Our Expert Translation Services

Translation service is only a fraction of our competence. Our talented linguists can also provide a full suite of professional translation services that meet your diverse needs. From translation to subtitling, Wordspath strikes the perfect balance between speed, quality, and cost.

document translation

Document Translation

Get quick document translation for any size and type in 400+ language combinations that fill your particular needs. From website to handbook, we have the expertise to translate your unique content from your audience’s perspective, ensuring your message comes across with clarity and effect.
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technical translation

Technical Translation

Make your technology available to international clients with accurate and reliable technical translation. We have a proven track record of translating different technical documents across all industry spectrums, keeping scientific and technical terminology in line.
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manual translation

Manual Translation

Translate your user manual into 230+ world languages and improve customer experience globally. We help companies selling computer peripherals, electronics, industrial machines, home appliances, software applications, and vehicles and educate their users on time and within budget.
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business translation

Business Translation

Boost your sales in international markets using professional business translation. We help companies drive their growth by providing your audience with multiple language access to audit reports, annual reports, business correspondence, business plans, commercial offers, contracts, feasibility studies, marketing research, and much more.
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patent translation

Patent Translation

Protect your intellectual property everywhere through qualified patent translation. Our global team of skilled professional patent translators ensures your patent, intellectual property, and trademark translation maintain the integrity and all its value, eliminating any chance of exploitation by competitive individuals and companies.
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certified translation

Certified Translation

Plump for a certified translator from Wordspath to get an accurate and complete translation of all visible text on your important documents for any official use. Official bodies such as USCIS, courts, universities, etc., widely accept our certified translations.
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literary translation

Literary Translation

Deliver a readable copy of your book to a multilingual audience without sacrificing your unique literary style using our sophisticated literary translation. Our expert literary translators are well-versed in communicating aesthetics while retaining the nuances of your fiction and non-fiction novels, literary articles, plays, poetry, poems, short stories, scripts, etc.
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certificates translation

Certificates Translation

Have your certified document accurately translated into your intended foreign language. Our qualified translators have immense experience translating diverse written papers such as academic certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, identity cards, name change certificates, college & university diplomas, secondary school certificates, transcripts, etc., for authorized purposes.
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Why Choose Wordspath?

We are trusted by the best brands globally. There are many reasons why your business should choose a professional translation service agency like Wordspath as your linguistic partner, for we have the adequacy of all characteristics required for the best translation service online.

100% Human Translation Service Across 230+ Languages

As the world is becoming increasingly technological, we have got used to getting almost everything done by hitting the small rectangle on different devices. Technology has made everything easier and faster. Despite that, human translation service still has a leg up over machine translators in understanding intention, tone of voice, and needs, etc. There are needs that computer translators can’t satisfy. Because at the end of the day, your clients/audiences are still humans. Who fully understands humans? Humans.

Wordspath’s translation service is 100% human-powered and can always get your content across to a foreign audience. Every word in your content carries economic utility, and only human translators can make sure your translated content will function the same way.

We all agree that localization is impossible with computer translations. Yet, machine translation service providers may still convince you to use their services, promising instant turnaround and incredibly low prices. But can you afford to ignore the cost of miscommunication? We believe your translation needs a human touch to prevent conveying words perfectly normal in source language but immensely disrespectful in end language. Your friendly relationship with a client/partner might end in disaster if machines misinterpreted a lighthearted joke. Maybe your company has a long list of clientele and doesn’t rely on this one client to survive, but is that really what you want?

Wordspath employs real human translators who are native speakers of your target languages to take care of your translations. From Afrikaans to Zulu, we excel at translating your words into 230 world languages and dialects. Get your next translation project started with Wordspath and upscale your global reach today.

Why Our Translation Service Is Different?

The translation is more than just converting words between source and target languages. A professional translator must be an excellent cultural concepts communicator and expert in both languages’ grammar, syntax, style, tone, and idioms. What makes Wordspath the best translation service online? Well, the combination of linguistic competency and industry-specific expertise may have been the major contributor. Besides, we always know your translation needs from the perspective specific to your situation and pride ourselves on driving customer satisfaction to a higher level.

Popular Translation Types for Your Business

Wordspath is professional to handle any kind of document and translation type. We cover more than 50 different needs. Contact us and let us know what services we can help with.

150+ Supported Languages

Wordspath offers top-quality and budget-friendly language translation from and into 150+ world languages in 400+ language pairs. We have a pool of 30,000+ native-level linguists proficient in all languages. Learn all languages we support.

Here are the top 100 popular translation languages:

Scottish GaelicMongolianBasqueGeorgianUzbek

Translation Services For Every Industry

Wordspath’s subject matter experts have specialist experience from dozens of business verticals. We can always connect you with the right talent, whatever your project content is.
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