Certificate Translation Services – Certified or Not

A certificate is a unique, signed document that contains a certified and official statement of the identity, status, privileges, qualifications, or the truth of an individual or something specific.

Whether it’s for international migration or global trade, there are times you have to deal with a certificate and get it translated into a foreign language at some point, regardless of you are an individual or a company.
The question is, when is having your credentials translation certified required and when is not? It entirely depends on your receiver’s specific requirements.

Generally speaking, if the certificate will be submitted to an overseas legal body or the foreign government, it is mandatory to have the document translated and certified in the country’s official language. Usually, you don’t require certified translations when it’s a personal document or when the translation is for less formal use.

If you are unsure which service to choose, it’s best to confirm with the person, institution, or the company to which you will submit the documents. Because the requirements for document submission vary from different companies and institutions. For instance, the USCIS birth certificate translation requirements are different from those in Asian countries.

Wordspath is an ATA certified translation services provider who only assembles the best linguist to get the translation of certificate done every time. Whichever option you are going for, our highly skilled certificate translators will equally deliver 100% accuracy in the language of your choice with high quality guaranteed. All you need is to scan or take a picture of the document and inform us of your requirements. Our experts will take it from here.

Translate Certificates with Wordspath

Quality Assurance

Quality is the top priority for the translation of certificates. Inaccurate translation of your credentials will sabotage your international application process and prolong your plan to achieve the goals. That's why we crafted a failsafe quality assurance process to ensure the highest accuracy is met at all times.

Professional Linguists

Wordspath carefully vetted and recruited linguistic talents worldwide, and we keep including qualified linguists in good standing to our team. The diversity of our certificates translation projects continuously adds to our expertise. Plus, we follow the code of ethics and keep your credentials protected at every stage.

24/7 Customer Support

We understand our clients may reside anywhere in the world in different time zones. The multilingual needs for the translation of their certificates may come into being at any time of the day. No problem! We're on hand to provide top-quality certificate translation services or give updates about the projects.

Our Expertise in Certificate Translation

There are countless scenarios in which a certificate is needed. Over the last two decades, we have translated hundreds of thousands of certificates from and into multiple languages. The most requested use cases are as follows:

Academic – University Admissions

Financial – Mortgage Processing

Government – Official Uses

Immigration – USCIS Acceptance

Legal – Court Cases

Medical – Health History

We Translate These Certificates

As one of the most reputable certified translation companies, Wordspath prioritizes quality and punctuality in projects at all times. Most of the time, clients with certificates translation needs have a pressing submission deadline for their documents. Thanks to our global pool of linguistic talents, we are on hand 24/7 to manage projects with the highest standard, no matter the type of certificates they have for translation.

Academic credentials

Academic transcripts

Adoption documents

Articles of incorporation

Asylum documents

Background check

Bank statement

Birth certificate


Business license

Certificates of foreign government

Certified affidavit

Certified apostille

Certified deposition

Certified diploma

Certified diploma

Certified email

Certified employee manual

Certified ID card

Certified visa

Change of name document

Commercial invoices

Corporate documents

Course guide

Criminal record

Death certificate

Degree certified document

Distributorship agreements

Divorce certificate

Divorce documents

Driver's license

FDA and USDA documents

Financial statement


Legal contract

Marriage certificate

Marriage licenses

Medical records

Meeting minutes

Mortgage application


Patent application


Police reports

Power of attorney

Press release

Product manual

Rental agreement

Certified resume

Tax returns

Teaching credentials

Text message

University application

USCIS certified document

Vaccination record


Custom certified document

How It Works

Are you trying to get a birth certificate translation for immigration, USCIS, or green card? Or do you need to translate divorce certificate or translate a marriage certificate to English? It’s easy! Here’s how:

step 1

Send documents

You can send us the scanned copy of your documents that need translating via email, fax, mobile phone photo, or regular mail. You can even hand in the documents to our office for an in-person review.


Our expert team of linguists will go through a multi-phase translation and quality assurance process to ensure the translation is a replica copy of the original document in the target language, with 100% accuracy guaranteed.


Once you approve the final edition, the translation copy of your documents will be ready to use and delivered to you via email or other preferred transfer methods, even in-person pickup.

Certified Document Translation into 230+ Languages

Wordspath strives to provide the best certified translation services that help all clients achieve their international goals. Powered by our extensive pool of linguistic talents worldwide, we are fluent in all world languages. Whether you need to translate Mexican birth certificate to English or get a Russian birth certificate translation done, we can pair you up with the best talent with speed.

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