Global Transcription Services

Wordspath is one of the most experienced transcription services companies around the world. Our expert in-house and external transcriptionists are well-versed in converting recorded audio/video material into highly accurate transcripts. Hundreds of thousands of leading brands trust our highly trained and meticulous transcriptionists with all their linguistic needs.

audio transcription

Audio Transcription

Convert any audio file automatically or manually with audio transcriptions. We use AI-powered tools to transcribe your voice and have it reviewed by highly experienced human transcriptionists. We transcribe documents including academic study, music clips, interviews, conference recording, notetaking, meeting minutes, etc.
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video transcription

Video Transcription

Make your video content accessible for a larger global audience, or make your videos searchable to people worldwide in dozens of languages using Wordspath's technology-powered video transcription services. We promise industry-leading accuracy in a near-instant turnaround.
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youtube transcription

YouTube Transcription

Make your YouTube videos discoverable by search engines with automatic YouTube transcription. Thousands of Internet celebrities and YouTubers have benefited from higher search ranks brought by subtitles, captions, and transcriptions posted on their channels. Meanwhile, you can free up your time for more creative activities.
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live streaming transcription

Live Streaming Transcription

Make your live videos, meetings, events, web conferencing, courses, training, etc., more accessible with real-time captioning and live streaming transcription. Our speech-to-text conversions are ASR technology-powered, providing high performance from end to end with utmost accuracy and zero delay.

casual talk transcription

Casual Talk Transcription

Convert the casual conversation in any audio/video files into your desired languages, word for word. We consistently help reporters, psychiatrists, attorneys, etc., capture more value from their existing dialogues with different interlocutors so that they can focus on what they do best.


Advertising Film Transcription

Get your productions in front of a bigger audience by transcribing your advertising film into dozens of languages. Our services make it easier to share product information on mainstream media platforms. With closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing, and limited-English customers, you can bring your film to the masses.

interview transcription

Interview Transcription

Leverage our high-quality interview transcription services to keep an accurate record of telephonic interviews, one-to-one interviews, legal interviews, depositions, market research, podcasts, focus groups, press briefings, etc. Our dedicated transcriptionists stand ready 24/7 to serve all your interview transcription needs.
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ugc video

UGC Video

Upload your user-generated content videos and disseminate information about your ideas on a range of video sharing platforms with high-quality and accurate transcriptions. Whether it's about advertising, news, problem processing, entertainment, customer engagement, research, or gossip, we have you covered.

Why Transcription Services Matter

Accurate transcription services are in high demand because the markets are flooded with audiovisual data. Many insurance companies, law firms, government agencies, clinic data, billing, healthcare providers and patient care, etc., highly rely on transcription services to convert the speech in the financial results, business meetings, legal documents, medical terminology, patient history, and much more into written text.

Compared to audio and video, transcribed speech is easier to edit, share, cross-reference, and index, capturing more value from the original content. We strive to consistently deliver premium transcripts that match your industry’s particular requirements, whatever your end use.

Our Features

Wordspath provides a combination of AI speech recognition and human transcription services to ensure all details are intact at competitive rates.

100 quality guarantee

100% Quality Guarantee:

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified and follow a strict 3-stage quality assurance process to guarantee accurate and detailed transcripts regardless of file quality, background noise, regional accents, or industry jargon.

professional accurate

Professional & Accurate:

Based on specific subject knowledge and the suitability of the message content, audio length, and speaker accents, we pair your language transcription project with the best fitting transcriptionist choosing from an extensive pool of up to 10,000+ in-house and external experts across the globe.



We proudly provide standard(non-verbatim) transcription services that capture the meaning of what is being said and verbatim transcription services that focus on how it is said, including filler words such as "uh," "um," and "er," moments of laughter, pauses, incomplete sentences, throat clearing, and other background noises made during the communication process.

secure confidential

Secure & Confidential:

All our professionals are legally bound to non-disclosure agreements to ensure the strict confidentiality of your audio/video content. We always keep information safe with our tailored project management portal providing secure processing and storage of confidential and sensitive data of our clients.

rush turnaround

Rush Turnaround:

One hour of recorded audio usually takes around 4 hours to transcribe. To ensure the fastest turnaround, we connect you with a professional transcriptionist who is linguistically expert in your required language and experienced in your particular field. All in-house and external staff works fast to deliver only the best quality transcripts within a given time frame.



Our dedicated transcriptionists only work on one project at a time to ensure consistency. Before delivery, all transcripts will be formatted and presented adhering to the approved template created at the start of the project. Wordspath is happy to work with any existing templates already available.

3-Stage Quality Assurance Process

We assign a dedicated project manager to oversee quality assurance throughout each transcription task’s entire project life cycle. Here at Wordspath, we select transcriptionists based on skill, specialism, and turnaround time, ensuring all transcripts are of the highest accuracy using the correct terminology at all times.

Our team strictly follows the 3-stage quality assurance process:

The transcriptionist is all ears per minute of audio and caption what’s being said down.

A second transcriptionist will conduct full editing against the source audio/video files, including research, style, document formatting in templates, grammar and punctuation, and adherence to the style guide.

A dedicated project manager will conduct a final quality check and proofread before delivery, accommodating any feedback from the client.

How You Can Benefit from Our Transcription?

Transcription practice has seen a surge worldwide in recent years. Increasing businesses look to elevate their business by outsourcing transcription services to transcription companies like us.

Linguistic transcription is highly sought after in insurance, billing, clinic data, healthcare providers or patient care.

With professionally fast transcription services, businesses can secure the following benefits:

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Eliminate Disputes

Business meetings can easily result in disputes because different parties may have understood the same conversation differently. That's where a written record of the meeting becomes helpful, preventing disputes over matters because they remember things differently.

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Generate Products In Different Forms

With information converted into written text, businesses can share the accurately transcribed materials in their intended ways, such as turning the data into podcasts, reports, webinars, training sessions, or websites.

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Improve Efficiency

A professional transcription and translation service allows businesses to quickly access a trained transcriptionist who works faster and more efficiently with attention to detail. So that your internal staff intended for typing up information can focus on their core competencies.

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Enhance SEO Strategy

SEO is crucial to businesses hoping to make their website more visible. Transcribing information into text format can make your content searchable. By adding transcribed information to your website, search engines can identify the keywords in the valuable audiovisual content of your podcasts or videos, improving search rankings and ROI.

Key Industry We Best Serve

No matter what industry you operate in, we can always match you to the most qualified transcriptionist and get the transcripts in the ways you want. Major players worldwide choose us for our expertise, reliability, and speed. Organizations and industries that highly rely on our certified transcription services include:

banking finance business

Banking, Finance & Business

Training Videos
Conference Calls






Press Releases
Script Reviews



Public Meetings
Private Meetings
Press Statements



Legal Proceedings

event production

Law Enforcement

Police Wires
Undercover Work
Government Meetings

market research

Market Research

Focus Groups



Medical Dictation
Medical Reports



Press Releases

Transcription Services For Every Need

We have done our best to supply premium transcripts to organizations across all industries, from education, media to marketing, for the past few years. We excel in working on the following projects:

Expert In A Wide Range Of Topics

Our dedicated transcriptionists have come from 50+ business verticals. Brands and organizations worldwide rely on Wordspath to turn their audiovisual message into written formats.



video game

Video games/Gaming







mobile application

Mobile applications













Multilingual Interpretation Services

spanish interpretation services

Spanish interpretation services

korean translation services

Korean interpretation services

chinese translation services

Chinese interpretation services

arabic interpretation services

Arabic interpretation services

portuguese translation services

Portuguese interpretation services

japanese translation services

Japanese interpretation services

german translation services

German interpretation services

french interpretation services

French interpretation services

thai interpretation services

Thai interpretation services

czech translation services

Czech interpretation services

cantonese interpretation services

Cantonese interpretation services

english interpretation services

English interpretation services

dutch interpretation services

Dutch interpretation services

italian translation services

Italian interpretation services

polish interpretation services

Polish interpretation services

russian translation services

Russian interpretation services

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