Certified Translation

What is a certified translation? Certified translation is the document translation from one language to another with a certification that is accepted by official bodies, fulfilling requirements varying from country to country. Used in formal procedures, a certified translation is often produced by a knowledgeable translator who assures translation accuracy and completeness.

English-speaking countries like the United States, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand will accept certified translations performed by a competent bilingual individual with a statement attesting translation accuracy. Whereas, other European countries inclined to have much more stringent laws when it comes to who is qualified to provide certified translation services, with some countries accepting translations provided by state-appointed certified translators.

Wherever the document will be used, your certified translation is best left to a reliable certified translation agency with the perfect knowledge and understanding of the languages and the translation certification process in a particular country.

Notarized Translation

While certified translation is done and certified by a translator or translation company, notarized translation is getting an official document translated by a translator who also signs the certificate of authenticity witnessed by a notary public. Then the notary signs and stamps the document which is known as an affidavit and it is ready to be used for submissions required by universities and schools for verification of application materials, diplomas, previous courses taken, etc.

If you are unclear about what type of certified translation best meets your receiver’s requirement, our experts are easily accessible 24/7 to help you with all your questions.

Apostille Translations

If you intend to travel or immigrate from one Hague Convention country to another, you will probably need apostille translation. Apostille is a certificate issued by the competent authority of a contracting party to the Hague Convention of 1961. It is affixed to the original documentation and is used to streamline the authentication process of the common international paperwork.

Once you obtain an apostille for your original document or your notarized certified translation, you will be probably required to translate the apostille into the target language of the destination Hague Convention country. There are 121 contracting states of the Apostille Convention as of October 2021. From Albania to Venezuela, we have the in-country translators that excel in certified document translation.

If your destination country is not a part of the Hague Convention, legalized translation of your source document is probably required. Regardless of your use overseas, our certified legal translation services will hit the mark every time.

Where Can You Get Professional Certified Document Translation Services?

For individuals and businesses having no reliable certified translator in vicinity, it is best to work with certified translation companies such as Wordspath. Our large pool of linguistic resources worldwide enables us to pair you with the best certified translator.

As one of the most trusted translation companies, we only work with translators who are well-versed in their fields with years of professional translation experience under their belts. Knowing accuracy matters at every turn, we ensure that every certified translation is true to the source document and go the extra mile to run your project past another pair of eyes. Our top priority is ensuring that our top-quality lives up to your expectations within the given timeframe.

Sworn Translation vs. Certified Translation

A certified translation is provided by a certified translator or the translation company he works for along with a signed statement attesting the translation’s accuracy and completeness.

Whereas a sworn translation is carried out by a federal-authorized translator who attaches his translations to the original documents together with a formal declaration of accuracy accompanied by his official stamp proving the accuracy of the documents.

As is mentioned above, professional translators and translation companies in the US and UK don’t need any accreditation to provide certified translation services, hence there is no equivalent to a sworn translator in both countries. Be that as it may, credentials such as Diploma or Masters Degree in Translation, ATA certification, and NAATI certification are internationally accepted as convincing proof of a translator’s skills and qualifications, despite not granting any official legal standing.

However, in some European countries, a translator won’t be recognized as a “sworn” translator unless he has provided sufficient proof of his education and translation experience and has taken an oath in a court of law under penalty of perjury. It makes the sworn translation a full and faithful rendering of the source document.

After you fully understand the difference between a certified translation and a sworn translation, you can quickly navigate your way to get the translation service that best suits your need.

Why We Are Different?

Unsurpassed Quality

For individuals or businesses looking to translate certificates, Wordspath is, without a doubt, your "go-to" option. With an unmatched commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we have become an undisputed pioneer in the language industry, providing online certified translation services for official and legal purposes.

Extensive Resource

Regularly working with over 11,000 internal linguists and in-country reviewers with expertise in various fields such as finance, banking, education, law, medicine, etc., we offer certified translations in almost all language pairs accepted by legal authorities, government offices, immigration offices, college admissions office, etc. in various countries.

Affordable Rates

Wordspath's certified translation services have been proved practical and cost-effective, bringing us one repeat customer after another. Understanding what accuracy and completeness mean to clients with certified translation needs, we only leave your tasks in the hands of certified translators with the adequacy of all qualifications required.

Our Certified Translation Services for Any Use Case

Wordspath has substantial experience providing top-rated certified document translation services for individuals and companies worldwide, covering the following types of documents.

Academic credentials

Academic transcripts

Adoption documents

Articles of incorporation

Asylum documents

Background check

Bank statement

Birth certificate


Business license

Certificates of foreign government

Certified affidavit

Certified apostille

Certified deposition

Certified diploma

Certified diploma

Certified email

Certified employee manual

Certified ID card

Certified visa

Change of name document

Commercial invoices

Corporate documents

Course guide

Criminal record

Death certificate

Degree certified document

Distributorship agreements

Divorce certificate

Divorce documents

Driver's license

FDA and USDA documents

Financial statement


Legal contract

Marriage certificate

Marriage licenses

Medical records

Meeting minutes

Mortgage application


Patent application


Police reports

Power of attorney

Press release

Product manual

Rental agreement

Certified resume

Tax returns

Teaching credentials

Text message

University application

USCIS certified document

Vaccination record


Custom certified document

Certified Translation into 230+ Languages

Thanks to our global network of linguists, we offer online certified translation services in 230+ languages and 900+ language combinations. From Afrikaans to Zulu, we deliver only the highest quality translation work in the quickest turnaround time.

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Korean certified translation services

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German certified translation services

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Czech certified translation services

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Russian certified translation services

When Are Certified Translation Services Not Necessary?

As a responsible translation company, we also care about our clients’ budgets. No other language service provider can offer fast and accurate certified translation services at a more budget-friendly rate.

Despite we offer competitive pricing, certified translation services usually charge a bit higher than other translation services considering the costs of certified resources are more expensive. That’s why before you hire a certified translator, you should be clear about the necessity of using certified translation in your desired scenarios. In most cases, if your documents will not be submitted for official or legal purposes, a certified translation is generally not required.

When unsure whether your document needs certified translation, it’s best to confirm it with the institution to which you submit the paperwork, as requirements will differ based on document types or purposes. If a certified translation is required, you can get a definite answer through a brief consultation.

Instances in which certified translation is not necessary are as follows:

  • Menus
  • Manuals
  • Marketing materials
  • Advertising copy
  • Handbook
  • Resumes & CVs
  • Product labels
  • Other personal or non
  • official documents

Still not sure whether you require a certified translation service? Contact and check with our experts. We are ready to help 24/7.