One-Stop Multimedia Localization Services​

In an increasingly digitized and global environment, businesses are highly reliant on audiovisual and interactive media to connect with consumers in new markets. When the new audience speaks a different language than that in your content, it’s a wise strategy to get it localized.

Multimedia localization takes technical and language-specific expertise to reproduce the text and audiovisual content as engaging as the original. Your company may have the tech-savvy or the native-speaking employee of your target language. But why multitask and risk undermining the credibility of your brand using content localized by an amateur when you have the best multimedia localization service provider at hand?

Wordspath has the expertise to offer one-stop high-quality media localization solutions, covering desktop publishing, voiceovers & dubbing, transcription, subtitling, and more, in any topic required. From animation to presentation, we have you covered.

one-stop multimedia localization services
why multimedia localization

Why Multimedia Localization?

Media localization is of paramount importance to companies upscaling their global reach. 

First and foremost, what is multimedia localization? Media localization means adapting creative published marketing content to suit international audiences and, as a result, boosting engagement. Working with the same media localization team for your innovative media materials means that the content can deliver a consistent look and feel across all locales.

Why does multimedia localization matter? Over 70% of customers would instead get to know a brand via video, and more than 80% of the global traffic on the Internet comes from video downloads or streaming. Integrating locale-specific media localization into your international marketing strategy can open up more opportunities in new markets, increase the advertising ROIs, boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Wordspath’s linguistically accurate and culturally relevant multimedia localization solution is a good place to start for businesses looking to take their multimedia content truly global. Whatever the language and complexity of your project, our professional team can quickly come up with a tailored solution that best fits your particular needs and timelines.

Our Media Localization Solutions

Wordspath has a proven track record of localizing and adapting multimedia content into world languages. We help companies engage a global audience and advance business objectives by breaking language barriers, one language at a time.

audio and video productions

Audio and video production

dtp services

Desktop publishing

dubbing and voiceovers

Dubbing & voiceovers

localization engineering service

Localization engineering

subtitling service


transcription service


We Localize These Content

Localize Multimedia Content with Wordspath

Multitasking is inefficient and will delay your ongoing process of globalization. So media localization is best left to professional media localization companies. Leading companies rely on Wordspath’s multimedia localization solutions to deploy digital media content and communicate brand messages worldwide.

in-country linguists

In-country Linguists

Wordspath has contracted 30,000+ in-house and in-country linguists who have the mother-tongue level of proficiency in the language pairs required. For each media localization project, we assemble the master team of experts to do justice to the cultural adaptation of the carefully crafted content.

translation expertise

Technical Expertise

Our dedicated team of localization engineers is known for their sophisticated design skills and substantial practical experience in accurately translating and localizing multimedia content into any context needed. Whatever the topic and design of the content, we can manage all details, fast and with quality.

customized to all needs

Tailored to All Needs

Wordspath supports various needs and many turnaround times. From subtitling to lip-synchronization dubbing, from digital ads to web-based training, we can develop the best customized solution for every multimedia localization need and meet any budget, regardless of the complexity of the project.

confidential and secure

Confidential & Secure

Wordspath only works with experts in good standing who strictly follow codes of ethics and business conduct. Our employees are legally bound to non-disclosure agreements to ensure your content’s confidentiality. They have no access to your files unless they are under NDAs. Plus, all project files will be deleted from our system and server once delivered.

assure translation quality

Quality Assurance

As the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 company, Wordspath has crafted a rigorous quality assurance system to ensure all linguists and technicians are monitored for professionalism, quality, and punctuality, enabling the highest level of customer satisfaction at all times. You set the standards, we do our best to meet them.

7-24 customer services for translation

Available 24/7

We understand global companies operate businesses in different time zones and in certain situations, they may require immediate attention in multimedia localization. That’s why our responsive and communicative team is ready to provide technical and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Approach to Media Localization

Media localization covers a broad spectrum of services. In our experience, media engineering and creative development are most commonly requested by customers. Many use either or both when preparing their content for new targeted markets. Select the approach that best fits your needs. Or, if your needs don’t fit into any of the two, we also provide customized multimedia localization solutions for particular requirements. Just request, we’re ready to help.

media engineering

Media Engineering

This highly technical approach aims to create efficiently localized and ready-to-publish versions of the original content in different languages. It works best for informational content with simple designs and focuses on localizing the text elements of the source design. This process includes: - Content extraction from the source file - Text localization - Meeting local typographical standards - Reviewing the localized designs in context - Checking final proof, layout and tech

creative development

Creative Development

This approach pays more attention to design and UX and is intended to drive more engagement, inspire action, and generate leads. It suits content that highly requires engagement and local relevance to boost results. Creative development can retain brand and messaging goals by designing a unique visual experience for each locale. The steps include: - Concepting from scratch and creative--brief-based design - Copywriting and transcreation - Font and design localization - Visual and color adaptation

Media Localization into 150+ Languages

Wordspath is one of the best multimedia localization providers that employs 100% native-speaking linguists with industry-specific expertise to get the job done. Our multimedia localization team is proficient in European, Scandinavian, Asian, and Middle-Eastern languages to adapt your nicely crafted local content to any targeted culture.

spanish interpretation services

Spanish media localization

arabic interpretation services

Arabic media localization

portuguese translation services

Portuguese media localization

german translation services

German media localization

french interpretation services

French media localization

thai interpretation services

Thai media localization

czech translation services

Czech media localization

english interpretation services

English media localization

dutch interpretation services

Dutch media localization

italian translation services

Italian media localization

greek translation

Greek media localization

russian translation services

Russian media localization