What We Offer?

There are 2 billion active YouTube users, and more than 60% of YouTube views are from non-native English speakers. Just imagine how many potential subscribers out there have not as yet discovered your video content.

Enhancing the reach and impact of your videos can be a painful and frustrating experience without the right expertise. So it’s best left to a professional YouTube video transcription service provider. However diverse your YouTube audience may be, Wordspath consistently delivers fast and reliable transcripts for YouTube videos of all kinds. We offer:

  • Open & closed captions
  • Improved rankings for SEO
  • Language translation
  • Subtitles
  • Transcriptions for different accents and distortions
  • Transcriptions for multiple formats

Why Choose Wordspath?

Quick Turnaround

We provide quick and accurate YouTube video to text transcription 24/7. Thanks to our extensive pool of global transcriptionists and AI technology, we consistently meet all requested timelines without sacrificing the quality of your YouTube transcription.

99.8% Accuracy

Our YouTube transcription service combines advanced automatic speech recognition(ASR) technology and veteran human transcriptionists for best-in-class results. We follow a stringent QA process to ensure all transcripts are ready to be deployed upon delivery.

Fast Turnaround

Our native-speaking transcriptionists are experts in their fields with in-depth knowledge of various topics. We support diverse video formats, sparing you from the hassle of format converting. The world’s respected companies across all sectors select us for our expertise.

YouTube Video Transcription Process

How to get transcription of YouTube video? At Wordspath, we crafted a specific YouTube transcription process that receives the most accurate results in a quick turnaround time. For every transcription project, our team strictly follows these steps to ensure the highest standards are met throughout.

The client provides the YouTube video via email, link or other preferred methods.
Our team will download and analyze the video then select the best-fitting transcriptionists for the project based on topic, language, accent, talent availability and the client’s budget.
Transcriptionists work on our proprietary AI-powered transcription platform and leverage their expertise to document the information spoken in the video.
QA team cross-checks the recorded text several times, ensuring accurate results and the correct timings.
Once the transcript is 100% accurate, the transcriptionist will output and deliver the transcript in text format or synchronize the transcript with the downloaded video to produce a caption file(s) for the desired language(s).
QA team conducts a second round of cross-checks before uploading it to video.
We will prepare the most suitable closed caption file format for the video and upload it.
QA team cross-checks the captions and timing one last time by going through the video with captions on.
The YouTube video transcription is ready to use upon delivery.

Types of YouTube Video We Cover

Wordspath is a trustworthy YouTube video transcription company that has helped hundreds of content creators across all sectors boost their success. We are experts in converting all kinds of YouTube videos into text formats, even those with the strongest accents.

Whatever topic your video is about, we can pair you with the right talent who fully understands your intent behind every line. Popular types of YouTube videos that have reaped benefits from YouTube transcription online include:

√ Product review videos

√ Comedy/skit videos

√ How-to videos

√ Haul videos

√ Vlogs

√ Tag or challenge videos

√ Gaming videos

√ Favorites/best of videos

√ Unboxing videos

√ Educational videos

YouTube Video to Text Transcription Formats

Wordspath supports a variety of input formats. Our skilled transcriptionists can output transcripts in any format requested.

The formats we accept:













And more

The formats we output:




And more


Supported Languages

Wordspath’s expertise in 230+ languages and its ISO certification make it an industry-leading YouTube transcription service provider. Our global team of transcriptionists comprises native-speaking in-country linguists with specific subject area expertise. We are immensely proud of our experience handling transcription projects across more than 100 languages.
Popular languages include:

Spanish YouTube video transcription

korean translation services

Korean YouTube video transcription

chinese translation services

Chinese YouTube video transcription

French YouTube video transcription

Arabic YouTube video transcription

portuguese translation services

Portuguese YouTube video transcription

japanese translation services

Japanese YouTube video transcription

german translation services

German YouTube video transcription

English YouTube video transcription

Greek YouTube video transcription

Dutch YouTube video transcription

Thai YouTube video transcription

czech translation services

Czech YouTube video transcription

Cantonese YouTube video transcription

Polish YouTube video transcription

russian translation services

Russian YouTube video transcription

How Do YouTube Video Transcription Services Help?

YouTube is undoubtedly the most sought-after video-sharing platform these days. A content producer or the owner of a YouTube channel would realize how critical it is to boost views and get more subscribers. The more influential the channel is, the more likely the YouTuber will monetize videos from advertising, channel memberships and other programs.

Having a high-quality video with a well-written script is far from enough. None of this will be meaningful if your video content is not spotted by Google and audiences with hearing impairment or have trouble understanding the language. Adding transcription to YouTube video makes your content more accessible to a broader audience with a better viewing experience.

There are millions of benefits of using professional YouTube transcription services.

A larger audience

YouTube video transcription helps reach a wider audience by giving access to people with hearing/understanding problems, in noisy environments, or preferring to watch videos on mute or low volume.

Increased SEO rankings

YouTube transcription enables search engines to index the video, and your potential audiences are more likely to discover your content, boosting the video views and traffic on your channel.

Better user experience

High-quality YouTube transcription and translation improves the viewer’s understanding and provides a great way of learning a foreign language with vocabulary and spellings captioned.

Wordspath’s YouTube transcription service is meant for you if you strive to achieve such results. As an ISO-certified language service provider with years of experience transcribing YouTube videos in multiple languages, we cover every topic, from makeup to animation. No matter your YouTube transcription needs, we are all ears.