What We Transcribe?

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Audio & Video

Looking to transcribe audio/video files professionally? Our audio to text transcription services are provided by experienced transcriptionists proficient in your language and well-versed in your field. Your transcript is ready to use upon delivery with our strict quality control.

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Interview & Speech

If you have an interview or a speech requiring a highly accurate audio content transcription, look no further than Wordspath. We have transcribed telephone interviews, focus group interviews, group discussions, wedding speeches, graduation speeches, etc., into dozens of languages.

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All Subjects

We are expert transcriptionists specialized in technical, medical, legal audio transcription, and other subject matter, serving the best audio transcription services at a fraction of the costs. Our dedicated team of professional transcriptionists delivers work with the highest accuracy and zero errors so that you can use all transcripts confidently and readily.

Which Type of Audio Transcription Should You Use?

What is audio transcription? Simply put, audio transcription converts the spoken speech in a recorded audio file to a written text format. Meanwhile, the transcript refers to the written text retrieved from an audiovisual file containing every word said.

Audio transcription services are commonly used for academic research, conference recording, conversations, interviews, music clips, or even speeches for important events such as weddings or graduation.

There are a few audio to text transcription options for you to choose from. From the most detailed verbatim transcription to the simplest summarized transcript, we promise to capture and convey the information that matters to you, with quality assured. Read on and find out which type of audio file transcription best suits your needs.

Our most sought-after audio transcription services include:

Verbatim Transcription

The verbatim transcript, also called strict verbatim/true verbatim transcription, contains all filler words and non-verbal communication, including coughing, laughter, pauses, etc., in a conversation or event, with all relevant audio elements captured.

Consequently, it is considered to be one of the most detailed audio recording transcription services available. This transcription style works best for heavily detailed projects that call for the analysis of a complete transcript.

Commonly used for:

  • Academic research
  • Market research
  • Legal and court proceedings
  • Psychological interviews
  • Transcripts for creating subtitles

Edited Transcription

In edited transcription, transcripts are slightly condensed to a readable text while preserving the complete range of thoughts that the recording contains. An edited transcription will neither rephrase the text nor change its meaning.

Redundancies such as superfluous filler words, stammering, and unnecessary non-verbal communication are usually eliminated. Edited transcription produces professional and clean texts and best suits texts that require publishing.

Commonly used for:

  • General business meetings
  • Journalistic interviews
  • Podcast content

Intelligent Transcription

While it remains literal, intelligent verbatim transcription focuses on converting audio into condensed and readable texts with more room for the transcriptionists to edit and exclude parts of the speech.

Intelligent transcript communicates the meaning of the audio naturally and removes repeated phrases and sentences and the grammatical restructuring of the speech. Intelligent transcription is clear and easily understandable. It works best for general business documents.

Commonly used for:

  • Business transactions
  • Job interviews
  • Legal discussions
  • Oral history interviews

Summarized Transcription

In summarized transcription, a transcriptionist listen to the audiovisual file and accurately summarize the speech heard with all salient points included.

Summaries should be written in formal English, such as using do not and was not instead of don’t and wasn’t. This type of transcription is perfect for documents that need a shorter and more manageable nature.

Commonly used for:

  • Seminar/conference records
  • Information for news articles
  • Interviews for content only
  • Market research, quantitative

Paraphrased Transcription

In paraphrased transcription, the meaning of the speech is summarized or contracted to an overview/third-person narration of what was said in the audio. A paraphrased transcript omits unnecessary sections of the speech while containing more structured sentences, providing a more concise reading experience. This transcription style is ideal for events where the central idea of the information makes up a small part of a large document.

Commonly used for:

  • Board meeting minutes
  • Correspondence about an event
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Research

How Does Our Audio Transcription Work?

How to do audio transcription? You can either transcribe your files on our free online audio transcription platform or work with our human transcriptionists at affordable audio transcription rates for higher accuracy. Powered by advanced ASR(automatic speech recognition) technology, our AI audio transcription platform supports local files or links from mainstream video sharing sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Youku, and more.

You can get your voice transcription done anytime, anywhere with a computer and access to the Internet. Easy peasy!


Upload your file(500MB and 1 hour length limit) or paste the video link.


Choose the file language and get the online audio transcription started.


Save the task link or send it to our skilled human transcriptionists for improved accuracy.

Subjects & Domains We Cover

Wordspath is a top-rated audio transcription company that has transcribed thousands of hours of audio in different languages across all industries. We carefully vetted and contracted qualified transcriptionists with subject matter expertise in their domains. Our team boasts vast experience converting voices into texts covering subjects as follows:


  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Faculty meetings
  • More


  • Broker recordings
  • Banking calls
  • Financial reporting
  • More


  • Legal hearings
  • Court cases
  • Legal notes
  • More


  • Police interviews
  • Witness discussions
  • Legal affidavits
  • More


  • School
  • College or university teachings
  • More


  • Boardroom meetings
  • Business strategy
  • Business reporting
  • More

Focus Group

  • Focus group interviews
  • Group polls and A/B tests
  • More


  • Express reporting
  • Options to convert audio to text
  • Real time audio transcription
  • More

Private Investigations

  • Call recordings
  • Video surveillance
  • More


  • Custom software transcription integrations
  • Language libraries
  • More


  • Presentations
  • Speakers
  • Question and answer
  • Workshops
  • More


  • Public policy announcements
  • Political speeches
  • Parliament or senate hearings
  • More


  • Marketing strategies
  • Digital marketing
  • Seo vlogging
  • More


  • Academic
  • Group
  • Opinions
  • More


  • Phone calls
  • Conference calls
  • More


  • Medical
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Authors
  • More


  • Interviews for media
  • Research interviews
  • More


  • Journalist interview
  • TV shows & films
  • More


  • Personal assistant
  • Secretary note-taking
  • Virtual secretary
  • More


  • University lectures
  • Thesis research
  • Postgraduate studies
  • More


  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Staff or employee performance meetings
  • More


  • Insurance calls
  • Insurance reports
  • More


  • Health research
  • Pharmaceutical reviews
  • Consultations


  • Church readings
  • Bible studies
  • More


  • YouTube audio transcription from clips and videos