What Is Machine Translation?

Machine translation, or MT, is the computer-based process of a software automatically translating text from one language into another with no human involvement. During the process, large swathes of text will be uploaded into a MT platform and then the MT algorithm will generate fluent translations into the target language instantaneously.

First appeared in the 1950s, machine translation has become widely used in the past 15 years with the advancement of technology. As one of the most top-notch machine translation companies, we have enabled thousands of businesses to get their multilingual content ready faster and at significantly reduced costs.

Three Types of Machine Translation

There are three core types of machine translation methods that your business can use. They are rule-based machine translation, statistical machine translation, and neural machine translation.

Rule-based machine translation (RBMT) is the first commercial and classical approach of machine translation based on detailed bilingual dictionaries and linguistic rules developed by human language experts. When trained with your specialist dictionary, rule-based machine translation can be tailored to the specific needs of your industry, delivering consistent translations with highly accurate terminology.

Statistical machine translation (SMT) is a machines translation paradigm that doesn’t rely on linguistic rules but high volumes of training data with attached algorithms to translate based on the likelihood of the word pairings in existing human translations. Although SMT produces more fluent-sounding translations, the results are usually less consistent.

Neural machine translation (NMT) is the most modern approach that uses representation learning styles to train a machine to translate like humans by predicting the probability of a sequence of words and modeling entire sentences in a single integrated deep learning model. This approach is getting increasingly popular with more reliable and human-sounding results in most language pairs. The number of languages available in our NMT services is continuously growing. Soon, we will cover more languages to enable faster global communication at competitive rates.

Should You Use Machine Translation?

Whether to choose machine translation or human translation depends on your document content and how you, your company, or your customers prioritize accuracy. To decide when to use or avoid MT, you should take a closer look at the difference between human translation and machine translation.

Human Translation vs Machine Translation

Performed by professional and native-speaking linguists with care and expertise in the matter, human translation is more costly but more accurate and detailed at the same time.
Machine translation quickly translates a large amount of text through an algorithm without human involvement, which is ideal if the budget and timeframe are limited.

When to Use Machine Translation Services

If getting the gist of a foreign-language text is sufficient for your needs with manuals, message boards, presentations, social media updates, user reviews, or comments, machine translation is your go-to option. If you want to apply MT to translating legal, medical, and financial documents, customized machine translation can be trained to increase terminological accuracy and consistency. But still, experienced human translators are the best candidates in these cases requiring the knowledge of technical and cultural context.

1.You only need to gain the general idea of the foreign-language message.

2.You prioritize a quick turnaround time over content accuracy.

3.Your content for translation is not yet profitable for your business.

4.You are looking to expand to or text a market where you are not ready to invest in human translation.

When To Avoid Machine Language Translation?

There comes times when automated language translation can result in embarrassing results or disastrous consequences. Despite the advance of AI-powered machine translation technology, MT will never defeat skilled human translators when it comes to managing cultural cues, tones, and expressions.

Machine translation services are inappropriate when in the following circumstances:

1.Your text need to be translated is creative and requires extra care with idiomatic expressions, style, or nuance.

2.Quality content is crucial to you or your customers, and the poor translation may put your company or customers at risk of money loss or even lawsuits.

3.Your content is highly sensitive and confidential, and using a free online machine translation platform may risk information leakage.

Machine Translation Post Editing

Machine translation post editing (MTPE) perfectly combines human skill and machine translation. In this process, a translation is carried out by computer software and then post-edited by a professional linguist to achieve higher quality and efficiency.

Wordspath provides first-rate MTPE services performed by our qualified linguists. The quality of the post editing of machine translation significantly depends on the linguistic and technical expertise of the human translator. That is why we follow a stringent vetting process to select the best-fitting post-editor for your project based on the requested language pair and subject matter. With our machine aided human translation, you can accelerate global content deliveries at scale while achieving sizeable cost savings.

Benefits of Machine Translation

saves costs

Saves costs

Economical for high volumes
of text of similar content

reduces time to market

Reduces time-to-market

Translate entire text documents within seconds



Efficiently manage high translation volumes in all subject matters

memorizes terms

Memorizes terms

Memorize and reuse key terms in future projects

Why Choose Wordspath's MT Services?


Wordspath powers high-quality machine translation services to businesses across various sectors, including technology, advertising & marketing, travel, legal, retail & E-commerce, and more.

global reach

Global Reach

Our MT services have served clients around the globe, from North America to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Whatever time zone you are in, we strive to deliver accuracy and efficiency at all times.

fast turnaround time

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround Wordspath promises quick turnover to ensure you meet all tight deadlines, always getting your multilingual content ready one step ahead of your rivals.

cost new


We provide affordable and reliable machine translation services to help your project budget stretch further while retaining premium quality.



At Wordspath, our team always considers how vital confidentiality is to our clients. So we go the extra mile to protect all client data from unauthorized access to avoid sensitive information leakage.

24 7 support

24/7 Support

We work around the clock to provide any assistance needed for our clients and translators, no matter where they locate in the world.

Machine Translation Across Industries

No matter what industry you operate in, we can always match you to the most qualified transcriptionist and get the transcripts in the ways you want. Major players worldwide choose us for our expertise, reliability, and speed. Organizations and industries that highly rely on our certified transcription services include:

banking finance business 1

Banking, Finance & Business









event production

Legal Media

insurance 1




training consulting 1

Training & Consulting

Expert In A Wide Range Of Topics

Our expert linguists are specialists with backgrounds in 50+ business verticals. Global companies rely on Wordspath’s automated translation services to nail their international communication.



video game

Video games/Gaming







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Mobile applications













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