer service

Available Day & Night

Your app’s success shouldn’t be tied down to your national borders. We understand you could realize the immediate need for app localization and call for instant action at any time of the day. Not to worry, we are a responsive team that works around the clock to make sure your needs are heard and taken care of 24/7. Working with Wordspath provides you the confidence to stay one step ahead of your competition.

App Localization Solutions We Offer

Wordspath is a one-stop-shop for all your app localization needs. With the right expertise and platforms, localizing your app has never been easier. We offer a full range of fast, affordable, and customized app translation services that suit your specific requirements, including:

metadata localization

Native Localization Experts

Metadata provides the basic information about one or more aspects of your app such as the app title, app description, images and videos, what’s new, and keywords, etc. We excel in localizing these data into your target culture, preserving the same intriguing user experience as the original app.

app store optimization localization

App Store Optimization Localization

Higher rankings in the app store means increased download rate. To help you achieve this, we purposely design our app store optimization service to draw more attention to your app. Our professionals have extensive experience modifying and localizing app titles, keywords, and app descriptions in 230+ common languages.

localization testing on device

Localization Testing On Device

If you’ve already completed your app application and want to test the localization on device, our on device testing service is your “go-to” option. Just provide your .apk/.ipa files or localized screenshots and our professional team will conduct a complete linguistic testing to eliminate any erroneous line-breaks, improper layout, and contextual issues.

multimedia localization

Multimedia Localization

Some apps are embedded with a host of audiovisual elements that needed localized. To meet such needs, we offer a wide array of audio and video localization solutions, including voiceover and dubbing, subtitling, and transcription. No matter your industry or language, our versatile and experienced tech-experts will take care of your needs.

App Localization Process

How to localize an iOS app or any other app you have on hand? App translation is highly technical and is best left to professionals. Wordspath’s app localization workflow is 100% compliant with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards to monitor for even the tiniest error.

Here is how it works:

step 1

Once you place an order, our dedicated project manager will touch base with you then assign the project to the best-suited native app translator based on the app’s category and the target language region, taking your requirements into account.

step 2

The PM creates a lexicon of text strings or glossary and extracts UI content using automated methods supervised by a human. In this stage, the PM will carefully consider the screen design and functionality as well as to adapt any culture-related elements.

step 3

The assigned native specialist starts translating and works closely with development/design professionals to craftily handle text, graphics, visuals, multimedia elements, etc., ensuring the localized app delivers the same impact as the original one.

4 1

After the translation is completed, an independent native linguist will proofread the localized work and check for minor errors and typos, guaranteeing linguistic accuracy.

5 1

Our QA team carefully performs linguistic and functional testing on the device or in screenshots to crosscheck if all localized stings display as they should.

6 1

We remove the minor errors(if any) or inform the developers of the detected bugs needed improvement.

7 2

Once we complete the whole process and have compiled all files for delivery, we will transfer them to you in any preferred method or platform.

8 2

You are ready to deploy the multi-language version of your app in the global markets.

Go Global with Your App in 150+ Languages

App localization has never been easier working with the perfect language partner. Wordspath is that partner you’ve come to look for. Powered by an extensive network of 30,000+ native-speaking translators, editors, proofreaders, localization experts with technical expertise, we can localize your unique app into all major European, Scandinavian, Asian, and Middle-Eastern languages, boosting your global success.

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