What Is Patent Translation?

Patent translation is the process of translating any document required in the patent-filing process such as lawyers correspondence, patent specification, office actions, prior art search, etc., into the target jurisdiction’s official language.

With globalization accelerating, innovation companies are scrambling to expand their businesses to worldwide markets. To make their intellectual property competitive and protected in new territories, they will need the assistance with patent translation at some point.

Patent documentation is demanding and highly technical, so only a native-speaking and experienced patent translator with in-depth specialist knowledge and a complete understanding of legal terminology can take on patent translation responsibilities. This is where working with a reliable patent translation company becomes essential.

Why You Need Accurate Patent Translation?

With the number of international patent applications increasing, the need for patent translation is rising in the modern global landscape. Patents are complex technical documents that acknowledge the legal rights of the creators, inventors, designers, or entities to exclusively benefit from using or selling their inventions.

Effective protection for intellectual property and industrial property worldwide is pivotal to preventing others from replicating and selling inventions they don’t own across countries. Writing the original patent application is already a challenge in itself. So it’s of paramount importance to ensure nothing gets lost or goes wrong in patent translation.

Inaccurate translation could have disastrous consequences for patent filing financially and legally – restricting the scope for the patent or getting it rejected. This is where a professional and trustworthy patent translation agency like Wordspath comes into play. For all patent translation projects, we only employ experienced patent translators from a specific field who have a thorough understanding of the complex syntax and highly specialized terminology in the patent text.

Why Choose Wordspath?

Wordspath has been translating patents into 230+ languages for two decades. We have helped many inventors and entities secure their IP investments and advance business objectives worldwide. No other patent translation companies come close to the quality and speed we deliver.

native speaking translators

Native-speaking translators

We have an extensive network of over 11,000 in-country translators with qualified subject matter expertise in various sectors and in-depth knowledge of patent filing. Many of them have experience working in or with patent attorney firms as patent translators. They understand the value your patent carries and the importance of meeting tight filing deadlines with error-free translations.

indutry spercific language

Industry-specific expertise

Companies entrust their patent translation to us because we always pair their needs with the right expert. No matter what sector you are in business, our well-trained linguists are fluent in your technical jargon. We have a proven track record in delivering technically accurate and clear IP translation services to clients from consumer products, chemical, energy, technology, industrial products, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences, etc.

24 hours translation support

Round-the-clock support

We understand you may come from any country and hope to file your patent in any jurisdiction in the world. And there comes a time when you need speedy assistance in patent translation at any time of the day. No worries. Our global team of experts is at your service 24/7, ready to solve any of your problems. From requesting a quote to getting updates about the ongoing project, you can rely on our support.

secure and confidential translation services

Secure and confidential

Confidentiality is crucially important in the entire patent filing process. We understand your concerns about the security of your patent application information and your worries about others stealing your ideas. Especially when patent translation takes place before patent fillings. To ensure your data remain top secret, we strictly follow all privacy rules and only linguists under an NDA can work on your files. On top of that, we only translate documents in highly secure environments and transfer the files via encrypted platforms, eliminating chances of losing a market and your exclusive rights, financial loss and even legal consequences.

garantee high quality translation

Guaranteed accuracy

Accuracy is another vital factor in filing patent application. Using low-quality or incorrect patent translation to secure an international IP protection will lead to a lower level of protection or maximize the chance of not obtaining your patent in its most profitable market. Our experienced experts craftily handle all the technical intricacies and linguistic nuances in the document without changing the meaning, ensuring the patent translation is true to the original copy. If required, a legal expert experienced in intellectual property law offers a layer of review to minimize legal loopholes others could exploit. From start to finish, your file is in good hands.

customized translation services

Customized to all needs

At Wordspath, our selective patent translation services are tailored to meet all your unique requirements. Whether you have patent translation needs for filling or for information, we will quickly get back to you with the right solution at the most competitive rates. Our dedicated team of experts strives to deliver work that exceeds your expectation with speed. We offer many turnaround times and do our best to meet your particular deadlines, expediting the patent filing process.

On-demand Patent Translation Services

We consistently provide top-rated intellectual property translation services in 230+ languages. Our ip translation services cover various needs showing as below, but we also accept any custom translation needs.

√ Custom patent localization

√ EPO patent MT post-editing

√ Legal document translation

√ Litigation translation

√ Medical patent translations

√ Office action translation

√ Patent drawing localization

√ PCT filing translation

√ Property translation

√ Trademark translation

√ Prior art translation

√ Utility model translation

Patent Translation for Industries

Wordspath has supplied reliable technical patent translation for clients from various industries. We have extensive experience translating intellectual property and industrial property documents for the following sectors:



Consumer Products

Consumer Products

industrial products

Industrial Products



life sciences

Life Sciences



technology companies


Patent Translations Across 230+ Languages

Our patent translation services are 100% done by established and native-speaking linguists who can craftily handle cultural nuances and technical intricacies in any requested language pair. We translate all Asian, European, Scandinavian, and Middle-Eastern languages with quality and speed. Here are just a few:

spanish interpretation services

Spanish patent translation

korean translation services

Korean patent translation

chinese translation services

Chinese patent translation

arabic interpretation services

Arabic patent translation

portuguese translation services

Portuguese patent translation

japanese translation services

Japanese patent translation

german translation services

German patent translation

french interpretation services

French patent translation

thai interpretation services

Thai patent translation

czech translation services

Czech patent translation

chinese translation services

Mandarin patent translation

english interpretation services

English patent translation

dutch interpretation services

Dutch patent translation

italian translation services

Italian patent translation

greek translation

Greek patent translation

russian translation services

Russian patent translation

Ready to secure international protection for your intellectual property? We’re here to help.