Why Manual Translations Matter?

Thanks to today’s global economy, products/services are sold internationally. To expand business and maximize profitability globally, a company should translate the manual of its product into the local language of the new market.

User manuals are served to educate the users about the features of a product/service and how it’s used. Technical manuals accompany various products, from industrial machinery to electronic devices. An inaccurate safety manual translation or instruction manual translation could lead to misunderstanding of the product or its usage and result in disastrous consequences. That’s where our award-winning technical manual translation services come into play.

In the past decades, hundreds of product manufacturing companies and businesses operating in global locations selected Wordspath to make their brands communicate in multiple languages, with success.

 Choosing a trustworthy language partner that guarantees error-free manual translations means that you can enjoy the peace of mind that your user experience will be exceptional at all times.

Why Choose Wordspath?

Manual translation service is one of the core service offerings at Wordspath. Our professional team has translated thousands of manuals, handbooks and guides of various types, including manufacturing, safety, human resource, household appliances, instructional, procedural, technical, medical, etc., into over 230 languages.

Whether it’s a user guide for computer software, a user manual for MP3 players or an office manual translation for new employees, we have in-depth manual translation expertise to retain your brand’s voice in the language of your end-users while ensuring all terms are technically correct in translated copies. 100% satisfying results guaranteed.

24 7 customer service

Customer Support 24/7

Whatever time zone you are in, our dedicated team of experts are ready to promptly provide professional support and assistance via email, live chat and phone, meeting all your linguistic needs.

high quality translation assurance

Quality Assurance

With an unwavering commitment to quality, we strictly follow a quality policy compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards. You can count on Wordspath to deliver superior work at economical rates.

fast turnaround

Rush Turnaround

We are experienced in handling manual translation projects of any size and type in a wide range of time frames. Our in-house and external linguists work around the clock to meet the tight timelines without sacrificing quality.

glossary management

Glossary Management

Before a manual translation project starts, our linguistic team will create an industry-specific glossary for your project and store it in our system in case of future use, maintaining technical consistency in all manual translations while saving costs and time.

tm management

TM Management

All manual translation projects are translated in the TM environment. Our translator will create a translation memory at the start of every project if it’s not an existing project. We properly use and maintain TM to improve tone and technical terminology consistency, lowering costs for repetitive projects.

secure assurance

100% Security

At Wordspath, our translation platforms are highly encrypted, and all linguists are legally bound to NDA(non-disclosure agreements), ensuring the strictest confidentiality of your content in all manual translations projects.

Technical Manual Translation Formats We Handle

Wordspath constantly translates manuals created in a variety of technical writing tools, including MS Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, Frame Maker, Adobe Illustrator, HTML and others. Our technical manual translation team leverages state-of-the-art translation technology to extract text, callouts, illustrations, and graphics from your source documents then executes the most efficient translation workflow exploiting existing translation memory and their industry-specific expertise.

Wordspath’s ingenious manual translation solutions allow our editors and proofreaders to compare the source and target text side by side in the original layout, ensuring 100% accuracy both linguistically and visually. We can output localized documents in any preferred format requested.

doc 1







pdf 1




more formats 1


Manuals Translation Process

Wordspath knows the ins and outs of manual translation services. Our ISO-certified manual translation workflow is customized to fill your manual’s multilingual needs. To achieve the highest level of accuracy in all manual translations, our linguists strictly follows a tried and true process:

1Our client provides source files, and the project manager touches base with the client on their translation needs.
2The project manager checks all source files and confirms with the client to ensure completeness.
3The project manager specifies project requirements and sets project goals.
4The localization engineer analyzes and prepares the files.
5The linguistic team creates a client-specific glossary for the client’s approval then translates, edits, and proofreads in the TM environment.
6The desktop publishing team replaces the source text with the proofread manual translations and adjusts the formatting, ensuring the same visual impact as the original file.
7 2The project manager schedules a relevant translator to conduct the preliminary post layout review and edit changes.
8QA team examines the linguistic and visual results of the final version before it’s sent to the client for approval.
9The manual is ready to be deployed in the target-language market.

Organizations We Produce Manual Translations For

Powered by an extensive network of linguistic talents worldwide with specialist knowledge in various fields, we can provide accurate and speedy user manual translation service for many corporations and organizations at competitive rates.

banking finance business 1

Business organizations


Engineering companies

government 1

Government organizations

healthcare 1


industrial manufacturing

Manufacturing companies

technology research

Research centers and more

File Types We Deal With

We understand that manual translation needs come in diverse types. Working with Wordspath means you will have quick access to the right linguists who have a good command of both your target end users’ native language and your industry’s technical terminologies.

Whether it’s employee manual translation or product manual translation, we consistently deliver the highest quality manual translations in the same page layout as the original files.

Manual Translation

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