Which Type of Interview Transcription You Need?

Before getting started, you have to determine the suitable transcription method that best fits your needs. We provide the following customized interview transcription services depending on your goal.

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Full Verbatim Transcription

In this transcription method, our transcriptionists will document every word uttered including pauses, stuttering, laughter, remarks, hesitations, and more. Verbatim transcription is commonly used in research or legal profession where they highly assess what and how something is said.

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Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

This is the most common method of transcription. By this way, the transcriptionists will omit expressions of emotions and irrelevant fillers like “you know”, “uhm”, ”yeah” etc., and fix grammar mistakes and broken sentences to enhance readability.

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Edited Transcription

It is also called summarized/synopsis interview transcription where the skilled transcriptionists only outline the gist of the interview and exclude unnecessary parts adding no impact to the whole story.

Why Choose Wordspath?

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Quick Turnaround

Our expert transcriptionists are on hand round the clock to provide highly accurate interview transcription. Our global network of transcriptionists enables us to get clocklike delivery for all transcription needs every time. No matter how tight your deadline is, we always give you satisfactory results ahead of schedule.

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99.8% Accuracy

Our interview transcription services engage AI-based technology and skillful human transcriptionists for the most accurate results at affordable rates. Backed by a powerful QA team, we promise all interview transcripts are ready to use with unsurpassed quality, freeing you from the hassle of editing the text.

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Fast Turnaround

We only contract native-speaking transcriptionists with years of transcription experience. They are proficient in using industry-standard transcription tools and continue to improve their transcribing skills through training. Wordspath has all the expertise you need for interview transcription with thousands of hours transcribed.

Interview Transcription Process

Interview transcription is time-consuming, even for professionals. To increase efficiency and ensure accuracy, Wordspath has designed a well-crafted interview transcription process that we use for every project.

1The client specifies the transcription needs and uploads the interview (preferably in mp3, wma, or wav) onto our highly secure FTP server or via Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.
2Our account manager will retrieve the sound file and allocate it to a qualified interview transcriptionist based on the data from the interview.
3Our skilled transcriptionists start to work based on the client’s chosen transcription method and document the conversation in the interview on our proprietary AI-powered transcription tool.
4QA team checks for errors, ensuring accurate results and the right timings.
5Once the transcript is completed, the transcriptionist will export the transcript in the client’s preferred format and send it to the account manager.
6The account manager cross-checks the transcript before delivering it through email or other encrypted file transfer methods.
7 2The interview transcription is ready to use upon delivery.

Types of Interview Transcription We Cover

Why burdening your employee to take on the costly and time-consuming chore of transcribing when you have a reliable interview transcription partner on hand.

Wordspath powers accurate, affordable, and confidential interview transcription services to academic institutions, universities, businesses and non-profit organizations, meeting the highest industry standard every time. From qualitative interview transcription to documentary interview transcription, our experts transcribe virtually all kinds of interviews. To name just a few:

√ Academic interviews

√ Focus groups

√ Podcast interviews

√ Business meetings

√ Market research interviews

√ Telephone interviews

√ Conference calls

√ News Interviews

√ Thesis interviews

√ Dissertation interviews

√ One-on-one interviews

√ Video interviews

Interview Transcription Format We Handle

Wordspath’s interview transcription services work with a range of digital and non-digital formats. Whether it’s an mp3 file or a VHS cassette, our experienced team will take care to get precise results in any preferred format.

The formats we accept:

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And more

The formats we output:






more formats

And more


Supported Languages

Wordspath transcribes interviews of any kind into 230+ languages. We only assign native-speaking transcriptionists to tackle each interview transcription task. Hundreds of individuals and companies integrate our interview transcription services into their workflow to enhance efficiency.

Here are a few languages we specialize in transcribing:

spanish interpretation services

Spanish interview transcription

korean translation services

Korean interview transcription

chinese translation services

Chinese interview transcription

arabic interpretation services

Arabic interview transcription

portuguese translation services

Portuguese interview transcription

japanese translation services

Japanese interview transcription

german translation services

German interview transcription

french interpretation services

French interview transcription

thai interpretation services

Thai interview transcription

czech translation services

Czech interview transcription

cantonese interpretation services

Cantonese interview transcription

english interpretation services

English interview transcription

dutch interpretation services

Dutch interview transcription

greek translation

Greek interview transcription

polish interpretation services

Polish interview transcription

russian translation services

Russian interview transcription

Why You Need Interview Transcription Services?

What is interview transcription? Interview transcription is the process of documenting the question-answer section between two or more people in an interview. Using interview transcription can quickly identify and highlight key topics mentioned in an interview instead of listening to the recordings back and forth to obtain detailed information.

Transcribing interviews is a real challenge if you are time-strapped or have a low tedium threshold. The most cost-effective solution is to outsource this chore to professionals with the right expertise. Whether you need to collect information for your thesis or dissertation, conduct qualitative research, or report a touching story, our interview transcription services make your task a breeze.

You will get millions of benefits by outsourcing interview transcription to professional interview transcription companies.

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Capture accuracy

Word-for-word accuracy is crucially important when quoting interview subjects. Interview transcription prevents you from liable legal issues resulting from misinterpretation and inaccurate note-taking. More importantly, accuracy has a significant impact on research results or other professional work, which is why you need to keep a thorough record of the interview.

great user

Fully engaged

When interviewing a subject, you need to pay close attention to the details of the answers and quickly think of the follow-up questions right away. Interview transcription services enable you to fully concentrate on the conversation, and rest assured that the interview is recorded and the interview transcriptionist won’t miss a thing the subject said.

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Save time

An interview transcript could take forever to complete with the wrong tool and expertise. If you can’t afford to waste time, it’s best to leave your interview transcription to the professionals. What’s more, interview transcription provides you with the option to return to the interview time and again, ensuring the information you remember is consistent and accurate throughout the interview.

As one of the most reputable interview transcription companies, Wordspath has documented thousands of hours of recorded interviews into text, with impeccable quality. You can rely on our well-trained and highly skilled transcriptionists to deliver quality transcripts in formats of your choice.