What Is Video Transcription?

The definition of video transcription is, in a nutshell, the process of converting the speech spoken in your video into a text transcript using voice recognition technology, human transcriptionists, or both. Videos without transcripts entirely rely on audiovisual elements to deliver information.

  • Calls
  • Classes
  • Clips
  • Commercials
  • Dissertations
  • eLearning materials
  • Focus groups
  • Hearings
  • Interviews
  • Lectures
  • Movies
  • Online streaming videos
  • Press conferences
  • Promotional
  • Tutorials
  • TV shows
  • Webcasts
  • Webinars
  • Workshops

Why You Need Video Transcription Services?

People consume a large amount of video content everyday nowadays, and the number is continuously growing. Video makers around the world strive to get their content in front of as many consumers as possible. Because more views means more traffic. And more traffic leads to more conversions and better ROI. And online video transcription can get you there.

By adding transcription to video, you can help people with hearing impairment or those who are limited speakers of your language digest your content, reaching a wider audience. However, video transcription is tedious and time-consuming. That’s why many companies working on their content marketing strategies outsource video transcription projects to us with confidence.

Powered by professional audio and video to text transcription services, your business can boost with ease.

improved viewing

Improved viewing experience

boosted seo

Boosted SEO performance


More exposure for your content

larger audience

Larger audience

The Wordspath Advantage

fast turnaround

Quick Turnaround

We can provide quick video transcription with timecode any time of day, any day of the year. Backed by our global network of transcriptionists and AI technology, we possess the capabilities to meet your preferred deadlines at all times without compromising the quality of your video tape transcription.

high accurate translation

99.8% Accuracy

Our video transcription services combine AI-powered voice recognition technology and skilled human transcriptionists for speedy and quality results. Before delivery, we have a rigorous quality assurance system to ensure all deliverables are error-free and ready to use.

professional translation


Our well-trained transcriptionists are subject matter specialists in their domains with vast experience in many topics. We also work with a wide breadth of video formats, sparing you from the hassle of format converting. Thousands of companies and individuals from various sectors have chosen us for our professionalism.

How We Ensure Transcription Accuracy?

How does video transcription work? You can either transcribe your files on our free online video transcription platform or work with our human transcriptionists at affordable rates for higher accuracy. Backed by advanced voice recognition technology, our free video to text transcription platform works with local files or links from mainstream video sharing sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Youku, and more.
You can get your automated video transcription done within minutes, wherever or whenever you like. Easy peasy!


Upload your file(500MB and 1 hour length limit) or paste the video link.


Choose the file language and get the online audio transcription started.


Save the task link or send it to our skilled human transcriptionists for improved accuracy.

However, if accuracy is critical to you or your project, hire our human experts to have video transcription quality under control.

What Content We Transcribe?

audio video

Audio & Video

Looking to have your audio/video files transcribed to texts professionally? Our video transcription services are AI-backed and human-powered. We have helped private individuals, journalists, video producers, etc., grab more viewers’ interest and stand out among others.

clips movies

Clips & Movies

If you have a video clip or an all-time favorite movie scene that needs a transcription from video to text, leave it to Wordspath. We have transcribed commercials, tutorials, training, focus groups, internal & external communication, press conferences, dissertations, etc., into dozens of languages.

all subjects

All Subjects

We are first-class transcriptionists skilled in technology, pharmaceutical, fashion and any other subject matter you could think of, serving the top-rated video transcription and translation at economical prices. With our expertise and experience, speech to text video transcription has never been easier.

Wide-ranging Video Formats For Customized Needs

Wordspath boasts the capability of supplying quality video transcription converted from a whole range of video formats:





avi 1












mp4 2








mxf 1







webm 1


wma 1


wmv 2




mov 2




vob 1



Subjects & Domains We Cover

Wordspath is a top-rated video transcription company that has transcribed thousands of hours of videos in different languages across all industries. We carefully handpicked qualified transcriptionists with subject matter expertise in their domains. Our team boasts in-depth experience converting videos into text transcripts covering subjects as follows:


  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Faculty meetings
  • More


  • Broker recordings
  • Banking calls
  • Financial reporting
  • More


  • Legal hearings
  • Court cases
  • Legal notes
  • More


  • Police interviews
  • Witness discussions
  • Legal affidavits
  • More


  • School
  • College or university teachings
  • More


  • Boardroom meetings
  • Business strategy
  • Business reporting
  • More

Focus Group

  • Focus group interviews
  • Group polls and A/B tests
  • More


  • Express reporting
  • Options to convert audio to text
  • Real time audio transcription
  • More

Private Investigations

  • Call recordings
  • Video surveillance
  • More


  • Custom software transcription integrations
  • Language libraries
  • More


  • Presentations
  • Speakers
  • Question and answer
  • Workshops
  • More


  • Public policy announcements
  • Political speeches
  • Parliament or senate hearings
  • More


  • Marketing strategies
  • Digital marketing
  • Seo vlogging
  • More


  • Academic
  • Group
  • Opinions
  • More


  • Phone calls
  • Conference calls
  • More


  • Medical
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Authors
  • More


  • Interviews for media
  • Research interviews
  • More


  • Journalist interview
  • TV shows & films
  • More


  • Personal assistant
  • Secretary note-taking
  • Virtual secretary
  • More


  • University lectures
  • Thesis research
  • Postgraduate studies
  • More


  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Staff or employee performance meetings
  • More


  • Insurance calls
  • Insurance reports
  • More


  • Health research
  • Pharmaceutical reviews
  • Consultations


  • Church readings
  • Bible studies
  • More


  • YouTube audio transcription from clips and videos