What Is Software Localization?​

Software localization is the holistic process of adapting the software products to meet the linguistic, technical, and cultural requirement of a targeted new market. With 72% of the Internet users speak a language other than English, more and more software developers aiming for global success now realize the importance to adapt the software to the language and culture of a specific market or region.

Wordspath’s comprehensive software localization services are 100% performed by our international team of localization specialists. Suppose you intend for your programs or apps to cross dozens of national borders. In that case, you can count on our professionals with proven linguistic competence and coding expertise to efficiently improve the user experience in global markets.

what is software localization

Why Should Localize Your Software?

An easy-to-use and locale-specific software or app is more likely to be recommended by the local users and has more potential to go viral worldwide. Software localization for applications and programs is indispensable to making your company a global success story.

While a properly localized product can help scale your user base and increase market share, a poorly localized one may damage your sales and brand loyalty globally. As one of the industry-leading software localization companies, Wordspath offers the peace of mind that every aspect of your localized software program will make the same impact on global users as those in your home country. No level of software localization is ever too intricate for our specialists.

great app localization increasing traffic

Achieve a broader reach to new global users and customers.

Increase your market share and boost global sales.

Have a leg up on your competition.

best app localization makes great ux for software

Improve UX and facilitate a better understanding of the product functionalities.

Build better customer relations and gain trust and loyalty.

Why Localize Your Software with Wordspath?

Software companies operating successfully around the globe have partnered with Wordspath to achieve their goals. They have come to select us because we revolutionize how software is localized.

native linguists

In-country Localization Specialist

Wordspath takes pride in our 30,000+ in-country and native speaking linguists with substantial practical experience in software localization. They consistently deliver painstakingly accurate translation work with attention to detail both linguistically and culturally, with quality and speed.

localization expertise

Technical Expertise in Software Engineering

We only leave software localization projects to the best localization engineers who have in-depth technical expertise and a full understanding of software engineering. We keep adding qualified bilingual subject matter experts to our team to provide the best possible results you deserve every step of the way.

translation services for any needs

Tailored to All Needs

Our comprehensive and agile software translation services are tailor-fitted to meet all requirements. Whether it’s mobile app or computer software localization, our dedicated team of professionals can always come up with the best-fitting solution for every software globalization need and meet all budgets and timelines.

Quality Assurance

Wordspath is a reputable ISO certified company whose multi-phase quality assurance system fully conforms with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards. Our uncompromising quality with affordable pricing has continuously brought us one return customer after another and built a reputation as the one of the best software localization services providers.

secure assurance

100% Secure

Our employees and contracted specialists have all signed the NDAs before they handle a new project. Plus, all our workflows meet codes of ethics and business conduct to ensure your file’s total confidentiality. Working only on highly encrypted environment and platforms also offers another layer of security. From start to finish, your files are in safe hands.

Customer Support 24/7

Software globalization initiatives shouldn’t be limited by languages. No matter what time zone you come from, all your software localization needs will be attended to responsively by the best professionals from Wordspath. You want global success fast, we are the reliable partner who works day and night to help you get there.

Software Localization Services We Offer

Wordspath provides a full suite of high-quality software localization services to boost your international success. By releasing the source-language and localized versions of your software application simultaneously, you can reach out to more potential customers and gain an edge over your competition.

Multimedia Localization

Fortune 500 companies around the globe rely on Wordspath to localize multimedia elements, including graphics, subtitles, voiceovers, and other essentials necessary to make their software successful worldwide. We provide a full suite of professional audio and video localization solutions to help deliver a wholesome software experience to international users.

Linguistic Asset Management

Every software company or developer should take linguistic assets seriously because when used correctly, they can save a significant amount of money spent on software translation services. For every software localization project, Wordspath helps build glossaries, translation memories, and style guides which will boost the overall quality and consistency of all your software localization initiatives while reducing costs for your continuous needs.

Software Localization Testing

After localizing the software, Wordspath can offer testing services before the product is released in the new targeted market. This is an essential step in the software localization workflow which is designed to identify and resolve bugs. At Wordspath, we leverage a state-of-the-art linguistic QA tool to conduct fully in-context language testing with the running version of the software to eliminate any cosmetic, linguistic, and functional error.

GUI/UI Text Localization

GUI/UI localization is also critical to software localization. While user interface testing focuses on the look and feel and usability of an application, graphical interface testing checks screens and controls to ensure the functionalities of software work as it should. Either way, it’s important to adapt it to suit each linguistic and cultural context. Besides GUI/UI text, we also localize dialog boxes, menus, alert messages, online help, instructions, user guides, training materials, and more.

Software Localization We Expertise in

The followings are software localization examples we expertise in:

softsare localization services we expertise in

We Support The Following Formats

Wordspath’s softw The popular formats we deal with in fast-turnaround way:


Software Localization Process

Wordspath’s software localization workflow is purposely designed to ensure your multilingual application is bug-free and accurately adapted to each target market. Regardless of the programming language or platform, we strictly follow the steps below to guarantee all work we deliver is up to the standard.

step 1

File Preparation

Our localization engineer uses localization tools to extract all translatable text, including those in dialog boxes, menus, buttons, online help modules, wizards, etc., from the software application and then create a glossary for important terms.

step 2

File Translation & Editing

Our in-country and native-speaking linguist translates all files, and a separate linguist will edit the translated text, ensuring linguistic accuracy, consistency, and cultural properness.

step 3

Menu, Dialog Box & Form Adaptation

After completing the translation and editing processes, we will test dialog boxes, menus, and forms and adjust the expanded or contracting text resulting from translation, ensuring all UI components deliver the same look-and-feel as the source version of the software.

Desktop Publishing

Our DTP team linguistically proofs and formats scripts, graphics, and other multimedia with visible text to ensure culturally accurate translation and consistent layout and design.

Files Compilation

Our team compiles all localized files and prepares them for functionality testing on the running application.

QA Testing

Quality assurance engineer performs linguistic and functional testing to ensure all localized texts are compatible with your software application.

Project Delivery

All completed files will be delivered and are ready for immediate use, and you are prepared to take over the world.

Make Your Software Available in 150+ Languages

Software localization is easy when using the right experts and tools. Wordspath can offer you both. With our international network of 30,000+ linguistic experts with technical knowledge in specific industries, we can localize software and applications into 150+ languages, including European, Scandinavian, Asian, and Middle-Eastern languages, making your software the next worldwide viral sensation.

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