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When you are not content with your game’s success within borders, game localization is the way to go. The video game market is immeasurably large. Every game developer knows that. Thanks to constantly evolving technology, the number of gamers has skyrocketed since the smartphone’s debut. Nowadays, gamers can play games on dedicated console-based and PC-based platforms or play on mobile platforms.

With the existing trend keeps accelerating, the multi-billion-dollar industry will only continue to expand at an exponential rate. And this poses an opportunity for you to reap more benefits from your game, globally.

Wordspath has been a trusted partner for global game developers and video game companies ever since our establishment. Our game localization services are committed to helping deliver five-star gaming experiences in the languages and cultures your international players understand. No level of video game translation is ever too complicated for our experts. Be it interface, documentation, audiovisual content, character dialogue, descriptions, backstories, in-game notifications, help guide, etc.

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What Is Game Localization?

If you’ve come from the gaming business, you’ve probably already heard of the word localization. But what is video game localization? Game localization refers to translating a game’s text and adapting language-related and cultural-relevant elements such as in-game dialogue, interface, audio, art assets, etc., to meet the target region’s legal and cultural requirements.

Video game localization is a long and complicated process performed by the game developers or a professional video game localization company. Either way, it entails a good localizer who pays careful attention to the target culture, traditions, taboos, commonly-used terms, and slang while respecting the whole story and retaining the intention behind the game. 

Hence, when globalizing a game, it’s critical to work with an experienced game localization agency that consistently delivers quality work that rings true and natural to the local gamers.

How You Can Benefit from Best Game Localization Services?

As the gaming market continues to expand, more and more game developers and gaming companies are looking to break into foreign markets and maximize their possibilities. Using a trustworthy game localization service is key to seamlessly blending your game into the global market.

Localized games can enjoy the following benefits:

engage gamers

Increase engagement, connect players, and grow fan base internationally

in-game experience

Make gamers think they are significant and create a better and more immersive in-game experience

more downloads

Improve downloads, App Store rankings, and your sales

more control

Gain more control of the game and reduce plagiarism overseas

maintain competitiveness

Maintain competitiveness in the global market.

Why Localize Your Software with Wordspath?

Software companies operating successfully around the globe have partnered with Wordspath to achieve their goals. They have come to select us because we revolutionize how software is localized.

native linguists

Native Translators

We handpick only the best option possible from our global talent pool to address any linguistic requirements specific to your project. They have years of proven experience working as a game translator in a particular genre.

game localization expertise

Expertise in Game Localization

You play to win, and so do your gamers. Our expert game localizers excel in managing details both linguistically and culturally, retaining the same spectacular experience you intended for the original players.

customize game translation needs

Tailor-fitted to All Needs

Our video game translation services are bespoke to meet various needs, budgets, and timelines. Whether it's the console or mobile game localization, our established experts can always navigate the best way to help you succeed globally.

high quality game translation

Top Quality

We are a reputable video game localization agency and always prioritize quality and customer satisfaction in our everyday work. Our purposely designed workflow strictly conforms to the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards, ensuring the quality we deliver consistently remain at the highest level. Customers across the globe keep returning to us for the top quality we offer.

24-7 customer service

Customer Support 24/7

As globalization keeps growing, there are times you realize the instant need to go global. No worries! Our responsive and communicative team of experts will be with you through the L10n process 24/7, ready to provide speedy assistance in all game localization problems at the most competitive game localization cost.

translation secure promise

100% Secure

We provide 100% security throughout the process. From the outset of the project, all team members will sign a non-disclosure agreement before they start to work. Additionally, our proprietary TMS is extremely secure, and we only work in highly encrypted environments. Once delivered, all localized game files will be deleted from our systems and devices.

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Our Game Localization Solutions

Wordspath provides a full spectrum of comprehensive and affordable game localization services customizing to all globalization needs.


In-context Game Localization

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User interface Localization

manual localization

User Manual Localization

graphics localization

Graphics Localization

multilingual voiceover

Multilingual Voiceover & Dubbing

game audio and subtitle localization

Game Audio & Subtitle Translation

video game console translation

Video Game Consoles Translation

legal documents translation

Legal Document Translation

linguistic testing for games

Linguistic Testing for Games

marketing collateral translation

Marketing Content Transcreation

video game website localization

Video Game Website Localization

game script localization

Game Script Localization

What We Work With?

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Game Localization Tools

Video Game Localization for Any Genre

Wordspath has substantial experience localizing games across various categories into the world’s languages. Our dedicated team of video game localization can manage all details that matter to you and your foreign players. We excel in translating and adapting games of the following genres:

Video Game Localization Process

How does game localization work? Wordspath’s ISO-certified workflow brings together the most qualified team of linguists, technical specialists, and quality control to ensure all localized games are 100% error-free, both linguistically and culturally.

step 1

Lockit Preparation

Once the country(ies) you intend to localize for is(are) decided, you should prepare a localization kit containing text strings extracted from the game, backstory, character profiles, glossaries, screenshots, and even tone and theme. The more complete the lockit is, the more accurate and consistent your localized game will be.

step 2

Translation Preparation

We will handpick the most befitted video game translator based on the game’s genre and target language. Our localization team will import the text strings into our proprietary translation management system for higher efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. The text strings usually come in Excel or .txt files, but we support all file formats.

step 3

Translation Phase

After the translators are fully acquainted with the information from lockit and the gameplay, they are ready to translate all the text strings on our CAT tool, taking emotional aspects into account.

4 1

Non-text Localization

While the game language translator works on text strings, the localizer also starts adapting non-text elements such as backgrounds, color schemes, character clothing, and other in-game features to meet target cultural preferences.

5 1

Removing Ambiguities

If there’s any uncertainty in the translation, we will label and confirm them with the client to ensure the most accurate understanding before moving on to the editing and proofreading phase.

6 1

Editing and Proofreading

A separate native translator will proofread the localized game in the target language and check the localized text for inconsistency and inaccuracy. Upon request, the original translator can cross-check the text themselves to eliminate minor errors.

7 2

Localization Quality Assurance (LQA)

Our specialized quality assurance team will review the entire localized text and interface of the game, conduct linguistic testing and run functional and compliance tests.

step 8


We’ll make changes as per your requests and compile all seamlessly localized files for delivery. Upon completion, your game is ready to be played in a foreign language(s) with the same immersive gaming experience as the original version.

Video Game Localization into 150+ Languages

Our extensive global talent network brings together 30,000+ native translators, editors, proofreaders, localization engineers, desktop publishers, and more to guarantee the accuracy and efficiency you’ve sought.

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Spanish game localization

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