Professional Technical Translation Services

If you are looking to educate international users, document processes in a foreign language, or meet international standards, it’s best to work with the best technical translation companies in the industry. Technically incorrect translations of safety or grounding instructions can bring about system failure, damaged equipment, even several harmful events that could result in a matter of life and death.

We understand what an accurate technical translation would mean to your end-users. So at Wordspath, we only contract highly trained and qualified technical translators who possess a native-level command of your required language pairs and in-depth area-specific expertise in science and technology, ensuring 100% accuracy and consistency for every project.

What Is A Technical Document?

A technical document involves product-related information and data of a technical product, system, or service under development or already in use. Whether printed or online, a technical document solely serves to describe the use, functionality or architecture.
Technical documents are widely used across various industries, including science, engineering, IT, medicine, etc. Types of technical documents include:

In addition to plain text, the technical document comes in diverse forms such as diagrams, graphics, charts, screenshots, videos, and other modern manuals with visual elements features. Whatever technical translation needs you have, we always get your technical content across to your target audience.

Why Choose Wordspath?

Technical document translation services are among our high-volume requests. As one of the best technical translation companies around the world, we provide superior-quality technical translations online for leading corporations and technology innovators of different sizes across all industry spectrums.

high quality translation assurance

Quality Assurance

All our workflows are in line with our ISO 9001 and ISO17100 standards. We will run all translations on our proprietary QA platform to ensure 100% accuracy and zero-error results. More importantly, Wordspath only leaves your projects in the hands of qualified translators who carry a proven track record of accurate and consistent translations of highly technical documents.

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Technical Expertise

As one of the best global technical translation agencies, we have a large pool of 30,000+ professional in-house and in-country linguists. All of which have years of experience working/studying as chemists and chemical engineers, civil engineers, electrical and electronic engineers, materials scientists, mechanical engineers, physicists, and other industry experts.

glossary management

Language Asset Management

To improve accuracy and maintain consistency, we store all previously translated text in your translation memory database and keep all your preferred technical terms in your terminology bank. In this case, our translators can extract these data in future projects for your approval. We also back up copies of your translation versions in our system in case of future updates, saving you costs and lead time.

Technical Document Translation for Any Needs

Most technical documents are created in Microsoft Word. However, we also accept various formats like InDesign, Adobe Framemaker, XML, and other file formats. You name it. We even translate the textual captions and callouts extracted from your technical documents’ technical drawings and illustrations.

Wordspath provides award-winning technical translation services for an array of content types in over 230 languages. From technical manual translation to engineering translation, we have got you covered. Thousands of corporate clients have trusted Wordspath with their diverse technical document translation needs:

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Bill of materials

document translation check

CAD drawings

document translation check


document translation check

Contact agreements

document translation check

Data sheets

document translation check


document translation check

Engineering specifications

document translation check

Installation instructions

document translation check

Installation manuals

document translation check


document translation check

Maintenance documents

document translation check

Product catalogs

document translation check

Product guides

document translation check


document translation check

RFP responses

document translation check

Marketing materials

document translation check

Material safety data

document translation check


document translation check

Medical device labelling

document translation check

MSDS and data sheets

document translation check

Multimedia audio and visual

document translation check

Online courses

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document translation check

Patents and IPs

document translation check

Technology patents

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document translation check

Operating manuals

document translation check

Service manuals

document translation check

User guides

document translation check

User manuals

document translation check

System requirement documents

document translation check

Software helps

document translation check

Software and hardware

document translation check


document translation check


document translation check

Technical brochures

document translation check

Technical catalogs

document translation check

Technical Proposals

document translation check

Technical training material

document translation check

Tender documents

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Technical training manuals

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Other Training materials

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Safety manuals

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Safety reports

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Technical manuals

Mistakes or even glitches in your technical translation could harm your brand’s name and reputation, risking hundreds of thousands of dollars and even lawsuits. That’s why we pair you up with the best possible specialists who understand the nuances between both languages and speak your industry’s lingo well at the same time, ensuring all work delivered is failsafe in all user scenarios.

Technical Translation for All Businesses

Here at Wordspath, quality is at the heart of everything we do. We can’t preserve our reputation as a trusted language partner without it. Whatever industry you operate in, we ensure your message is communicated effectively, whatever the scale. Our technical document translation services are trusted globally by the following sectors:


Advertising Agencies

engineering firms

Engineering Firms



international corporations

International Corporations

law firms

Law Firms



technology companies

Technology Companies



Technical Language Translation

Wordspath has an extensive network of over 30,000 linguists, comprising multilingual engineers, scientists, and other industry experts working and living in 100+ countries on five continents. We specialize in translating technical documents from and into all Asian, European, Scandinavian and Middle-Eastern languages.

Popular Technical Language Translation:

spanish interpretation services

Spanish technical translation

korean translation services

Korean technical translation

chinese translation services

Chinese technical translation

arabic interpretation services

Arabic technical translation

portuguese translation services

Portuguese technical translation

japanese translation services

Japanese technical translation

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German technical translation

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French technical translation

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Thai technical translation

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Czech technical translation

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Mandarin technical translation

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English technical translation

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Dutch technical translation

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Italian technical translation

greek translation

Greek technical translation

russian translation services

Russian technical translation

Want to deploy your products globally?
Get your technical documents ready and our technical translation services will take care of the rest. Contact us and share more details.