Quick Document Translation Services You Can Trust

The constantly evolving digital economy has radically altered customer expectations for the delivery time, which is no longer measured in weeks or months but days or within hours.

Backed by our massive global network of linguistic talents and years of experience in translation, we are able to:

  • Offer quick and accurate price quotes for translation projects of any size
  • Translate large documents at faster turnaround times
  • Give you access to state-of-the-art translation-memory technology
  • Keep you updated on your real-time project status
  • Make changes or additions as required responsively
  • Provide excellent quality for affordable prices
  • Render online document translation services across 230+ languages

Translation Costs Reduced With Improved Consistency

The size of documents for translation is getting smaller as iterative and incremental development methodologies continue to predominate in project management. Due to iterative development’s “repeating” nature, the frequent and subsequent translation needs may add to your total project costs.

That’s where our cutting-edge cloud-based TMS comes into play.

Compared to the traditional TMS system, our industry-leading system requires less time to match the source texts with the existing translation units in the database, searching for matched/similar segments, be it sentences, paragraphs, or sentence-like units. In the ever-changing digital economy, time is money.

Our cloud-based translation memory system ensures the same sentences in your content are never translated twice, significantly reducing overall translation costs and increasing linguistic consistency.

Professional Document Translators - Powered By Human

There are plenty of bilinguals in the world. Yet, only a fraction of them has what it takes to become a qualified document translator. They should have a good understanding of both languages, in-depth knowledge of both cultures, and exceptional writing skills, and that are exactly what our translators hold.

On top of that, all of our linguists are proficient users of Computer-Aided Translation(CAT) tools and Translation Memory(TM) tools, which will highly increase document translation efficiency.

As you need, your projects are handled by certified translators recognized globally by organizations such as the ATA(American Translators Association), NAATI(National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters), and the like.

Whenever you need reliable document translation services, get in touch with Wordspath.

Technical Accuracy Assured With Speed

Powered by a self-launched cloud-based terminology management system, the subject matter experts at Wordspath can utilize millions of terms across all industries and 230+ languages to convert content into multiple target languages consistently.

Our dedicated project managers will only assign your document translation projects to linguists with deep subject matter expertise related to your field. With higher linguistic accuracy and improved technical precision, we help expedite the whole document translation process.

More Facts about Wordspath

around the clock support

Around-the-clock customer support

quality assurance system

Rigorous quality assurance system

linguists and subject matter

30,000+ linguists and subject matter experts

om time and budgetary

On-time and budgetary document translation services

5 Simple Steps to Get Your Document Translation Done

To keep our document translation services on the go, we have to fully understand the fundamental aspects of a document translation project. By rigorously following an industry-leading document translation workflow, we manage to deliver best-in-class results on time and within budget.


Step 1: Purpose and Audience

Before we kickstart your project, it’s pivotal first to decide the why and who. What you need the document translation for and who you target audience is. Our dedicated project manager will work withyou to evaluate the intended audience and translation objective. Suppose the document translation is for official or legal purposes. In that case, we will immediately recognize that we need to look out for rigorous formatting requirements, strict deadlines, and sometimes a certified translation to testify accuracy.

size and deadline

Step 2: Size and Deadline

For any translation projects, size and timing often go hand in hand. Despite extensive project experience, our professional project managers require the exact size of your document and project deadline to accordingly award the appropriate number of eligible translators, meeting the deadlines and maintaining terminology consistency.

language pair

Step 3: Language Pairs

Supported by over 30,000 linguistic resources worldwide, we cover 1,000+ language pairs across all seven continents. For customers needing to translate documents into multiple languages, our well-trained project managers will use specific workflows to guarantee total accuracy and consistency in all target languages.

subject matter

Step 4: Subject Matter

Accurately recognizing the subject matter of the document is another critical element to the whole translation process. To ensure the fastest turnout with 100% technical accuracy, we always match your document translation to specialist resources with relevant subject matter expertise. Only veteran subject matter experts can fully understand your document from a specialist’s perspective and convert your technical content using the correct terminology right off the bat.


Step 5: Formats

For clients needing to translate file in specific formats, we have a powerful proprietary desktop publishing team to cover all the format issues. Thanks to our team’s extensive experience and extraordinary skills, we support a variety of formats for delivery, ranging from Microsoft Office to Adobe Photoshop formats, you name it.

Document Translation Services For Any Industry

Clients with diverse linguistic needs can customize specific document translation services at Wordspath. Powered with a large pool of subject matter experts from different industries, we can identify the subject matter of your content fast and precisely.

Areas of Our Expertise

As an undisputed industry pioneer in document translation services, Wordspath has amassed extensive experience serving clients from various areas over the years. We guarantee that only competent linguists with native-level proficiency in both languages and required subject matter expertise can take care of your projects.

√ Official document translation services

√ Legal document translation services

√ Certified document translation services

√ Medical document translation services

√ Business document translation services

√ Digital document translation services

√ Immigration document translation services

√ Technical document translation services

√ Government document translation services

√ Financial document translation services

√ Personal document translation services

Who Have We Served?

With demonstrated expertise in translating marketing content, adverts, product descriptions, manuals, instructions, and many more, Wordspath’s competent document translation services have been sought-after by thousands of companies and organizations for over 20 years.

In addition, we can also provide linguistic support for private individuals with document translation needs for official purposes such as visa, immigration and citizenship application, insurance claims, lawsuits, medical reports, etc.

No matter how big or small your project is, our dedicated account and project managers will make sure you enjoy the highest-quality delivery at the most affordable rates. If you have any linguistic need, Wordspath is your “go-to” option among a good many document translation service companies.

What Customers Are Saying?

kim clark
Kim Clark Marketing Manager, EnBIO

"During the run‐up to an EU trade mission I found myself under pressure to have two highly technical documents translated into Japanese. I contacted Wordspath Technologies and received a response to my request for a quote in less than an hour. Once the work was underway their agent kept in constant touch with me via email. The work was completed on time and with a great deal of care and attention. Their proofreaders even re‐checked the documents after I reformatted the text. I will use Wordspath in the future and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for language translation services."

rick random
Rick Random COO, The Dohring Company & MarketSurveys.com

Great experience all around. Very good work and service. I would highly recommend them."

russ db
Russ DB Managing Director, DevBridge, Inc.

"Very satisfied. It was a pleasure to work with Wordspath team. Very professional, responsive, easy to communicate, did accommodate all request. Translations were done exceptionally well all did proofread it by a third party all virtually no errors. As well as extremely satisfied with the translation and review process Wordspath uses. A+++ provider for translations. Thank you."