What Are Subtitles?

Unlike closed captioning intended for Limited English Proficient viewers or subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing, subtitles are the texts displayed at the bottom center of a film or television screen that translate what’s being said on-screen into a foreign language. Though they do not understand the original audio they hear in a foreign language, the viewers can read the subtitles while watching the video and understand the whole story.

Why Use Subtitling Services?

Now that you know the definition of subtitling, why is subtitling a critical part of video production? After pouring your heart and soul into the carefully crafted video, the first thing you want is to expose your unique content to a more extensive audience base possible.

You can achieve this goal by either adding subtitles or dubbings to your existing video. While dubbing is costly and time-consuming, subtitling has the immediate advantage of better search results with increased accessibility, enhanced engagement, and improved viewer experience.

Wordspath’s perfect-quality subtitling services are ideal for broadcasters, video content creators, providers, individuals, and companies. Our clients are highly reliant on our ADA and FCC compliant captions to get their video content in front of audiences worldwide.

Our Video Subtitling Process

Here at Wordspath, we put all subtitling projects through a rigorous 8-step process to ensure our clients can deploy the highest-quality subtitled videos globally.

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File Inspection and Preparation

Our traffic department receives your video and checks the file for audio and video quality, completeness, and sequential time code. At this step, we will mention and communicate any problems or discrepancies between the video and your original project description to you.

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Subtitle Transcription, Formatting and Timing

Our experienced subtitle editor carefully transcribes, formats, and times the native-language dialogue and forced narratives (overlaid texts that clarify dialogue and burned-in texted graphics).

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Initial Review

Our professional editor reviews and compares the native-language subtitles with the source video to ensure accurate transcription and timing. Then our senior subtitle editor conducts a second review and makes adjustments if necessary.

4 2

Translation Template Generation

Upon a complete review of the source subtitling, we will generate a translation template that includes the formatted text of the source language and a designated space for the target translation, constraining the font, type size, and the number of lines of the translated subtitles appeared on the screen.

5 2

Subtitle Translation

Once our subtitle translators receive the template alongside a low-resolution version of the source video, they will be able to render the native-speaking dialogue into the target language, using culturally relevant idioms.

6 2

Subtitling Translations Review

Another proofreader reviews the initial translation and makes necessary changes which will be discussed with the primary and sometimes a third translator. You can also review the translation template and make your preferred final changes at this step.

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Subtitle Placement

After the translation template is approved, our subtitle editor will place the target language subtitles on-screen and perform final formatting according to your specified style choices. After that, a separate subtitle editor will conduct a final review of the subtitle file and make changes needed.

8 1

Creating Final Deliverables

Our professional technician will archive the subtitle file in case of future reformats or adjustments and then output the file in your required format.

Subtitle File Formats We Handle

If you have closed captioning and subtitling needs, it’s critical to choose the correct subtitle format according to your broadcaster or online media platform requirements.

At Wordspath, our subtitling technician team employs state-of-the-art video editing and subtitling software to deliver the highest-quality subtitling translation services.

We deliver subtitles in various formats outlined below. Get in touch with our expert if you’re unsure which format best meets your need.

We accept all audio and video programming formats, including:
.mp3 .mp4 .wav .wma .mov
.mpeg .avi .webm .ogg .vob
.3gp .3gp2 .pcm YouTube url And more
Formats we deliver include:
SubRip(.srt) Transcript(.txt) Scenarist(.scc)
MacCaption(.mcc) Quicktime Timed Text(.qt.txt) DFXP(.dfxp)
WebVTT(.vtt) Timed Text(.ttml) Cheetah. Cap(.cap)
Spruce Subtitle File(.stl) Avid DS Subtitle File(.txt) XML(.xml)
After Effects XML(.aepx) And others

Just submit your video files, and we will take care of the rest.

Subtitling Services For Every Need

From start to finish, we do our best to supply accurate and perfectly timed subtitles to organizations across all industries, from education, media, to marketing. We excel in working on the following projects:

√ Broadcast subtitling

√ Promotional content subtitling

√ Television and film subtitling

√ Commercial subtitling

√ Social media subtitling

√ Vimeo Video translation subtitling

√ Documentary subtitling

√ Subtitling for websites

√ Lectures video subtitling services

√ Presentations subtitling

√ Subtitling YouTube videos

√ Webinar subtitling services

Our Expert In A Wide Range Of Topics

Our experienced team of native-speaking subtitlers boasts experience and expertise in 50+ business verticals. Video creators worldwide rely on Wordspath to get their ideas across to the audience globally.



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Affordable Subtitling Translation Rates

There are thousands of subtitling agencies in the market. But only the best subtitling companies can guarantee competitive subtitling services prices without compromising quality. Wordspath is precisely the company you’ve come to look for. It’s our highest priority to ensure organizations of all types and sizes can access top-quality subtitling services within their budget.

The cost also varies depending on the following factors:

The native language of the video The length of the video The target language(s) to add subtitles The requested subtitle style and format
The form of desired deliverables Intended turnaround time The size of the overall project

Should you have any queries about subtitling rates, feel free to contact our friendly sales associates, who recommend the most cost-effective solution for your specific needs.

Subtitles VS Captions

Although people often use subtitles and captions interchangeably, they are not synonymous.

Subtitles were introduced in the 1930s and were meant for accommodating foreign viewers who didn’t understand the language spoken in the film. Even today, subtitles continue to serve the primary purpose of translating spoken audio into a target language. However, subtitles do not include non-speech elements.

In the 1970s, captions were initially designed to help the deaf and hard of hearing watch TV. Captions communicate the spoken audio(narrations, dialogue) and non-speech sounds(song lyrics, sound effects, and atmospherics), all audio that makes up the whole story, ensuring the hard of hearing individuals have an equitable viewing experience.