Top-notch Literary Translation Services

Wordspath’s literary translators have translated a wide array of publications from and into all European, Asian, Scandinavian and Middle-Eastern languages. Our dedicated team of experts has extensive experience delivering superior quality literary translation of scripts, books, magazines, advertising blurbs, author bios, editorial reviews, and much more.

What is literary translation? Literary translation refers to the translation of dramatic and creative literature from ancient or modern languages into foreign languages, so that it can reach a new audience.

Literary translation is a particular type of translation. Instead of adopting an informative approach, it demands artistic and poetic fitness when conveying aesthetics. Because of exclusive cooperation with the best of the best linguists in literature, we are confident to guarantee you the finest quality of literature translating.

Best Literary Translation Company You Can Trust

As the American literary critic George Steiner once wrote, “Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.”

Likewise, without the culturally correct translation of your creative written material, readers across the globe will experience setbacks when trying to relate to your story. Hundreds of authors and publishers entrusted Wordspath with their book translation services for the unsurpassed quality we delivered every time.

native linguists

Native and Creative Linguists

We pride ourselves on our global network of 11,000+ in-country translators with the skillsets necessary to translate all forms of literature into their native languages. They are well versed in maintaining the cultural nuances and writing style of the written material, taking extreme care and attention when communicating the real essence of your writing. Combination with professional skills, native understanding and creativity, we assure you the best quality of translation.

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Literary Translation Expertise

We assemble a team of specialist literary translators with solid foundation in world literature and extensive practical experience in translating scripts, essays, novels, fiction and non-fiction, magazines, poetry, songs, and textbooks, etc. They excel in conveying the emotions and feelings the author intended into the target languages, ensuring every line will be true to the author’s voice while expressing their creativity in the target culture.

style retained translation

Styles Retained

Achieving literal accuracy is highly challenging and sometimes impracticable for literary translation into a target language with no equivalent to a particular concept in the source text. Many authors are afraid that their unique literary style will be forfeited during the translation process. This will never be the case with Wordspath. We are aware that translating literature is an art form in itself and take great care to retain the same literary concepts and effects of the original work without sacrificing their personal styles and visions.

translation services for any needs

Customized to Suit all needs

Wordspath offers bespoke literary translation services that accommodate all translation needs for publications covering over 900 language combinations. Whether it’s a publisher who has just obtained the foreign right of a manuscript or an independent author aiming to translate his best-selling books to tap into new markets, we will deliver high-quality unedited translation or ready-to-publish translation on request and at competitive literary translation rates. We also provide many turnaround times and do our best to meet them.

secure assurance

Assure Secure and Confidential

Confidentiality is another big concern for publishers and authors when commissioning the translation of their books. We understand and appreciate the dedication and effort they have put in their work. At Wordspath, all manuscripts will be in safe hands throughout the process. From the outset, our rigorous vetting system makes literary translation more secure. We only work with translators in good standing who are well acquainted with copyright law and strictly follow codes of ethics and business conduct. To add another layer of security, they won’t lay hands on the files until they sign a non-disclosure agreement.

fast translation can save time

Quick Turnaround and 24/7 Support

Literary translation is a time-consuming and long-lasting process. The global market is dynamic and constantly changing and we understand our clients’ pressing needs to publish their books in new marketplaces as soon as possible. So technical and customer support from our global team is accessible 24/7. Our responsive account managers, project managers, literary translators, editors, proofreaders, and quality control works day and night to provide any assistance with our clients’ ongoing or future projects.

We Translate Books of All Sorts

Different genres of literary work have their characteristics with unique forms of language use. Here at Wordspath, we carefully vetted, recruited, and contracted literary translators who consistently deliver the details the authors intended to convey in the best possible way so that the target readers can always relate to the story. We specialize in these types of literary translation:

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Ads & promotional communications

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Article translation services

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Brochures & catalogs

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Children’s books

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Literary articles

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Magazines & journals

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Fiction and non-fiction novels

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Fairy tales

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Newspaper features

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Novel translation

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Online book translation

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Theater and TV/movie scripts

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Short stories

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Translate Books to English and 230+ Languages

Wordspath’s book translation services are performed by highly skilled linguists who possess substantial experience in literary translation and a firm understanding of literary writing and formatting. We also have well-rounded knowledge about world literature and mother-tongue competence in source and target languages.

Our literary translation services are the solution when you need readable literary translation between European, Scandinavian, Asian, and Middle-Eastern languages that convey the real essence of the original writing.

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Spanish literary translation

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Korean literary translation

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Chinese literary translation

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Arabic literary translation

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Portuguese literary translation

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Japanese literary translation

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German literary translation

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French literary translation

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Thai literary translation

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Czech literary translation

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Cantonese literary translation

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English literary translation

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Dutch literary translation

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Italian literary translation

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Greek literary translation

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Russian literary translation

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